Didn’t this little girl push eldest brother Changfeng to the forefront? This has just announced the results of the six-door examination in the hospital. Those who failed the exam and failed to study are all angry. This is a good reason for everyone.

Do you want eldest brother Changfeng to take all the challenges one by one?
Cher eagerly hurriedly said, "Ling son’s right! We are all in the same robe, and we are all in the same challenge.
Two beautiful girls went up the stairs.
Jiang filled the floor with an evil smile and rubbed a long wind. The latter said in his ear, "You are quite attractive. I didn’t expect to capture Xiao Xueer’s heart so soon."
Luo Changfeng moved slightly.
I took one more look at Cher.
This glance made him breathe a little disordered.
He hurriedly withdrew his mind from knowing where he had jumped and looked back. Just then, he felt very warm and moved.
After he was killed, he lived alone with a lonely hatred for three years.
The world is cold and human feelings are warm and cold, and no one knows it more thoroughly than he does.
He has long forgotten what it feels like to be pregnant.
Other mountains never dared to crave these things.
He is afraid that this nostalgia will make him weak and become law-abiding, bearing in mind the great hatred and becoming a useless person who can do nothing.
So he let himself be affectionate so as not to have his fatal weakness.
But just that moment he seemed to relive a familiar feeling.
It felt like a warm current flowing, and my heart gradually melted the iceberg stained with blood in my heart.
Cher is very clever and exquisite
In a simple sentence, Luo Changfeng, who was pushed to the forefront, was pulled back, and he also returned his robe behind him.
There is a family that is the first in the world, and there are few days when Dongjun Zeyu is the best in the line, and the Yueshi brothers are strange and inexplicable. Who dares to challenge ten of them here?
Luo Changfeng’s ten comrades occupy the six-door gate. At this moment, there are people who want to challenge Luo Changfeng’s ideas unless he doesn’t want to mix up in the backyard!
Tianxiang Curie’s resentment and noise have finally come to an end.
The night is already deep.
Tianxiangge, the belle in the palace, ordered all the family studies to disperse.
This may be the last time these people get together like this, but things are often spent in regret.
The belle in the palace kept her promise.
It’s agreed in advance that whoever has the most outstanding performance in the examination of the six-character door of the hospital will be owned by the one who has the most talent.
Jiang Manlou’s first seat in the exclusive operation door is also the first one in the examination results of freshmen in this year’s Puyuan.
Although this result is controversial!
But the first is the first. This is the reality!
Jiang full floor less happy face smiled.
Peng Jiu and others walked past them and left a cold and disdainful look.
Soon there will be ten people left in this Tianxiang Curie.
"Let’s all go. Don’t wait for me tonight. Don’t wait for me. Let’s have a wine talk with the girl based on flowers and have a good talk about life and dreams."
Cher grimaced. "Bad guy!"
Ling son sneered at Jiang’s evil smile all over the building.
Li Xingyun shook his head and sighed, "Mr. Wang said that too much sex was ruined for life."
Luo Changfeng is indifferent.
Junze jade reveals a smile that seems very meaningful.