Sun Hao and Ji Yukou are talking. At the moment, the 31 ST has been tested, and the soldiers like Li Bing are not bad, and they have also got some palms.

Sun Haowen dare not neglect to stand up and say "the hill is here"
With a slight flick of his feet, he jumped from the high platform and leaned down slightly in front of Ji Yong, calling him "Uncle Yong" like the warrior in front.
Uncle Jian nodded and asked directly, "What specifications?"
No.32 is the kind of bottom, but there is no need to be too polite
Sun Hao had long thought about his weight, so he replied very quickly, "One tripod, one lion and one tiger."
Uncle Qiu said, "One lion and one tiger challenge one tiger’s strength."
The ceremony Xi Xiaoqing covered her eyes.
At this time, there was a little commotion in the grandstand in the direction of the four families. Many monks stood up and said "I have seen the old lady."
With a smile on her face, the old lady said softly, "I just want to come and see you …"
The bodhi old zu of Ji’s family will still be present at the warrior exam, but in previous years, most of them will arrive before the results are finished and give encouragement to the new soldiers. This time, they just arrived a little early.
Ginger, home monks also dare not big slightly got up Jianli.
The old lady smiled and walked to the center of the theme, sitting with aloes sword box, while Ji Ruxue looked at her coldly.
At this time, Ji Yong has transferred a tripod and thrown it in with one lion and one tiger.
The old lady casually asked, "Who tested it? How much power? "
Ji Yu leng leng, he really didn’t pay attention to who contestant No.32 was and didn’t remember his information at all. He quickly reached over the information.
Ji Ruxue said softly, "Grandma is now No.32 Jixiaoshan, like a tiger."
The old lady "Oh" continued, "It turned out to be the seventh generation of Hehuagong, the twelfth generation grandson of my Ji family. I didn’t expect to grow up so big, and it’s rare to lift it. It’s good to lift it at an early age."
Brother Jiang’s heart says this old guy has a good memory.
Brother’s heart is a sun like a tiger is also called good? At the bottom! This is not to enter the warrior team through the back door! It’s possible that the old guy is Ji’s family, and it’s not a trivial matter to accept a soldier.
In addition to Xiaoqing and Xiaoqing, there are few palms at the ceremony.
Like a tiger, this is the worst result since the strength test began.
Tai Ji’s mouth muttered, "Look at what you said. It seems to be true. It may be effective, but you have so little power. Can the method be reliable?"
Ji Yong, a martial arts field, asked with a smile, "Does the hill continue?"
Sun Haochang gently put a suspicious look on the giant tripod, and quickly flashed through his face, but said softly, "I’ll continue to try one tripod and four lions."
Ji Yong asked "Four Lions?"
The four lions are the four elephants. According to the data, it should be completely beyond Ji Xiaoshan’s strength.
Ji Yong is the reason for this question.
Corleone was still puzzled, and a guess rose in his heart. He smiled and said firmly, "Well, four lions."
Ji Yong took a slightly surprised look at Sun Hao and shouted, "One Ding, Four Lions, Ji Xiaoshan challenges the Four Elephants."
Although the four-elephant force has just entered the second-class warrior force, it is a huge leap to put Ji Xiaoshan, who has just raised an elephant force.
The spirit of the audience suddenly became full of many interests.
The old lady at the main stage also smiled and said, "This child is really like a chemical company. He likes to surprise people like snow. Do you think he can lift it?"
Ji Ruxue said coldly, "No"
The old lady smiled and said, "That’s not necessarily the case. Now it’s the only one in the world. Maybe it’s a big surprise with the blessing of our ancestors!"
When he spoke, Sun Hao had reached the giant tripod, and four stone lions representing the weight of the four elephants were thrown into it.
Holding the tripod with both hands, Sun Hao’s face reappeared with a bit of unexpected expression.
At the same time, a bit of surprise flashed by.
Chapter DiYiSanJiu climax (2)
Just like a tiger’s strength, when Sun Hao was holding the giant tripod and preparing to move the rising sun, he suddenly felt that the filar silk was not right.
Mainly because the weight of the giant tripod is not as heavy as expected!
Sun Hao tried every move, but he didn’t have much energy at all, so he easily lifted it over his head.