Across from the azure virtual beast, a statue of the same giant octopus with perfect pink feet suddenly rose, and every time it waved, it made a bright silver dragon forward.

Chapter two three nine five Ten Fairy Kings
Tianyu’s two whirlpool-like mouths were instantly repelled and the whirlpool disappeared. Luo Xiangfei, Su Xiaoning and a large number of monks and flying ships were freed from forced traction
In an instant, a virtual beast roared wildly in everyone’s ears.
The big octopus is like a giant wrist in a pastry shop, like a giant pillar and a silver pike, like a long dragon, and every attack bursts out like a gangang Long Ming.
The huge size makes everyone desperate. The virtual behemoth and the octopus can retreat in front of each other. They can cross the virtual reality and are not afraid of the storm. The body can’t resist the silver dragon’s puncture, and the body is pierced with blood holes like a fountain.
It’s dripping with blood and smell.
Riding the flying sword crooked and taking off again, looking up at the sky, Luo Xiangfei suddenly said, "That’s one of the top ten famous immortals around the arm fairy gentleman agarwood bodhi old zu …"
Su Xiaoning also said with a full face of excitement, "It’s a classic record that the arm fairy gentleman Bao Ketu’s body can be transformed into a chapter, and the silver dragon’s lamella gun is like a dragon, and the enemy’s arms are invincible, and the enemy’s arms are annihilated in an instant …"
Bao Ketu, the arm fairy, turned into a chapter. The silver dragon lamella gun is one of the top ten immortals around Sun Hao, the ancestor of Terran.
The first master of Chen Xiang’s ancestors.
The combat power shocked the ten thousand people in China, and by the time it was nearly ten thousand years old, the ancestral fame of the agarwood people had become the first master in China.
The ancestors of ten thousand people, Chen Xiang and Lao Zu, may have been very powerful monks even if they ran away.
The strength may have reached the Mahayana First Man.
In addition to the high dragon, it is rare to show up once in ten thousand years, and the agarwood ancestors may have few opponents even if they are empty.
Of course, it’s everyone’s guess as to what the real situation is or not. After all, Brother Zhong Xu doesn’t know much about mystery, is it hard to say?
What really makes the virtual rise of the clan is not only the bodhi old zu agarwood, but also the powerful and extremely fit monks who have risen around the bodhi old zu agarwood.
One person has to go to heaven!
There are many talents around the ancestors of Aquilaria sinensis, and the Terran Aquilaria sinensis really has a prosperous scene of letting a hundred flowers blossom in the year.
Chen Xiang Lao zu Qing Tian yi Zhu
The Ten Immortals of Aquilaria Resinatum
Every immortal has a great reputation and spread far and wide. In recent thousands of years, he has shown great strength and great fighting capacity, which shocked all ethnic groups.
The top ten immortals have their own characteristics and strengths, and they have all set foot on the fit.
Bao Ketu, the arm fairy, is a middle school student.
The battle of Arm Fairy King’s fame is the key battle of the top ten races of Terran.
In the vast sea area, thousands of elite sailors surrounded the Terran harbor, and the tide surged and the water flooded the fairy mountain.
In this battle, Bao Ketu, the immortal king, went to battle.
Bao Ketu, a pink boy, warned the Hai people to retreat quickly.
The Hai people ignored it and threatened to destroy the Terran harbor. Jade Dragon was killed by the Terran Godsworn and avenged.
When the war broke out, Bao Ketu became the overlord of the arms, and the chapter of dominating the sea was difficult to invade by the sea.
Most of the tens of millions of sea tribes were killed, including a fit-time fighting force in the Baoketu Silver Dragon’s lamella gun.
After this war, the Hai nationality was greatly weakened.
Terrans step on the shoulders of the sea tribe to reach the top of the virtual top ten.
There are more than ten immortals around the Terran camp, like Bao Ketu. These are brothers or brothers around Sun Hao.
Xuanyuan Dragon King, the real dragon fairy, is said to be the strongest among the top ten immortals of agarwood ancestors.
