The real level difference between the two smelly chess baskets is not too much. Qin Zheng may be a little higher. Liu Zhongmou loses more and wins less. Every time he wants to regret playing chess and take advantage of Qin Zheng, he will scold a few words,’ Liu Zhongqi, you are so old and shameless.’ After listening to Qin light language, he simply called Liu Zhongqi’s mud leg grandpa. I didn’t expect to see this girl for so many years, but I still didn’t change it.

Next to Qin Mufeng, if you want to change people, even the four the9 who are always perverse and sleek are so flattering that three generations of young people are afraid to catch a breath in front of the old man, and even so, it is difficult for them to get a good face in front of the old man. It is really wonderful that this girl dares to run great risks without saying anything, and can make the old man laugh so heartily.
He was also very happy to see the old man so happy after the secret service respected the sofa
In my impression, this seems to be the happiest time for the old man in more than ten years.
Liu Zhongmou seldom eats at the dining table. It is not that Qin’s light language cooking is not to his liking, but that all diets are usually prepared by special nutritionists. The source of diet therapy and the collocation of food intake are strictly controlled. Unless it is a state banquet at his level, there is little chance of eating out like today. Even if there is, he will eat as little as possible and selectively according to the doctor’s advice.
At their position and age, it is the contribution of the people of the country to live one more day, and everything has a complete process.
Eating less means being able to talk more. For Liu Zhongmou, this kind of absent-minded conversation opportunity is rare.
And Qin light language said some intimate words after active Qin Mu wind about the 49 cities.
"It’s said that Nani’s situation in Tongjiao Temple has improved. It seems that she may wake up soon."
And Qin Mufeng immediately froze when he put chopsticks on his mouth after hearing the first sentence. His face changed slightly, and there was a rare excitement in his eyes!
"Is Liu Shu’s news reliable?"
"Baoshan Special Care Hospital came out early today. It should be right that I received the message from your house!"
Qin Mufeng rarely opens his mouth with joy when he puts bowls and chopsticks.
Liu Zhongmou smiled and was indifferent to Qin Mufeng’s abnormality. He thought it was normal for Qin Mufeng to have such a reaction. After all, they were so good in those days.
"Pastoral wind, don’t be happy too soon. I heard that you set the family name Jiang Xiao on fire in Wenxuan’s bones. The wolf nature won’t say anything, but it’s natural to be a mother to protect calves. If Ni wakes up, she may not be the first to come to you and say that you abused her son!"
Capturing the words "Jiang Xiao" to listen to Dad and Grandpa Mud Legs talking, Qin Qingyu immediately became as cautious as a rabbit when he refused, for fear of missing something.
"Mud leg grandpa mean Jianghan? Who is connie in his mouth? Jianghan mother? "
Qin Mufeng’s face lit up, but instead of worrying about Liu Zhongmou’s words, he said, "If she can really wake up, I wish she would come to trouble me!"
I don’t know how to always be iron and upright. Qin Mu Feng’s eyes turned red after saying this sentence!
Liu Zhongji sighed slightly in his eyes.
"Grazing wind, I understand your mood. I know that you have regarded that Ni as your own sister since childhood, but don’t be too optimistic. Even if that Ni can really wake up for a while, it is impossible to leave Tongjiao Temple. It is even more difficult to reunite their family!"
"I know why I will set him on fire!"
"Talk about easy!" Liu Zhongmou said
"In those days, you brothers failed to do things together, so you should put your hopes on him? Is that kid really worth your attention? Pastoral style, it’s not that I hit you. It’s always too much! "
"Just because we can’t do it doesn’t mean he can’t do it either. Give young people a chance and trust them. That’s what you told my dad when I left Yanjing, isn’t it?"
Liu Zhongmou one leng immediately grinned.
"Smelly enough to teach me a lesson."
Qin Mufeng smiled and Liu Zhongmou looked at him with the wave.
"Since you have so much confidence in the little one, then bring it to me to meet the words that I teased the little old man at the beginning, but I took it to heart. I have to take revenge when I see the little one!"
"Don’t don’t don’t mud leg grandpa! Don’t be angry with Jianghan. Jianghan is a very good man. You see, my life is saved by him. No matter what he said to you, please forgive him in my face. "
Qin Mufeng hasn’t spoken yet, and Qin Whispering has been forced not to interrupt.
Liu Zhongmou Qin Mufeng two people looked at each other with surprise, while the latter was a face of nai.
Liu Zhongmou turned his face without saying a word and looked at Qin’s light language with great significance.
"What are you looking at me for? I’m serious!" Qin light language some embarrassed.
"xiao qing, how did you tell Grandpa that I said that Xiao was the Jianghan in your mouth?"
Qin Qingyu looked embarrassed and pouted. "Can you show it a little more?"
Liu Zhongmou laughed and teased, "What a stinky little fellow!"
Jianghan Chen Yanguan paid for Haidilao and left without eating. Now he still needs to find a roadside restaurant to pad his stomach.
It’s really amazing to say that flowers are your own Qian Jianghan. Think that flowers are Cao Yun’s girl Qian Jianghan, but some of them hurt.
But there’s nothing I can do. Let’s just say that the girl made a fortune and squandered it once. Jianghan can comfort himself like this.
After dinner, look at your watch. It’s already 1: 50 at 2: 00, and it’s time to talk. It’s not urgent for two people to be close to the company. It’s just that when two people are near the door of the company, a man sneaks into the pre-sale hall and they look at each other and freeze there.
"Oh, I’m really not afraid of death. This little guy dares to come to the company!"
They saw none other than Ping Huang!
This little boy dared to go back to the company class after only one afternoon!
Volume 5 Fei Long Tian Chapter 461 Unexpected!
Jiang Wei, who is indifferent to the appearance of Jianghan Chen Yan in Ping Huang, also didn’t see the manager. He didn’t even ask Ping Huang about absenteeism for one afternoon.