"Listen to me, I agreed to pay a thousand dollars in advance, then I’ll take a thousand dollars." Tang Yuan reached out and put his due money in his pocket and rushed Zhao Bao with alacrity and said, "Let’s have dinner."

Zhao Bao squints at Tang Yuan. "I finally know what you are like."
"Things have to be seen from two aspects. I’m going to become the kind of person who is cheap. You can sit here and drink with me now." Tang Yuan has a good temper and doesn’t care about Zhao Baoci.
"This is" Zhao Baowen nodded seriously.
"Bao, when the dust settles today, we must have a good drink." Tang Yuanduan raised his glass and said smilingly.
"What’s the reason?" Zhao Bao rictus asked.
"Let’s see," Tang Yuan thought for a long time and immediately smiled and said, "Here’s to you and me. You’re still a young boy after a trip out of campus society. You haven’t changed. I haven’t changed. I’m still friends with a little wine. That’s good."
"Here we go." Zhao Bao was slightly excited by Tang Yuan’s statement. He raised his glass and yelled at it and gulped it down.
That night, when they were on two campuses, their opponents and friends fell and bumped into each other, which made them excited
On this night, they recalled all kinds of the past, and their hearts were full of nostalgia.
On this night, they are glad that their appearance has changed, their social status has changed, but when they were young, their initial ideals were still surging and excited …
So their shabby little restaurant cooked wine at night, talked about the past and now talked about the future, and they were drunk before they knew it.
When leaving, Zhao Baofu posted a post and grabbed Tang Yuan’s wrist and said, "Come to the webcast station when this matter is over. I’ll arrange a place for you …!"
"Don’t go" Tang Yuan shook his head drunk.
"You step on the horse is sick! When you enter the webcast station, you will have a stable income and all kinds of living benefits … You will be able to marry and have children, you know? "
"Baby, if you really want to help me, give me a column on the separate legal column official website," Tang Yuan replied with a hiccup.
"Isn’t this the same meaning?"
"It’s not the same as my column’s ability to earn money. If you think I’m good, you think I’m bad, so I’ll leave." Tang Yuan looked at Zhao Bao with a crooked neck. "Eating, drinking and drinking cost you more money. That’s brotherhood, but you keep me and help me live … I can’t afford this favor."
"Old Tang …!"
"Zhao Bao used to be a teacher and school. Tianjiao was a schoolmate. Idol was a paper, so I could be praised by the propaganda department. But I lost everything this time … my girlfriend ran away with someone for three years. My father died of illness. I didn’t even have money to buy a cemetery." Tang Yuan’s eyes were red. "I didn’t have a home until I got the cash … Now I’m left with this hard bone. Isn’t it a joke that I’m going to bend over and do things before? Brother let you say that people can live as jokes? "
Zhao Bao looked at Tang Yuanyan.
"I don’t regret some of my choices," Tang Yuan looked at the snowflake outside the window. "But if I were given a chance, I might not have been able to realize my ideal in my heart. Now this society is different from what our school saw!"
"… ok, I’ll give you a column, and no one can stop it!" Zhao Bao clap table should way
"Ha ha!"
The two brothers talked and walked out of the small restaurant.
Snowflakes fluttered in the street, and they staggered along.
At the crossroads, Zhao Bao was too drunk to dare to drive, so he stretched out his hand and stopped a small moving car.
"Let’s go and see you off!" Zhao Bao turned around and shouted after drilling a small train.
"No, we’re not the same. I’ll go by myself." Tang Yuan shook his head.
"God, I’ll come to you!"
"Good le you slow down!" Tang Yuan waved and shouted in the snow.
"I am happy today when I return to China for so long!" Zhao Bao lay on his back and moved a little. "Just have fun today …!"
Said the small move slowly driving into the distance and Zhao Bao also fell asleep by car in a daze.
Tang Yuan twisted a snot on the roadside and didn’t want to make a joke and walk away.
Five or six in the morning
After Tang Yuan returned to his residence, he lost his personal data to his brain and habitually kept it in the cloud.
Back to the bedside, Tang Yuan burned a pot of hot water, took off his clothes and went to wash.
Yuanwai Hu tong
Two cars slowly stagnate, and the individual pushes the door and pushes the car.
The leader pulled out a steel knife from the car and stepped forward with it in his hand.
In the silent street, people crunched on crystal snowflakes.
A dimly lit warehouse in Black Street
A young man sat in a chair and said nervously, "Just take things back, right?"
"You don’t care about that." Next to the middle-aged man, he crossed his legs and threw 40 thousand dollars. "Logistic walking, you can help me and I can help you."
"… I think you just need to get your things back." The young man insisted.
"Hehe" Middle-aged suddenly smiled "Yeah, I know"
Tang Yuan got ready for bed after drinking a glass of water.
A sour tooth rang outside.
"Who is it?" Tang yuan frown shouted a.
Chapter 266 I didn’t betray my friend
A stuffy flat door.
Tang Yuan suddenly sat up and looked up and saw a group of men carrying steel knives coming into the house from the ice and snow.
Yang Nan, the leader of the snowflake drifting into the house, turned his head and looked at the surrounding environment with a straight face and scolded, "Xiao Zhi, a stupid dog, has been lying on the road for so long, and he can still make the two ignorant and cheated."
"You are …!" Tang and Yuan dynasties should grasp the kettle on the bedside table as soon as they lift the quilt.