It hurts to hear the slightest whimper in the ward.

Gu Yi sat in the car and wanted to think about sending a text message to Mo Jun at night, then put the phone aside and started the car.
Some things are better said in person.
Zhong Yinan, an ink company, walked into the office gently.
Manager Mo went to have a short meeting with the managers early in the morning and forgot to take her mobile phone and asked her to come and get it.
Beside the tea table, I carefully matched the dishes, and I didn’t move at all. The cigarette butts in the ashtray were already full.
Everything shows that Mo is in a very bad mood!
Zhong Yina found the mobile phone from her desk and just held it in her hand and felt a slight vibration.
A message is displayed on the lower head, which is very brief.
"I’ll see you in half an hour."
The sender is a wife?
Zhong Yinan smiled coldly for half an hour?
Zhong Yinan’s eyes flashed slightly, and his hand gently slid to wake up the news before he walked out of the office holding his mobile phone.
Mo Jun took a conscious look when he took the phone at night.
He casually put his mobile phone aside and continued to finish.
When he returned to the office, he rubbed his sore shoulder and woke up with his mobile phone again.
Still no news.
How long will this woman be angry with him?
Frustrated, I lost my mobile phone and pinched my nose at night. I plan to go to the hospital to coax a woman as soon as I finish my work.
Your tone is too heavy. It’s okay to care so much about Tsing Yi and protect her. Besides, my brother-in-law’s actions are indeed.
With a sigh, Mo Jun bowed his head at night and planned to make a quick decision and then concentrate on coaxing women.
They’ve been through so many ups and downs. What’s this little problem?
Zhong Yina looked up and slowly got up and walked to the door of the office and gently knocked on the door.
"Come in"
Zhong Yina took a deep breath and showed a beautiful smiling sliding door, and slowly walked in.
Mohs parking lot Gu Yi parked his car and walked to the special ladder to swipe his card.
This ladder goes directly to Mojun’s office floor. She and Qin Fan, Fu Yunfei and others have special cards.
Gu Yi went in and pressed the door, thinking about what she would say when she saw Mo Jun night for a while.
It’s not easy for her to turn over the past and say that no matter how angry she is, she can’t expose old scars.
She should seriously apologize to Mo Jun at night and then think about what to do later. How should they deal with this matter of Aunt and Mo Anyan?
I walked slowly by the ladder door only to find that the office door was left unlocked.
I can faintly hear someone talking inside. It’s a soft and greasy woman talking. "Don’t worry, Mo."
A breathed heavily and pushed the door and saw two overlapping figures on the sofa.
Zhong Yi South innocent girl fell into Mo Jun’s arms at night and blushed.
Mo Jun has an arm around her waist at night, and there is no gap between them!
Gu meaning "om" a feeling of hot blood rushed into the brain.
She thought of taking the initiative to apologize to him, but Mo Jun was very much in love with his beautiful woman?
Gu Yi couldn’t help but take a half step back. A sharp pain in his heart was like being stabbed in and then turning around.
So I’m the only one who’s worried about being entangled and losing my aunt’s mind. Do you want to come and explain?
It doesn’t matter to him at all!
I sent him a message, but Mojun night still doesn’t care?
Slap the door, turn around and go back to the ladder door and never look back.
In the office, Mo Jun frowned at night with impatience in his voice.
"Is it ready?"
"I’m sorry that ink is always good and good."
Zhong Yinan will wrap his hair around Mo Jun’s button at night and get red-faced from him.
Mo Jun just heard the door sound at night but didn’t see who came in.
Section 497
He frowned and pulled the door out. "Did someone just come into my office?"
The administrative assistant nodded nervously "Yes, Miss Gu"
Mo Jun’s face suddenly changed at night. "What did you say?"
His sudden outburst of momentum made the administrative assistant so scared that he couldn’t say anything. He turned pale and shook his hands and pointed to the ladder "Miss Gu just left"
Mo Jun night word immediately past the ladder with a panic in his eyes.
Is it something? She came to find herself?
But just now
Mo Jun’s thought of the sound just now at night is like a thump in his heart.
What should I do? She saw it. She must have misunderstood!
Damn it!
Why did she see this scene?
Mo Jun kept poking at the ladder button in a hurry at night, hoping to fly away.
"There’s something wrong with General Mo Skyworth’s plan and you need to have a look now."
The project manager came over in a hurry with a document. "Skyworth’s plan is a little different from our company in several places."
Mo Jun, one leng at night, Skyworth plans to join the company. Isn’t that what Qin Fan and Fu Yunfei are forming?
Looking at the elevator floor parked in the parking lot, Mo Jun bit his teeth at night and took the file to see it first.
Let’s go after this is handled. Xiaoyi should go back to the hospital.
Mo Jun didn’t notice that Zhong Yinan came out of his office after he entered the office.
Your forehead in the parking lot leans against the steering wheel.