In order to set out quickly, the girl quickly replied "I know" when she heard Le’s instructions. Then she waved at Le and said "Mom, I’m leaving" and skipped out of Chen Dou.

I’m glad that my mind has been restless since the girl left. I always feel that something has happened and my heart has changed, but I still haven’t found anything.
Out of Chen Dou, the baby girl quickly walked like the East China Sea. The first man of God, this baby girl’s physique is different from ordinary people. Now, the baby girl’s speed is faster than that of refining the virtual Taoist.
This Chen Dou is located in the middle of nowhere. This time, the girl went to the East China Sea. After three days’ journey, the girl finally came to the east coast.
Looking at the sea, the girl was relieved of all fatigue and full of excitement. At this moment, it was very hot at noon, and the girl was so hot that she jumped happily at the sea in front of her.
The sea girl is very novel in her heart, wandering around and getting farther and farther away from the shore. At this time, it has been calm and abnormal, and the sea suddenly becomes irritable.
Seeing this situation, the girl was in a panic and hurried to swim to the shore, but she was too far away. At this time, as soon as the waves hit the girl, she immediately rushed to the bottom of the sea.
With the disappearance of the baby girl, the sea area was quiet again, but there appeared a group of grotesque aquarium heads, which turned out to be a dragon.
At this time, this group of people are trying to praise this song, the dragon, the dragon youth, and they are also praised. Some of them are high and unaware that he is playing with fire at this time.
The girl who was driven to the bottom of the sea by the waves soon surfaced. As soon as she got out of the sea, the girl heard a shrill laugh and looked up to see a group of aquarium girls appeared in front of her. She was very confused and shouted at the aquarium, "Hey, that wave was your trick."
Aside, the dragon and the aquarium laughed loudly at the girl’s cry for a moment, but it seemed as if they had been strangled for a moment, and they all turned to look at the girl strangely.
Wait for a while, one of the aquarium, asked, "You’re not dead." After that, I still can’t believe that I pinched my arm and suddenly came to one side and shouted for killing pigs.
Seeing that the one beside the aquarium shouted at him, "Why are you pinching me? You can’t pinch yourself." I heard my companion yelling at the aquarium face, and I didn’t feel sorry. God Se simply said, "I’m afraid of pain."
When girls were children’s homes, some children were angry with these people and asked, "Why do you want to make waves and drive me into the sea?"
Seeing that the girl didn’t die, she still questioned herself and others about the dragon face. She said to the girl, "I’m Santai, the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea, but you’re playing in my East China Sea, which violates my dragon territory. I’ll kill you." Then Santai and āo longitudinal waves hit like a girl.
Although the girl is a god, but her body is not repaired at all, there is no way to watch the huge waves coming like her. When the girl’s life is on the line, suddenly a man and a beast appear. With the arrival of this man and beast, the furious sea seems to have been suspended
All the waves stopped, and the sea breeze, which had not stopped, calmed down, and everything around them became silent with the arrival of the man.
The girl with a dying heart found that the huge waves stopped beside her, and she was not tempted. At this time, it was as warm as a sound, but everyone could hear that the sound contained anger.
"Dragon in the East China Sea, I think you are challenging my patience." As the sound came out, the whole East China Sea surged violently with his sound.
At the moment, enjoying life in the Dragon Palace, the Dragon King heard a sentence: "I think the East China Sea Dragon is challenging my patience."
At the same time, this sentence echoed in a hall deep in the Dragon Palace. With this, the whole Dragon Palace suddenly shook like an earthquake, and all the houses in the Dragon Palace were taken care of by special care, and the houses collapsed directly.
The dragon king and the dragon quasi-holy master who lives in seclusion in the depths of the palace were suddenly surprised because they already felt that the speaker was a person, and they could not help secretly complaining who provoked this malefic.
Dare not neglect the two of them quickly got up and flew like the sea, and soon they came there. When they saw that the Three Dragon Kings were suddenly white, their hearts suddenly became furious, and they shouted at the "evil beast" in their mouths, and then they lamented in their hearts.
With the dragon king, the dragon quasi-saint stood by and quickly saluted, "Dragon Candle dragon visits the sword statue."
After a worship, I ignored the two of them, but comforted the girl on the side. As soon as she saw the amount, she flowed to the amount and choked, "grandmaster girl almost didn’t see you."
After the baby girl was born, I went over from time to time to see if there were no children, but I was very fond of this disciple. Every time I measured it, I would bring a lot of fun and delicious things to the baby girl. Did the baby girl love adhesion in this period?
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Chapter 35 It’s hard for a girl to measure now
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The amount of Candle dragon’s apology was ignored. It was a wry smile to coax the girl Candle dragon into ignoring herself when she saw the amount.
No matter what Candle dragon thinks, now he is trying to coax the little ancestor, the girl, but he has tried his best.
At this time, it suddenly occurred to me that the girl loves to eat congenital fruit, so she quickly took out the grapes of congenital fruit and handed them to the girl. It is strange that the girl stopped crying when she saw the grapes, and grabbed the grapes and gave a sweet smile to the girl.
Seeing the little girl laughing, I couldn’t help wiping my forehead and sweating. I saw that the little girl was eating grapes, and I couldn’t help thinking, "This little ancestor is really hard to coax! Are so adults still so clingy "
Baby girl is born to eat all kinds of innate spiritual fruit, not innate spiritual fruit. She still doesn’t eat it, but it’s good that it has deep roots, otherwise it will really make her poor.
You can’t even eat the innate fruit. You know, this innate fruit is no ordinary fruit. It not only contains a lot of aura, but also has these different J and jīng flowers.
Therefore, the average person can’t stand this innate spiritual fruit, and maybe it will die suddenly, just like this innate spiritual root grape, which contains aura without Taiyi Fairy Cultivation.
But that’s it. These innate spiritual fruits don’t do any harm to the baby girl, just like the congenital grape baby girl can eat a bunch of ginseng fruits without rest, and a flat peach can be eaten for two days. It’s strange to say that the aura contained in those spiritual fruits hides after entering the baby girl’s body and slowly warms her body.
At this time, the eyes suddenly swept aside, and Candle dragon and the Dragon King of the East China Sea suddenly had a little idea. They said to Candle dragon and the Dragon King of the East China Sea, "Do you want to sound out the bottom line of our Xuanmen? I can tell you very directly." With that, I gently scratched my hand and saw a hundred-foot-wide crack appear in front of everyone.
Seeing the answer given by the amount, the Dragon King and Candle dragon couldn’t help but take a deep breath. They can also do it through the emptiness, but they still need Lingbao’s assistance to draw a ten-foot-wide distance with one blow.