Even JianJia very sure said, "go! After all, if we can make Haiguo our alliance report plan, there will be a big leap. "

Tianyin is very serious. "But what we are going to is this deserted city, and what we are going to take is also the treasure of this deserted town."
"What’s the matter with the desert city? It’ s not that a city will have a town treasure? " Even a little bit puzzled by Jia Jian.
"Four years ago, the deserted city was still a deserted country. You should imagine that the deserted city is extremely unstable now. Many people would rather treat the horse thieves in the western regions better than the peasants in the deserted city." The last sentence of the day is exaggerated but it is true.
Even Jia Jian knows the danger of this trip, which makes this day more or less safe. "It’s not like a few of us will go to this sea and our peers will take the opportunity to understand that this sea is not good at kung fu?"
Day nodded "then miss don’t we act together"
"I know you’re thinking about safety, but those Chinese people believe in me, not you, and I have to go. Besides, it’s the first time I’ve heard of this golden snow lotus, and I don’t know whether it’s alive or dry, or whether to look after it myself."
"Miss, can you ask them what they want this golden snow lotus?"
"Detoxification" is not even prepared to hide this matter. "The sea temples are actually poisoned by the elders. This poison can be alleviated, but if we want to completely detoxify, we need this golden snow lotus as a medicine guide, but after all, they are Chinese, and this golden snow lotus is particularly well protected. They let me do things to attract the attention of this prefect."
"isn’t it too dangerous to attract attention? !”
LianJianJia looked at him and nodded. "They seem to want me to lead a group of dancers from the Western Regions to perform everywhere in this deserted city until the prefect invites me and then attract the attention of people in this mansion, but as you said, it looks like a dangerous thing. If the golden snow lotus is stolen, the first suspect is us."
Stunned and pouting, she also wants to dress up as this dancer this time. Fortunately, this female guard has to learn some dance basics. "Don’t they have a better way?"
Even gave them a look. "I don’t know. We always follow them first. If there is danger, we will withdraw at the first time."
I’m very worried. This deserted city not only has the forces of the western regions, but also the remnants of this desolate country. Moreover, just acting together with this Haitian made him very scared. Now he can say that 50% of himself is pretending to have recovered.
"Let’s send heavy snow and light snow to the desert city first."
Even what Jia Jian told the sky was half true and half false. The poison was true, but besides this golden snow lotus, there are two treasures from the desert, and the seagull hand asked himself not only these treasures, but also more important things to finish before June, which is actually very unpleasant.
LianJianJu in Tang Cheng suburban villages and seagulls round, seagulls saw LianJianJu turned to the maid is a slap in the face, "this is what you said you invited experts? Who gave you permission to drag her into this matter? "
The seagull’s slap was a great effort. The maid knelt on the ground and banged her two heads, then quickly wiped the blood from her mouth. The seagull didn’t like to see blood, which seemed to tell him that she really didn’t want to live.
"Eldest brother, although she told me this, it was my decision to come here."
"Nell, go home. My brother will handle things here himself." Seagull went to Lianjian and "be good and obedient."
LianJianJian shook his head, seagull black face "ni son! Disobedient brother is going to be angry. "Even JianJi didn’t flinch or stared at him.
"You go and get my box." Seagull knows that she can’t beat her. "Nell, we are going deep into the western regions this time. You also know that there are quicksand, horse thieves and sandstorms in the desert. So why don’t you stay here and meet her?"
"Bad brother, we haven’t acted together for a long time … don’t worry about me?"
The seagull was brought to the box and sent to Lian Jian. A dozen guns were lying quietly inside. "You can take it with you if you lose your brother."
"Eldest brother, after I bought these things this time, I have …" Even JianJia quickly refused.
"This thing is my brother’s, and you won’t have any consequences after I do it, even if you don’t put it in your body." I don’t know whether the first half of the sentence makes sense, or whether it’s the last half of the sentence.
"We’re going to set off for the northwest desert city now. We’ll arrange it on the way."
The desert city is three days away from Tang Cheng, but it takes more than a month for the three elders to return to the sea country, and it is late spring. If the sea is not calm, it may take another three to five days. Now all the people believed by seagulls are here in the western regions. If they find this antidote before the elder urges poison, they will win a third.
Chapter 119 Preparation
The desert city is an oasis city, and even when you get there, you will realize that each of these four gates leads to this desolation. The south is bare loess and flying sand, and the road is far away. The east is Gobi, the north is Huangshan, and the west is desert. Only this desert city has this plant, but even in the late spring, the northwest is still bleak, and a few courtyards are somewhat green.
Since this barren country turned into a barren city four years ago, it has become a lifeless city. After all, the living people have to accept the fall of conquered people after observing filial piety. Once the barren country moved to the land, the remnants of the royal family often stationed troops here with Geng Guo.
The city was assigned to the most worthless eleven princes, who had no feelings at all. His mother was Zhaoyi, who was backed by this Lu family, but he failed to live up to expectations and his mother was destroyed in the hands of the current queen mother. It is natural to add insult to injury that such a devastated city has fallen into the hands of such a loser.
Even WanJian entered the city to see what this deserted city looks like. After all, this kind of architecture used to be a foreign country, which is not necessarily exactly the same as Geng Guo. However, the sky sealed the window and the curtain was pulled tightly. Even WanJian asked the genius to give an explanation.
Because of the lack of men in the war, many old bachelors from Geng Guo came here, and women from Geng Guo were afraid to go out, because their fathers or husbands were soldiers who were guilty of this crime. It’s only a matter of fact that they went out this day, and it’s very likely that they would be stared at by this Geng Guo, and if they were accused, they would be dealt with by this Geng Guo army, but after a person was dealt with, many of their peers would continue to oppress the people in this barren country instead.
You can contain the trained soldiers, but you can never deal with these chaotic people.
When the army is tired of dealing with it, it turns a blind eye. In this way, after four years, the deserted city has stabilized a lot, but there will still be many incidents of robbing ordinary women. Although they can kill these people, this is not to rock the boat.
The desert city is a city full of despair.
Seagulls have been transported in this deserted city for some time. This stronghold has already been arranged, and it seems to be convenient to do things. This stronghold is not far from the official warehouse of this deserted city.
The seagulls joined the western region dancer to meet them. However, this dancer is not the same as Lian Jian’s imagination of the western region. She is not as exaggerated as she thought, but she has a more three-dimensional facial features than this Geng nationality. Of course, it may be just this person’s problem
Lian Jian looked at the dancer. She didn’t wear a dancing dress, just like ordinary Central Plains girls. She liked the colors too bright and puffed up. Few Central Plains girls like this dress.