Playing tai chi means that the two sides have no feelings to talk about, and they are based on interests. On the contrary, if they are so straightforward, they say that the two sides are close and there is no need to make those twists and turns.

Sure enough!
With a little more appreciation in his heart, Helu said quietly, "A lot of things don’t have evidence, but it doesn’t mean that everyone doesn’t know. It’s just as simple as Hanro’s friendship with you is not as simple as Kaqi’s and yours. I believe that the Polish neo family is qualified to move now, especially me."
Han Luo, whose beard is gray but his face is ruddy and burly, said faintly, "Helu, you old thing, don’t talk nonsense. I am a little tenth speaker. Compared with you, the Polish Neo family can’t compare with the fierce Lan family."
"We are old friends, aren’t we?"
With a strange light in his eyes, Helu said, "Those two old things are an eyesore to me. I prefer my old friend to be the second speaker or the third speaker."
There are a total of ten speakers in the Principality of Defly, whose ranking is directly in their hands. These speakers are also distributing, among which the third speaker’s first fierce Lan family and the tenth speaker’s first Polanyio family are in the same faction.
However, although the two families belong to the same faction, they are limited to dealing with other factions, and they are by no means completely sharing benefits.
"If the two seniors want to discuss these things, I don’t want to get involved." Chen Han smiled.
"Don’t worry, little guy. It’s a lot to you."
Helu didn’t shy away and didn’t care much about the presence of the Imperial Finance Chief. "What about a Polish neo family, a fierce Lan family and a Downs family, a community with national interests? We are not satisfied with the current position. When the three families unite and carry each other, the result will be wonderful. "
The other two old guys suddenly brightened up at the moment but shrugged their shoulders. "I’m sorry I’m a trivial businessman. What does this have to do with me?"
"This plan can’t be realized without you," said Helu directly.
"What are my interests?"
"What benefits do you want?"
"Ha ha …"
Chen Han couldn’t help laughing and said in a joking tone, "What do I want from my predecessors? If I want to get a country, I want to be the master of a country, I want to unite the Kanpa Empire and the Principality of Defly, and I want to expand this new country to a limited size. Will you promise me? "
The old guys first looked one leng and then all burst out laughing.
Since Chen Han is joking, they naturally take this as a joke, and they can take this as a joke.
The celestial world is not the celestial world. The rules here are more one country, and the core super family is not in the so-called compulsory loyalty.
However, this does not mean that you can seek to usurp the throne!
Take the Kampa Empire as an example. After hundreds of millions of years of running the most powerful family, what power has the royal family accumulated?
The most important thing is that the royal family has established subtleties in various families through various means. Unless these families can unite, it is almost impossible to shake the royal status. Even if they unite to rebel and pull the royal family, who doesn’t want to be the future leader?
So many families compete for victory, and one other family is still a minister, which will be greatly affected by the loss of strength.
Besides, China’s power in fighting in the Ministry will surely be greatly weakened, and it will also lose power in the competition with other countries. Except for the only family with the throne, other families can’t get any benefits, so it is impossible to rebel without absolute assurance.
This is not to mention that the hidden power of the royal family is incalculable, and no one dares to say that he is sure.
The federal parliamentary system is similar in the Principality of Defly. They all have problems that they have to worry about, but there seems to be almost no precedent for rebellion in the divine world.
"What benefits do you want?" Helu once again questioned and looked solemnly a lot.
"I said."
"You …"
"Speaker, RalfLose is my friend, and you are my elder. I don’t want to hide anything."
Chen cold thoughtful wanted to think eyes swept hundreds of people present "the fact that I said these but the fact is also a joke that no one can take me out how to * * * * * * * somewhat self-protection ability. If it is an ordinary civilian, you can get beheaded and blame me. Who can easily kill me? You can take the words as a joke. "
The three old men looked solemn. Helu looked puzzled. Sun Luose’s voice became deep and serious. "Get out!"
"What happened to Grandpa?" RalfLose was confused.
"I said out!" Khululi drink a way
"Cage, Duchenne, you go out, too," Hanrow said flatly.
"Caroline, get out."
"And your department, get out!"
Helu’s strict eyes swept all the guards in the three parties, and hundreds of people walked away in a blink of an eye, even if a few young players were very reluctant.
Finally, the three old men looked at Aubrey and others with hundreds of top players beside Chen Han.
"Aubrey, Hammer and Maimon ‘ao, take everyone with you."
"no! Eldest brother you fix … "
Mai Meng ‘ao quickly stopped him. Although he knew some of the boss’s strengths, at present he was the strongest family owner in both countries. Each of them was the top and strongest. They could easily kill Chen Han when they built one. In front of these people, Wan Xu Zhu may not be able to take it out at the right time.
Of course, he didn’t know that Chen’s cold strength was less. After he came back this time, he didn’t know what Chen’s cold was.
Fight the emperor in the late spike?
Others don’t know, but he knows that the physical strength of the boss is stronger than the power of quarrelling, which makes the pure strength. It is normal for the emperor to be killed by him in the later stage. However, this is caused by underestimating the other side, which doesn’t mean that he has the ability to fight against these old things. In front of the three old guys, he doesn’t even have a chance to call out the master in the pearl.
Chapter 79 Peak matchup 1
"Get out."
"But …"
"You can really ink when the boss has done something he is not sure about?"
I have to admit that Hammer has reached the level of blind worship of Chen Han, and his confidence in him is even more in Mai Meng ‘ao, who pulled him to flicker out of the hall.
So there are now four people left in the hall, three dead old men and a young man.
"Aren’t you afraid?" Helu suddenly smiled.
"I’m not afraid because I’m sure I can’t let you go out."
"The Speaker wants to try?"
Helu body suddenly burst into a strong murderous look, a handle like Wu Gou sword weapon with a strange semi-permeable flow around the body.
In fact, it is not surprising that the third speaker of the Principality of Defly is strange if he doesn’t even have a sacristy. The key is that his energy score is recognized as the most powerful attribute in the ten energies of the divine world
It’s just that the other two old guys didn’t stop them from retreating to the side with a dignified face.
Obviously, among the three people, the shallowest one with Chen Han is Helu, that is, his Sun Luose had little contact with Chen Han twice.
Chen Han’s half-truths, if others say it directly, will be beheaded by an insurrection crime, which won’t give him a chance to defend himself. But he is different. He has a magic feather Teng dragon background, and he is a big boss behind the scenes. His every move has been to the economic rise and fall of several countries, and he is also in charge of an extraordinary team of experts. If you are serious, he will say that it is impossible for him to kill his roots with a joke alone. * * * * * * * The big boss is not a bully. He didn’t see the big emperor.
Therefore, it is the best time for Helu to take two different attitudes when he is escorted by a group of experts.
Strong enough to say that he is qualified to talk about conditions and can continue to talk.
If his strength is not enough, he will be killed by himself, and the three parties present will share it equally. * * * * * * He can talk about Chen Han’s feelings.
Indeed, whether it’s the crazy development of business or his performance at the banquet today is enough for him to appreciate, but appreciation doesn’t mean anything compared with huge interests, but it can be directly regarded as cold as well.
He didn’t expect the other party to treat himself as a confidant when they met for the first time, and he would give them 120 thousand letters. Without emotional foundation, everyone can speak with strength and proceed from their own interests.