"Grandpa gave it to you today."

Said MuYu will hand bag mu yan ran palm.
"There are enough resources to support you until the later stage of the foundation. You must take good care of it and don’t take advantage of others."
"This time, Grandpa burned Shou Yuan Cang Li Ling’s family to solve the problem of a monk in the late period of the foundation, and let Cang Li Ling owe me a favor. After Grandpa sat down, this favor turned to you."
"Grandpa, how can you repay me for thinking like this?"
"Silly girl!"
"Remember grandpa’s words. No one in the world of cultivating immortals is safe and reliable. You must practice hard."
MuYu trust don’t admire yan ran worried that she was bullied earnestly to persuade.
In Fufeng Island, a cave dwelling is sitting on a futon. His figure is low and slim, and he wears a green gown with a beard and exudes a strong momentum.
Shao Qing this man received the work and looked in the direction of Cang Li Dao. His eyes were shining with golden light.
"Fufeng Qian’s opportunity to unify the cloud islands has come."
See this figure a flash of blue light to cang li island.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-three I’ll meet the real person!
Nine families suffered heavy casualties, and their strength was greatly reduced. They were worried about being broken one by one by Cang Li Ling’s family, so the department gathered in Fufeng Qian’s camp.
There were more than 1000 practicing monks and 10 Tsukiji monks, but they suffered a big defeat in the previous one. Now there are less than 100 practicing monks and there are only 11 Tsukiji monks left.
Although Fufeng Qian lost a lot of practicing monks and even died in the late period of the foundation, Qian Dafang, the middle period of the foundation and Qian Dafen, the early period of the foundation, there were three Qian Qing practicing monks, but there were nearly 200 practicing monks in the late period of the foundation, Qian Daqing and the middle period of the foundation.
This kind of loss also made Fufeng Qian hurt his bones and muscles but failed to hurt his roots. His strength is still not a family to challenge.
In another family, it’s the best situation to be able to live with two Buddhist monks and seventy Buddhist monks. If the situation is not good, there is only one injured Buddhist monk plus more than 30 Buddhist monks.
Even if people come here, most of them are wounded and their fighting power is greatly reduced.
The loss of a single family may be nothing to Fufeng Qian, but for a family, it is definitely a bone injury.
In the center of Fufeng Qianshi camp, there is a big account and a lot of money. Daqing sits high in the first hand, and on the left and right sides, in turn, there is a family-based monk.
One by one, depressed and sad, like a defeated cock.
Silence needs to be broken after all. General Qian coughed a few times before putting his hand in his mouth.
"Cough cough"
Suddenly, the cough seemed very abrupt, which attracted the attention of all the monks in the field. They looked at the first sitting, Fufengqian clan, and the money was big.
"Dear Taoist friends, I know that your families suffered heavy losses this time, but I helped the wind, so did Qian. Only Godsworn Tsukiji died, and three of them died, but can we retire?"
Smell speech a family monk thought deeply.
Qian Da went on to say, "Dear friends, don’t you want to avenge your brother’s death?"
"Our nine families have killed so many monks from Cang Li Ling’s family, and they have forged a blood feud with them. It’s not that you can retire if you want."
Indeed, it won’t be a good family to give an account to the dead people.
"At this time, if we don’t work hard to destroy Cang Li Ling’s family, it will be us if we slow down."
There is a lot of money here. "I, Fufeng Qian, have a real person in the town, so I’m not afraid of Cang Li Ling’s revenge, but can your respective families stop Cang Li Ling’s revenge?"
Smell speech face nine preconditions for monks show some panic for a long time, nine preconditions for monks just a little calm want to white another.
That is, compared with a family, Qian Shi is the number one enemy of Cang Li Ling Shi. It is absolutely very safe to have a family in front of Qian Shi.
Therefore, several Buddhist monks directly discussed the retreat. After all, at this time, their families could avoid losing again, but the benefits promised by Qian’s predecessor could not be achieved.
However, if you don’t retreat, you will risk genocide if you continue to hack the Ling family.
This is a dilemma to the future of each family.
In this regard, the nine Buddhist monks of Tsukiji are obviously divided into two factions. One faction is the two families that suffered less losses in the pre-war and gained the promised benefits of Fufeng Qian. These two families are willing to fight with Cang Li Ling’s family again.
On the other hand, six families suffered heavy losses in the former World War, and these six families advocated that the loss of retreat should continue to expand.
After all, if the strength of each family loses too much, even if it is finally destroyed, Ling’s family can be assigned a small part of the benefits.
If the Tsukiji Presbyterian Department in the family dies, it will not only get the benefits of destroying the Ling family of Cang Li, but will become a Ling family of Cang Li and be destroyed by other families.
For these families, which have been inherited for hundreds of years but thousands of years, they are more willing to calm down the family to have hope than take great risks with the death of the family.
At this moment, a family has long forgotten that when they formed an alliance, they made a common pledge of advance and retreat.
Seeing that there is no result for a long time, Brother Jianping’s preconditions said, "Chief Qian’s things have evolved into this. In contrast, our nine families have suffered heavy losses. In contrast, Ling’s only lost more than a hundred practicing brothers, and a guest in the late stage of Shou Yuan’s few preconditions."
He paused and said, "Maybe it’s not time for Cang Li Ling’s family to fall."
"Who said that Cang Li Ling’s family had not yet fallen?"
This Hong Zhong Lu sound seems to be said in everyone’s ear
However, no one could hear it except eleven monks in the tent.
Along with the sound, but a blue light went straight into the central tent of Fufeng Qian’s camp. When the blue light disappeared, I saw a thin old man standing in the middle of the tent with a green gown and a beard, which made a lot of monks feel depressed.
Money, money, Daqing, first one leng, then suddenly got up and went to the old man with ecstasy.
Qian avenue "children visit their fathers"