It’s good to think about it, even if it’s enslaved by people, but it’s not bad to have immortal power. The only thing that is disgusting about not sleeping for thousands of years is that there is one more master.

"The nether world? Do you know the nether world? " Jade Duxiu’s eyes suddenly lit up and looked at the ice monster with dribbling eyes.
"Some impression I genera seem to have entered the nether world, and some unpleasant things happened in the nether world, and then they were killed by the nether world people and had to be born again. It happened that some memories were worn away in the process of the great struggle, and some memories were vague about the nether world. Some impressions knew such a place as the nether world." The ice monster scratched his head
Pan pan is not without defects, and every time a pan pan is equivalent to a rebirth, the memory of a lifetime will be erased, and there are not many opportunities.
"What may come to mind?" Jade Duxiu looked at the ice monster.
The Ice Monster shook his head. "I was disappointed by the Lord, but I can’t remember it. But it seems that there is an aversion to Qi in this world. This Qi is the netherworld. This means that there are netherworld activists in the world of Yang. If the Lord wants to know about the netherworld, he should catch those shady mice and directly force them to ask questions."
As soon as I got to the netherworld, the ice monster suddenly gnashed her teeth and her eyes were full of hatred.
"The world is vast. Have you ever seen a netherworld?" Jade Duxiu looked at the ice monster.
Ice monster embarrassed smile "Yang Shi seems to have any agreement in the nether world. The strong in the nether world are not allowed to have Yang Shi, but what is the specific agreement? I forgot that the nether world wants to find a needle in a haystack."
"If you enter the nether world," Yu Duxiu looked at the ice monster.
"The card must be accurate before you can break through and enter the nether world." The ice monster said without hesitation.
"Can you enter the nether world?" Jade Duxiu looked at the ice monster.
The ice monster heard a strange laugh. "If I belong to heaven and earth before the Lord, I may still have scruples about being suppressed by people. Although I can’t kill those godfathers, demon gods and Long Jun, it is still possible to injure me and fall into a sleeping rock plate or suppress me. But now I am afraid of who came to the nether world except the Lord. Although I think it is not appropriate to enter the nether world at this time, if the Lord commands Xiaoke to go once, if there is an accident, the Lord will revive me."
Jade Duxiu smell speech shook his head. "Come on, let’s talk about it after a while."
At this time, the Jade Lotus has not yet blossomed. I want to resurrect this ice monster, but it will consume the lotus source and delay my own flowers. The ancestors, demon gods and long jun will emerge from Kunlun Mountain at any time, or once the gods and gods walk around the world, the Jade Lotus plan will inevitably be exposed.
At present, the jade show is always scattered, and the ancestors and dragons are forced to form a competition. I dare not be distracted and give each other a plan to solve the secret of Kunlun Mountain for one second.
Yudu Duxiu is a time difference. Before the ancestor’s life is over, Long Jun, the ancestor, the demon god and others control the whole world. If everyone is used to the idea of slow-moving ancestor, demon god and Long Jun, nothing uncontrollable will happen after only a few decades.
Just like an ordinary person in the 21st century won’t believe that there will be a war between the two countries in one second, it needs to be accumulated slowly instead of making a hasty decision overnight.
Ordinary people seem to be those immortal demon gods, Long Jun and Godfather for ten years or a hundred years. Everyone simply doesn’t believe that this’ one second’ world is completely out of control.
"Calculation" Jade Duxiu looked at the ice monster with her hands on her back. "You have something to tell you to do and abandon this big day and go back to your lair to rest."
"The Lord’s ice spirit is in the hands of the Lord." The ice monster looked at Yu Duxiu’s ferocious face and gave me a little embarrassed. The color was full of expectation.
"Ice spirit is a genius treasure, but it is acquired after all. If you want to get a certificate, you can only use the ice spirit first, but it can’t melt." Jade Duxiu didn’t answer the ice spirit words, but spoke another words.
"Is to obey the main command" ice monster low head way
"Don’t worry, you can see through the past and the future. Don’t worry, when you see that the stand is already in the future, you should know that the stand also hopes that you can get the immortal way. If you get the immortal way, the greater the gain for the stand, the stand will plan for you. You must worry." Jade Duxiu slowly dissipates with her hands and her imaginary figure slowly disappears and disappears.
"The future? It’s no wonder that the Lord can see the future step by step. It’s really amazing that I’m now under the control of the Lord. The Lord will never deceive me again. It seems that it doesn’t make sense to deceive me. I also hope that the fairy tale will prove that the innate beast will not die. "The ice monster smiled at the sky and then saw an ice force converge into a whirlwind. The ice monster has disappeared.
It wasn’t long after they left that they saw Han Huan appear in the field and felt a surrounding qi machine. After that, Han Huan’s pupil shrank. "Ice strange qi machine?" The ice monster’s resistance was broken? Who is the ice monster? It’s amazing. "
John Huan slowly bent down to pick up a glittering and translucent get rid of debris in the eyes of a little shekinah flow indefinite guess heart flow.
"Being able to kill the ice monster must be a great doubt" is the only idea in John Huan’s heart at this time.
