Among these four people, there is a god king who attracted the attention of several gods, even XuanXing and others were attracted by him. It was a middle-aged man in a blue cloth, and his appearance was not so outstanding. But … He came riding a powerful beast-a red lion, and this red lion actually had the realm of god king!

"It was an odd number …" Xuanxing sighed with emotion at the bottom of his heart. This old man in Tsing Yi is a master of the peak of God King in the middle period. He is much worse than Xuan and others. Many people have already recognized him as the master beast. I am afraid that no God King is his opponent except his own punishment.
Lin Lin’s eyes are shining at the moment when she looks at the red lion, because she also has a red lion. How cool it would be if she could ride a red lion, too. Lin Lin fantasized so much.
At this time, several men of God nearby looked at the old man in Tsing Yi with a full face of worship. Like Lin Lin, they all thought that they would be able to ride the God-level God beast down a peg or two one day.
"There is not just born in Unicorn Chan? Just take him back, "said the man of God, who is indifferent to his nature and doesn’t like those drooling men beside him."
The words of this divine king awakened dozens of gods around them from their dreams, and at the same time, they felt a chill in their hearts and took away their cubs from the eyelids of the 41-level super god beast. It makes no difference to die.
After all the gods and kings are here, it is near noon, and the wedding of Zilin couple should be officially held.
"Hoo … Hoo …" Xuanxing’s great circle composed of eleven five-claw dragons suddenly spun rapidly, which caused severe energy fluctuation. Even Xuanxing and other planets shook slightly. After several breaths, the huge golden circle stopped to shock several gods. At this time, the eleven five-claw dragon bodies formed a circle and turned into a passage entrance!
"Boom … Boom …" At this moment, the fire phoenix and the fire unicorn constantly released their own life, which made Xuanxing burst with beautiful and dazzling fireworks, which made it difficult for several gods to see through the imaginary scene with the naked eye. At this time, the five alcoholic beasts were not idle. They kept hitting the absolute gods to condense the aura of the imaginary god into thumb-sized energy balls and then exploded to make Xuanxing appear several golden fireworks again.
After a column of incense, the fireworks dissipated, and the scene of Xuanxing clearly showed the sight of several gods again. When several gods saw the scene, their faces suddenly solidified.
I saw five men of God laughing and laughing and coming out of that huge passage without hurry or delay, and behind them, there was also a king of God, a famous king of God who shocked the gods and punished the king of God!
"Five … five … five gods!" A man of God is a bit lisping and mumbling. Although he didn’t show up five million years ago, he appeared with four gods, such as Aogan, and his identity was already vividly portrayed.
"It’s so … so fucking exciting." A god king said that he was short of breath. Seventy-two god kings came to congratulate him, which has made some people of God unable to stand it. But at this time, five gods appeared and brought a powerful and horrible god king!
When Aogan and others came out of the huge passage, the eleven five-claw dragons immediately changed back to human form, while the fire phoenix, fire unicorn and alcoholic beasts also changed back to human form and saluted the five gods in order.
It’s incredible that the five deities visited even Xuanxing, but it’s always a good thing that Xuanxing immediately moved to say hello to the five deities, and Aogan also took the opportunity to introduce the Hongobo deities to Xuanxing.
All the big shots arrived at Xuanxing and Zilin’s wedding was officially held …
"Hum!" A plain-looking man of God snorted and looked at Xuanxing’s direction. There was a flash of cold light in his eyes. His real identity was … King Xuanshen!
Five million years ago, King Xuan Shen was seriously injured by Emperor Lin, and afterwards, the deity Xu Ling settled him down for an hour. In the accelerated array, he was closed for healing. A month ago, King Xuan Shen finally showed that his injury has not only healed, but also his cultivation level has risen a lot.
At this time, the king of Xuan God knows very well that Xuanxing will never let himself go, and he has been signed a master-servant contract by Emperor Lin. Xuanxing can always sense his exact position through the contract bead in the hands of Emperor Lin … so that he will die!
In that case, King Xuan Shen is not going to hide his master’s wings, and because of that contract bead, his master can’t save his life. At this moment, Xuan has thrown away his life and death. He is going to make a larger foe to give Xuan Xing a painful lesson!
The King of Yi Shu Xuan God listened to the number of weeks, and the gods talked about Xuanxing’s deeds, and his face became more and more ugly. Because Xuanxing’s glorious deeds were inseparable from the three factions, when Xuanxing Wei rose, the faces of the three factions were bound to lose a lot. Now Xuanxing has reached the top of the whole celestial world! And the three schools … seem to have been completely lonely.
