"A thirteen is too bad, okay?" Wenxuan is in charge of this activity. After being fooled by Lin Jin and getting lost, they directly chose to take a taxi. Now they spend more than a dozen yuan for dinner and more than 20 yuan for Wenxuan’s heart.

Although his students are quite rich, they just spent hundreds in the last two weeks, and now he is too poor to buy games.
"Lord …" Lin Jin gently coughed a little and walked to Wenxuan and Wu Min’s desk with his head down. Although he picked the long gloves with white silk, they felt very good, but they were particularly easy to slip. Yesterday, when he was not used to it, he knocked over three or four plates. "Wenxuan Wu Min went back to my class and waited for me to change clothes."
"Then you hurry up." Wenxuan looked down and found that she set off at 5: 30, but it was almost seven o’clock in the blink of an eye
"You eat too slowly." Wu Min has finished eating early and is now ready to lick the plate clean.
In the dressing room, Lin Jin took off the maid’s clothes and threw them into the dirty clothes basket, revealing the maid’s clothes, big boxers and white short sleeves. Just glance at the wardrobe and see the stacks of white stockings and white gloves inside, and I always feel that my mouth is sobbing.
These white stockings are said to be bad taste. Sister Chen bought them for the staff. Everyone in this restaurant should have long legs with white silk, but the staff protested strongly that these white stockings belonged to Lin Jin.
Even if you lose a pair of stockings a day, you can wear them for months, right?
With a sigh, it’s only the second day today, and I’ve only been working for more than an hour, but he can’t stand it anymore.
Calling people "master" every day is almost a mantra. The first sentence of meeting someone will pop out of your mouth uncontrollably.
Conveniently change clothes in the closet. Although he wore a short sleeve next to his skin, it was a little uncomfortable for him to wear women’s clothes, but Lin Jinke didn’t want to be really naked in this strange environment.
In good clothes Wenxuan and Wu Min two people have been waiting for Lin Jin to say hello to mom and then follow them to leave.
"How long are you going to do it?" Wu Min today, Lin Jin doesn’t seem to feel anything. When he was working, Wenxuan kept taking pictures of him, while Wu Min kept bowing his head to eat, just like a hungry ghost. Now he left the restaurant, but suddenly he talked more. "It takes half an hour to walk by car every day to come and work. Should the salary be quite high?"
"Just do it for a week." This is the first time that Lin Jin appeared in front of them in normal women’s clothes. She always felt a little stiff. "The salary is quite high. Fifteen yuan an hour. If I am willing to miss school, I can earn three or four thousand yuan a month."
Having said that, Lin Jin is also planning to finish it. At that time, the salary will be increased and the brand-name clothes will be sold. It is not certain that there will be a lot of money in the account.
After all, although I am used to being a maid these two days, Lin Jin is still reluctant to keep doing this kind of work.
"You are going to Taiwan to sing on New Year’s Day, aren’t you?" Wenxuan walked side by side with his hands in his coat pockets and Wu Min. "Are you going out to live this semester?"
"Ah?" Lin Jin didn’t understand Wenxuan’s sudden words.
It’s fun to live in a dormitory with three people. Why let him go out suddenly?
"You are a girl, of course, you can’t always mix boys’ dormitories." Wu Min naturally echoed Wenxuan’s words. He looked at Lin Jin’s back and felt that Lin Jin’s women’s clothes were much more beautiful than men’s clothes. Although her personality was still so feminine, she could be regarded as a woman instead of getting along with him day and night
Is that wig the main foil?
Lin Jin is still a ponytail today, but this time it’s a single ponytail and a double ponytail, which is a bit too secondary. I always feel that it’s not suitable for reality. Liu Hai is a flat bangs. Fortunately, it’s a changeable wig, otherwise I’m afraid I have to go to the barber shop to get a flat bangs.
"Speaking of which, you have put on your women’s clothes today, or go to my house?" Wenxuan took one look at Lin Jin and said, "Although it’s quite late, my mother certainly won’t hold you back for dinner so late."
"Really?" Lin Jin hesitated to look at the night and glanced at Wu Min. "Where is your home?"
"The taxi will arrive in the past half an hour outside the island" Wenxuan yawned.
"This ….." Jin Lin finished not ready to see Wenxuan’s mother. After all, he agreed to wait until the week when he felt it was still early, so he simply forgot about it.
Hesitant cell phone trembling helped Lin Jin choose the answer smoothly.
"All right," he hesitated just now. He immediately nodded and took out his mobile phone. He glanced at it and found that it was a temporary sigh. Now he wants to rack his brains to think about how to deal with Wenxuan’s mother. "Is your mother good at fooling?"
"Good fool don’t worry" Wenxuan decisive nod and then to one side Wu Min said "you go back first? Or come and play with me? "
"I’ll go home," said Wu Min, laughing. "Just call me when I meet Lin Jin’s mother-in-law."
"You go! It’s not that I don’t know it’s acting. "Lin Jin rolled his eyes. He can be sure that Wenxuan doesn’t have his ideas for him, okay? There is no Wenxuan name on the admirer’s side.