Chapter 1217 Palm Gankun sneak attack on channelization
John Huan before the two sides met to each other can kill ice monster in such a short time. It is rare to be afraid that it is a quasi-fairy stream.
"Now chaos has appeared around here, and such a strong man is unpredictable for me. Perhaps it is a passer-by who discovered the ice monster and killed it for the great competition." That John Huan was sullen, and plumes of ice jade-like stone in his hand drifted away with the wind.
Dragon Terran Battle Battlefield At this time, the ancient quasi-immortals and the four seas Dragon Palace quasi-dragon kings are constantly crumbling one after another, and the rivers passing by are broken again and again.
I don’t know how many sea monks have turned to dust, and the flesh and blood are flying.
At this time, Jade Duxiu, a mountain peak in Taidao Mountain Gate, has passed by with his hands and eyes. "If this is a barren ancient quasi-fairy, it is not a pity to be reincarnated."
"Everything is born to support everyone, but it destroys heaven and earth, causing several people to be robbed and turned into ashes." Jade Duxiu saw a rabbit eating in the eyes of Jade Duxiu, but who would have thought that a moment of earth-shattering energy fell from the virtual. The rabbit’s eyes were ignorant and turned into ashes
"You are guilty, and you are guilty." Jade Duxiu’s eyes flashed a obliteration machine. "Heaven and earth don’t punish people."
With that, Yu Duxiu was surrounded by a streamer flashing fog ink.
"Covering the battlefield, seeing that these guys are not pleasing to the eye, give them a lesson." Jade Duxiu takes a long way.
"Follow the Lord’s decree." The fog ink respectfully took a step by step to the jade show, and came to the center of the battlefield, constantly shuttling through the battlefield. Thick thick fog covered the field, and the black fog seemed to be the night arrival.
"Fog ink, what are you doing, you bastard? You have not quickly converged the fog and scored too much." The East China Sea Dragon King Yuntou looked at the field and stared at the battlefield. After seeing the spreading fog in the field, he flew into a rage.
"This is?" At this time, the ancient monster at war can’t see the surrounding opponents and suddenly becomes one leng.
However, with the help of the induction of Qi Qi, we found the former opponent and both sides continued to collide.
Looking at the fog pervading the whole battlefield, Jade Duxiu reveals a little sneer at the corner of her mouth for a moment, and the black gas in her right hand flies out and falls into the fog.
"Add a little seasoning for you and ask you to taste the reverse of Yin and Yang, which is fierce." After watching the reverse of chaos into the whole battlefield, Jade Duxiu took a step and disappeared into the fog.
"Time is running out, and these old guys must be given enlightenment before they fall into reincarnation." In the fog, Jade Duxiu kept shuttling back and forth, watching the wanton display of great power, famine, ancient quasi-immortals, and took out a golden bracelet in his right hand sleeve, which exudes immortal vitality and poverty.
"Come on, give up your seat completely." Jade Duxiu’s mouth tilted for a moment and the bracelet flashed out.
In the fog, a barren ancient quasi-fairy can no longer see the distant situation, but she can’t hold it. There are so many monks in the four seas, and no matter where she bombards with her magical powers at will, she can kill and injure a lot.
An ancient quasi-fairy is killing wildly. At this time, the fog covers and gets rid of the entanglement of the East China Sea quasi-dragon king. After that, the quasi-fairy kills one enemy after another with great power.
King Kong Zhuo is fierce, but this quasi-fairy is bent on killing, but she has never been prepared. Even if she finds something behind her, this kind of treasure, especially this kind of disaster and robbery, is not easy to stop.
I was surprised that the quasi-fairy was hit by the avatar by Jin Gangzhuo, and then the liquid splashed like a smashed watermelon.
It’s a great shame that the "bold man attacked the old lady" was short of breath and was smashed by a blow. It’s a great shame to see the whole body’s innate immortality and constant flesh and blood reorganization.
At this time, the virtual solidification of a vortex forms a palm that seems to cover the heavens and the world, and it has already fallen into the vortex before waiting for the barren ancient fairy to recover her body.
A hundred ghosts scattered in the palm of Gankun’s hand, and Road flyover Gengjin stepped forward to wait for the quasi-immortal to react and instantly expose the innate immortal light to Gankun in the palm of his hand again.
"Bold despicable acts unexpectedly dare to sneak up on the seat and make you look good today." This barren ancient quasi-fairy looked at Taoist Geng Jin, who was scattered by ghosts, and suddenly became angry from embarrassment. The innate immortal flashes of light did not return to the flesh and instantly beheaded the Taoist Geng Jin, who was scattered by ghosts.
"Come here and dare to be so arrogant. This old guy is really tired of living. You and I will quickly break this old guy’s innate immortality and help him." Road flyover Gengjin is surrounded by Gengjin shock wave.
"This is a great kindness". All ghosts and scattered people should be United for a moment, but they saw that both sides fought against the barren ancient fairy in unison.
Even if the ancient quasi-immortals are too severe at this time, facing the two quasi-immortals, they will be pound-foolish.
The law of heaven and earth is even more disordered when the virtual turmoil comes. The Taoist Geng Jin’s innate immortal aura is fleeting, and the immortal immortal aura of the ancient quasi-fairy is also uncomfortable to be hit by two people working together and torn apart.