However, Tang Rou and Tang Peng have turned Xiao Qiushui into a row.

Kang Jiesheng suddenly cut off, "I think Tang Rou must have died some things today."
Xiao Qiushui stayed "What is it?"
Kang Jiesheng said, "He’s here at Tangmen in the middle of Sichuan."
Xiao Qiushui, Deng Yuhan and Zuo Qiu are detached.
Tang Da is the most famous person in the first-class master list of Tang Clan.
Tang Rou hidden weapons Kung Fu is the master of Tang Daidai.
The Tang and Tang Dynasties can not only send troops to adjust troops, but also be a hero in the Wulin. Everyone listens to him and calls him "Grandpa" without a name.
Xiao Qiushui has never seen Tang Da, but he has heard of Tang Da since he learned martial arts. After he knew Tang Rou, Tang Rou visited him several times.
For the last time, it was Tang Rou who killed Quekun and then struggled to say the last words. "If … if you see our family … Tang Da … you ask him for me … our Tang family … won’t form a day … the first day … but let’s’ help’ these … these rats run amok …"
Thinking of Tang Rouxiao’s autumn waters, he swallowed hard and said, "I told Tang Daxia about this."
Kang Jiesheng also got up and said, "Can’t go."
Xiao Qiushui asked, "What?"
Kang Jiesheng said, "Because Tang Da came in with something in his arms."
Xiao Qiushui zheng said, "What things?"
Kang Jiesheng sighed a "Tang Rou corpse"
-In the storm, Xiao Qiushui, a dangerous cliff, fought a decisive battle in the night. "Iron-fisted ghost" Fu Tianyi Tang’s soft body was rushed to the surging river. Later, Xiao Qiushui tried his best to find it everywhere.
Now how to give Tang Da embrace in instead?
Xiao Qiushui stepped forward and said, "If we still want to ask Tang Daxia to understand this matter, we will dispose of it by him."
Kang Jiesheng still stopped in front and said, "Can’t go."
Xiao Qiushui wonders, "What?"
Kang Jiesheng said, "Because Tang Ruan has a sword in his chest."
Xiao Qiushui’s strange way is that "Tang Rou is behind Zhongkun’s back."
Deng Yuhan connect a way "sword ash how can leave tang soft chest? !”
Zuo Qiu detached, "At that time, even the sword ash was thrown into the river by Fu Tianyi!"
Kang Jiesheng shook his head and sighed, "That sword is not Kun." His eyes looked at Xiao Qiushui’s way, "The word" Xiao "was written on the sword" and then he said, "That’s your sword!"
Xiao Qiushui was shocked by Deng Yuhan and Zuo Qiu’s detachment.
-Xiao Qiushui’s sword ash left Tang Ruan’s body, but Tang Ruan’s body was discovered by Tang Da.
-others won’t suspect Xiao Qiushui killing Tang Rou is strange.
Kang Jiesheng looked at Xiao Qiushui in his hair and said, "Where’s your sword?"
-Xiao Qiushui won the three unique skills of "Huanhua Sword School" when he fought against the "iron-fisted ghost", and "flying over the swing in chaos" turned the sword into a flying flower, and of course, the sword ash was discarded.
Xiao colchicine acerbity way "how could I kill tang soft! ?”
Kang Jiesheng sighed, "I believe it, but will they believe it?" After a meal, he added, "Will Tangjiabao people believe it?"
Deng Yuhan said, "I can be Xiao Qiushui."
Zuo Qiu detached, "We saw it with our own eyes."
Kang Jiesheng sighed, "It’s good, but if Tang Da recognizes that Xiao Qiushui killed Tang Rou, he also denies that you are out of it."
Xiao Qiushui said with a wry smile, "If we still have to see Tang Daxia"
Haven’t entered the hall then vaguely heard Xiao west building roar.
Xiao Qiushui’s heart is cold. He is fearless, but he is most afraid of his father.
Besides, Xiao Xilou warned him never to provoke "help" people before he went out.
Now he didn’t provoke and actually killed the iron-fisted monster in the "Nine Days and Ten Places" of "Libang"!
Xiao Qiushui’s heart is cold at the thought of his father’s anger.
Zuo Qiu detached can’t help but ask "How many people are there in the hall?"
Kang Jiesheng said, "Xiao Shibo, aunt, Tang Daxia, family teacher and uncle Zhu."
-Xiao Xilou is the master of Huanhua Sword School.
-Xiao Furen’s original surname is Sun Guiming, and Huishan is the only daughter of Sun Tianting, the old head of Cross Huijian.
-Tang Da is one of the most famous heroes in Tang Clan.
-Kang Chuyu Kang Robber was listed in the list of seven swords fifteen years ago.
-these four people can afford great things together.
-Uncle Zhu? Who’s Uncle Zhu?
Kang Jiesheng said, "Uncle Zhu-Uncle Zhu Xiawu"
Xiao colchicine three people all changed their faces.
-Zhu Xiawu nicknamed "iron clothes, iron hands, iron face and iron net". Anyone who has an injustice in the Jianghu should take care of this person. Once he knows who is right and who is wrong, he will not be lenient.