Xiao Yu, the immortal king of Erlang, often has a friend around him, a local dog, and a dog are playing hot. Some people think of the ancient myth that the true king of Erlang was named Erlang Xianjun.
However, the strong fighting power is not the local dog around, but the incomparable physique and super-large magic power. The first world war is to trap a fit and powerful person in a large secret spell and then beat his opponent to death by virtue of his strong physique.
I am afraid that the lights of Xianjun Yilu can turn into ancient Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is more invincible than the ground sprint.
The most powerful ability is to break away and collapse the rival giants in the battle to attack the city and pull out the village to become famous. The wall towering thousands of miles away killed 100 thousand giants in one bite.
A river of blood, children stop crying, and they are so scared that they have to cry.
Xia Chuan, the last butterfly fairy, has to understand the origin of the last butterfly from two aspects, the transformation ability of the two terrible poles.
When he becomes a dusk snake, a pair of eyes will give his opponent a feeling of doomsday dusk, and when he becomes a butterfly, it will bring unparalleled beauty and fantasy.
However, no matter what kind of transformation, people feel stronger than fighting ability, or perish in the end or die in fantasy. This is the last butterfly fairy.
The silent immortal Xiang Daewoo is said to be the elder brother of the agarwood people, who cherish words like gold and are calm and powerful monks.
Usually, it doesn’t seem that it’s not particularly bad to tell Daewoo’s name, but it’s just that he has special respect for him.
If there is no fame, no one will rest assured of this taciturn monk.
It was the royal brother of Yunpan clan among the top 100 races who took a fancy to Silent Fairy King. A female brother didn’t know that this was the ancestor’s pulse, and she grabbed it and provoked Silence Fairy King to Daewoo.
An array of heavens and the earth directly enveloped the holy city of Yunpan clan. It took Xianjun a whole hundred years to completely erase the holy city of Yunpan clan from the void.
In one hundred, the Yunpan clan lost their lives every day, and tens of millions of monks were bleeding into the mountains. During the whole process, Daewoo always looked as usual and did not move like a mountain, even if his opponent was fit, it would be of no help to curse and persuade him.
After destroying the holy city, Daewoo will also kill the whole Yunpan clan’s own female brother and be buried with him.
At this time, the bodhi old zu agarwood came forward and said, "Enough!"
Bow down to Daewoo, and then bow down, knock three times and worship nine times, and leave.
We have sinned against the silent fairy, that is, the way of genocide is terrible.
No race is willing to offend such an enemy. Later, there was an argument among the ten thousand people in the middle, that is, the bodhi old zu agarwood deliberately used the Yunpan clan to bully the younger brother, and there was not much connection with the silent fairy king!
As a result, no matter how beautiful the Terran female is, and no matter how suitable she is to be a furnace tripod, her race dares to move around casually.
Maybe the bodhi old zu agarwood will use the topic to play
It is not difficult for the Terran to destroy a race, but it is a legitimate reason to do so.
If we say that if we offend the silent fairy, we will encounter genocide, then the last thing we want to encounter is the four spirits fairy.
Si Ling Xian Jun is a collective name that represents four earth-shattering monks around the ancestors of Aquilaria sinensis.
Four Spirit Qinglong Wang Yuan; Four spirits Suzaku Zhu Ling; Zhang Wenmin, the four spiritual phenomena; Si Ling Dang Kang Zhu Pang
The four spirits represent the four sides of heaven and earth and also represent the patron saint of heaven and earth.
The four spirits usually don’t play alone, and their appearance times are also the rarest. When they appear, they are often accompanied by the ancestors of Aquilaria sinensis.
When they appear, they often shock the moment of war.
Every time they appear, it means a really big event in China and the virtual world, or it’s a time for the Chinese people to celebrate the outside world.
Or when agarwood and bodhi old zu fought to really strengthen the clan.
As a result of the four spirits, the heaven and earth were set, and the opponent could escape. It was difficult to fall, and it became a magical combination. The four spirits and the agarwood ancestors joined forces to fall for more than five people.