The answer is also a familiar sound

Seven nights and calamus
Traveler, Seven Nights, and Acorus calamus
The two people in this world can’t provoke people.
Provoking seven nights will make your life worse than death; Having provoked calamus for seven nights and having fun with big barrel wood will make you wish you were dead.
Okay, no seven nights. What’s up?
Anyway, it’s just a joke
Uncle Yile knows whether he is a big barrel or not.
Well, it seems that his name is hand-beaten.
A musician playing?
Big barrel wooden hand?
Sure enough, it’s better to listen to the big barrel of wood and music
"Seven-night adults are coming again!"
Uncle Yile walked over.
Now he doesn’t need to cook noodles, but calamus does.
Looking at calamus for seven nights, I couldn’t help feeling.
"It’s good to have a capable daughter."
"Yes, yes, my calamus is very capable."
Seven nights without talking.
It feels a bit wrong.
"What’s the matter, Lord Seven Nights?"
"Oh, nothing."
Seven nights shook his head.
The first bowl of Lamian Noodles has arrived, so I started to eat with chopsticks.
But still said 1
"By the way, don’t call me an adult. I’m afraid I can’t afford it."
"How come? Seven-night adults are worthy of everyone’s respect!"
"Because I am a painter?"
War is to end peace, not to destroy it.
Konoha seems to be in trouble, or maybe it’s doomed.
Payne is here.
Seven nights while eating Lamian Noodles, I suddenly launched an attack and looked for traces of Naruto Uzumaki everywhere.
They want to capture Kyubi no Youko’s strength.
It’s not much like seven nights
The only thing is to let Seven Nights know that the opportunity has come.
That’s that chance Hyuuga Hanabi has been wait for.
Paid the money to find Hyuuga Hanabi and Hinata Hyuga maid Ri Xiayi and his party went to Huoyingyan.
Have a small table and drink tea and watch a play together.
Lying on his head for seven and a half nights, Hinata Hyuga’s chest is much softer than a pillow.
Although Hinata Hyuga still blushes for such a trip, it seems that he is getting used to it.
But now I’m a little worried
"Brother Seven Nights, aren’t we going to help?"
"Don’t worry, it will be fine."
Seven nights without meaning.
But Hinata Hyuga didn’t know what Seven Nights meant by "it will be all right".
Hyuuga Hanabi doesn’t know either.
Although I drink tea, I am still a little uneasy.
After all, I’m still a little girl, and no matter how hard I do it, I still can’t bear to see familiar people attack and die.
"Is this really okay?"
"Of course."
Seven nights have no doubt about this.
"this is an opportunity, an opportunity to let the konoha fall apart, but only after it is over!"
Konoha in the summer of sixty-four
Since the coup in Shayin village, there has been another incident that has made the forbearing world stunned.
Muye Village, the strongest of the original five forbearing villages, was attacked by Payne, the leader of Xiao organization, and was destroyed.
Compared with Yunyin Village, it is easier to ignore the disappearance of the pillar force and the suspected capture by Xiao Organization.
This incident gave birth to a new hero, Naruto Uzumaki, in Konoha.
The destruction of Muye village is a great surprise, especially when the Ninja United Army is about to be established.
The integration of the first three forbearing villages and the establishment of a ninja joint army in the remaining large and small forbearing villages are about to be compiled.
The attack on Haomuye had no effect on this.
Combat readiness materials are a part of Muye Village in various cities and fortresses.
Most ninjas have also made knots everywhere.
There is nothing wrong with the foundation.