Take a deep breath, King Xuan Shen, and press his patience to head off his anger. It is not appropriate to start work at this time. After all, Xuanxing has gathered a large number of terrorist figures, but it doesn’t matter that he has to make Xuanxing pay some price!
Chapter 57 New pattern
The wedding of Xuanxing Zilin and his wife is in full swing. Xuanxing will take five gods, such as Aogan, to a spacious wing and stay according to the requirements of the five gods. They casually talk with Zilin’s parents, Oboro Li, Lin Lin and others, while they shuttle through thousands of gods to greet them.
More than 70 gods came to Xuanxing to prepare to accompany them personally, but five gods came to congratulate them. Xuanxing can let skyshatter and Xueting greet those gods instead of themselves. Xueting is Xuanxing’s companion and skyshatter is Xuanxing’s younger brother, and his real identity should be that Feikun’s deity’s younger brother, Xueting and skyshatter, came to receive themselves. Those gods don’t feel anything wrong because Xueting’s position in the divine world is not weaker than that of many gods such as himself.
Of course, the busiest person today is the Zilin couple’s new wedding banquet. Naturally, we can’t come forward to congratulate the gratifying people. But there are more than 4,000 Zilin four people who have to drink more than 4,000 cups of wedding banquet! Such a large amount of wine is poured away, even if Zilin, the late realm of the divine king, is too much to eat. After drinking hundreds of glasses of wedding banquet, Zilin is going to secretly run the body energy to refine the alcohol.
Yinling seems to have seen through Zilin’s mind. In the process of connecting, the four of them should drink the wedding banquet, and Yinling took over. Yinling is an alcoholic beast. For her, drinking is simply enjoying hundreds of pounds of wine. It is difficult to get her drunk.
Everyone was silent in this festive atmosphere, but a depressed figure in a mountain in Xuanxing was lying down with a wine gourd in his arms and pouring a big mouthful into his mouth from time to time.
This man is Tian, although he has been living with Luo Suo and others, and Lin Lin and others have tried to let Tian into this big family, but he is always alone in the mountains all the year round, and almost Luo Suo and others have not paid.
Ascending to the celestial world, he really lost the motivation to practice. Now he wants to spend more than 90 million years in vain and let Xuanxing have a good time for himself … All the people in the celestial world are very curious about the identity of heaven. Since he can live in Xuanxing, he should be a friend of Xuanxing. But on his wedding day, Zilin was drinking alone in the mountains and Xuanxing and others ignored him.
"What’s the situation of Xuanxing’s emptiness now? Is it possible that he is stunned?" At this moment, Aogan God asked, after a conversation, at this time, he had learned that when Xuanxing array was closed, it would be inexplicable, and when it was accelerated, he was relieved of Xuanxing’s late realm of cultivating the God King for five million years.
"He is suffering from the attack of God-killing array. Whether it can kill him … should be very likely." Xuanxing mused. Xuanxing replied that the five gods were slightly changed. It seems that this God-killing array is really not simple. It has the ability to kill the gods, but the gods themselves and others do not have much friendship. The five gods are too lazy to worry about his life and death.
"Keep working hard, then the black energy of your body is a good thing." Looking at the front of Xuanxing, I am very pleased that my brother’s future achievements are likely to surpass himself and even surpass God.
About six hours later, five deities called the Zilin couple and said some encouraging words to them briefly. After that, the five deities took the lead in leaving. However, before leaving, Emperor Lin will be equipped with more than a dozen Dan kings, and a medicine bottle will still be given to Zilin. These Dan kings are regarded as five deities’ gifts. When the five deities leave, Xuanxing will have time to entertain those who come to the gods.
A few hours later, those super beasts of the God King level also left one by one, and the newly born Unicorn Chan didn’t seem to want to go back so soon, but he couldn’t bear to be scolded by his predecessors. He could return to Obsidian Yan with his elders.
In the end, thousands of masters of God and King also left. The wedding ceremony of Zilin couple ended successfully, but ten masters of God and King, such as the devil, still left Xuanxing because they came here today and there is one more important thing to discuss with Xuanxing besides Hershey.
"Xuanxing has something to discuss with you." Now Xuanxing has been at leisure, and the demons and others have a chance to find Xuanxing.
"oh? What can I do for you? Just say it. "XuanXing said with a smile.
"The Blue Elves have this matter, and today Mo Qing three people also called them to come here. Let’s discuss this matter well today." The seven gods, such as the demon king, mused a hundred years ago and were ready to ask Xuanxing about it, but Xuanxing was in a hurry to invite all the gods, and the matter was delayed until today.