"I’ll call a car."
Lin Jin looked at Wu Min by bus and glanced at the bench in the bus, sitting with a big makin knife and legs apart.
Eh, I don’t know if Wenxuan’s mother is really easy to fool.
Lin Jin took the initiative to merge her legs. Although it was a fool, she still had to be gay, otherwise it would be bad to be lectured by Wenxuan’s mother in the past
Chapter 13 11MMP!
While waiting for Wenxuan’s mobile phone software to call for a taxi, it suddenly occurred to Lin Jin … It seems that in many novels, there are protagonists pretending to be girlfriends, right?
Is it possible to learn directly from the protagonist’s actions in the novel?
Lin Jin frowned slightly and kept remembering that he had read the transformation novels during this period, but except for those urban novels in transformation skin, he found that although he did read several novels disguised as his girlfriend, he could not remember the plot.
"The car is coming" Wenxuan suddenly woke up.
"Oh, oh," Lin Jin got up and glanced at Wenxuan beside him. This guy is not one meter and seven thin. He is like a skin and bones. Although he is wearing women’s Wenxuan, there is no couple around him.
"Do you want to pay attention to anything when you go to your house?" Lin Jin took a taxi, and it was like waiting for the execution ground. "Will your mother have any rules? What do you have to wait for your elders to eat first, don’t pout or give gifts when you meet for the first time? "
"There aren’t so many rules." Wenxuan yawned beside Lin Jin and turned his head out of the window. "If my mother thinks you are good, she should give you hundreds of dollars in red envelopes, right?"
"Well …" Lin Jin nodded. If Wenxuan didn’t say that his mother would give a red envelope, Lin Jin wouldn’t go, okay? A few hundred dollars in red envelopes, eh? Anyway, I’ve lost all my moral integrity, and there’s nothing wrong with losing it again.
Anyway, I have money to take and the black cat gave it to …
Meet the parents temporarily!
Although you are not a real parent, you should also accumulate experience with parents ~ You should work hard to finish this temporarily! But also let Wenxuan parents agree with you!
Reward the perfect corset [so that no one in your boys’ dormitory will notice that you are a sister! 】
Punish the little brother by 3CM [in this case, you will become a famous deputy! It’s six centimeters.
Looking at the phone, Lin Jin’s mouth involuntarily sobbed.
"Hey! What the hell is this little brother shortening three centimeters? " Lin Jin had a bad premonition that when he saw the punishment, he almost felt like a lightning strike.
Mp has shrunk a lot since the black cat or unified reasons. Do you still want to do this now?
Minus three centimeters …
Lin Jin is very skeptical about whether she still has three centimeters to reduce, but she is still very satisfied with her existing length of nine centimeters.
After all, I heard that the average Asian is only 12 centimeters.
But! If it’s really punish! That’s the level of being laughed at! Although it is hard for Lin Jin to make herself hard now, is this a man’s talent? !
Lin Jin deeply frowned and admitted that she should be recognized by Wenxuan’s mother no matter what! After all, the punishment is absolutely unacceptable to him, and the reward is good. Although it’s nothing big now, it will be great when it comes to summer. Okay.
Perfect corset! It sounds beautiful.
Lin Jin temporarily forgot that the punishment was very serious for him, and pinned his beautiful fantasy on the reward, asking him to hide his chest perfectly and become a big man after this!
Of course, it may also be an airport girl.
"Here we are"
Thinking about the heart, Lin Jin didn’t have the scenery around his heart. wait for a while followed Wenxuan’s car and looked up to find that he had come to a community.
A small river in this community looks like a newly-built community, and the greening has not been completed yet. The trees on both sides of the street are still small saplings, but the residential buildings are amazing. Each building has about 34 floors. At first glance, the dense residential buildings see Lin Jin dazzled.
The main entrance of the residential area is four meters high and about ten meters wide. The road in the residential area is wide enough for three or four cars to parallel without congestion.
"Where do rich people live?" Lin Jin said to herself.
"No, my home is very small." Wenxuan took Lin Jin into the community and turned to the cobblestone pavement of the garden after passing a road. "It seems that my family bought a house three years ago. If it weren’t for my university, I would rarely live in it."
"Really …" Lin Jin sobbed at the corner of his mouth. "Not the kui is a rich man. There are three buildings in my community, and my house is only over 50 square meters and there is no furniture."
"It’s not like you to pretend to be miserable." Wenxuan said that he didn’t believe what Lin Jin said
However, Lin Jin is telling the truth this time. His father sold all his furniture at a low price because of gambling. Now there are a few lamps and a few stools left in the furniture, but fortunately, there is also a video camera that is even smaller than a notebook screen.
Wenxuan turned seven times and took Lin Jin along a strange path. Lin Jin looked at the route with a stupid face and turned it about three times. Later, he didn’t have enough brains to let him completely forget how he should go back.
Take a residential building Wenxuan didn’t take the ladder and walked directly to the fourth floor. The key opened the door.