Pepper giggled. "That’s a nice nickname!"

Xiao Yi is adamant. "Then what’s your name?"
"My name is Luo …" Pepper suddenly blushed and skipped her name directly. "I’m my brother and sister in crow ridge. They call me Mu Mu!"
Wenleyang one leng her nickname is nice and not so spicy. He didn’t know that the nickname originated from the tigress and gradually developed into admiration.
Zombie baby seems to stay chatting, chubby body wobbles towards one side, Wen Xiaoyi is full of curiosity and carefully follows behind zombie baby, Wen Leyang is a little worried and takes a look at Xiao Yi.
Pepper Mu Mu smiled and said, "Don’t worry, A Dan won’t hurt anyone at ordinary times. Little Sun, have you come to Emei Mountain …" Suddenly, he lowered his voice, "Cut the ancient cave of Yanfeng?"
Wenleyang eyebrows a pick gently nodded his head.
"Did the Wen family know about the strange thing that happened to Yan Feng four months ago?"
Wen Leyang didn’t answer but asked, "Did you come to Emei Mountain to cut the wild goose peak?"
Pepper shook her head in a few minutes, and her burning eyes and burning lips turned into temptation.
Chapter 25 Sink a corpse
I don’t know how many years of silence, the first-style murals and the secrets of Wen’s family appeared in the ancient cave, which not only attracted Wen Bucao’s attention, but also shocked the crow ridge, where Luo’s family, Wen, Miao and Luo Lai were of the same origin, and they all knew each other a little, especially several parents’ masters, and it was not difficult to recognize each other’s stunts
All three families have their ancestors’ training and brothers’ efforts to find out the original mystery of Tuoxie’s ancestors, which has been blurred for more than 2,000 years. Suddenly, a new clue has emerged. The theory of ancestors’ legacy is whether Jiuding Mountain is warm and grass-poor or crow ridge will not die, and they dare not neglect to bring people to Emei Mountain.
About three months ago, two parents in Wuyuling led a group of experts in refining resin evil spirits into Emei Mountain, and there was no news coming back. The Luo family kept the experts and forbade pepper to look for their parents. She secretly came to Emei Mountain under the banner of tracking two old thieves to pursue her baby. Secondly, she mainly wanted to cut the wild goose peak.
Pepper is eager to tell the truth about what she knows. She has just entered the mountain and has almost been with Wenleyang.
Wenleyang listened to her finish and also told the original story of Wen’s family going to chop the wild goose peak.
Mu Mu heard that several parents of the Wen family went into the mountains at about the same time, and at the same time, they took many masters with them. Suddenly, their eyes unconsciously thought of a terrible possibility
The zombie baby has reached dozens of meters away and is squatting on the ground shaking his head carefully.
Xiao Yi is behind the egg and looks at the land with his head sideways with a puzzled face.
Wen Leyang knew what Pepper was thinking and quickly shook his head and asked her, "How important is it for your family to tell the truth and find out what happened to Tuoxie’s ancestors?"
Pepper looked at him puzzled for a while and suddenly smiled. White teeth and red lips set each other off. It was decreed more than 2,000 years ago, and even if the ancestors were unwilling at that time, they were just illusory now.
Now that there is a clue, which one will be traced, but if you really want this clue or are now fighting with the other two families, the possibility is too small, so grandpa is sophisticated and cunning. It is estimated that if you meet the Luo family, you will probably happily join them in the cave to have a look.
No matter which family can pass the 10-year exam, the younger brother will not be too stupid to understand the tunnel theory carefully, and no parent will be so stupid as to abandon his life to fight with the other two families without any practical significance.
WenLeYang and longed for here said not far away to zombie baby suddenly turned to them making baby ah called two bodies clumsily waved the suddenly jumped up more than three meters high horizontal weigh in hand with a little hard from half rammed himself to the ground! Behind the egg, Xiao Yi exclaimed, ran over and helped him reach half way, remembering that the fat baby was a zombie and shrank back quickly.
The egg got up and looked down at the land, and jumped up again, just like before, slamming itself on the ground again.
Pepper longed for his face, and then it became dignified and graceful after a moment of surprise, and he quickly pulled Xiao Yi up to the four men in Wen’s house and said, "Don’t bother him if there is any egg."
Zombie babies fall in one place for a while, and kung fu has been smashed continuously. I don’t know how many times, sometimes they jump a few meters high, and sometimes they just jump two or three feet and land.
"The egg is a child corpse who can feel the injustice and anger. This side has caused the death! The higher he jumps, the deeper people are buried. "Pepper is low for Wenleyang and Yi Yi, explaining that her face is becoming more and more horrified. This technique of finding a child’s corpse is a secret method of Luojia. Generally speaking, the more times a zombie baby hits the ground, the more bodies there are. Eggs fall one after another, and the area covered by it is getting bigger and bigger. Although it is not big, it has almost been scratched in by him.
Ah Dan finally stopped. His felt hat and sunglasses on his face had long since fallen. He rolled around in thick mud. The ground was full of potholes. Pepper Mu Mu twisted his brow and took a few steps on the ground over there, pointing to the shallowest seal. "Dig here first!"
Although there are no tools to take advantage of, Wen Leyang’s hands are not as rich as steel claws. When he touches the soil, even if the Wen family can’t get through the corpse, he feels strange. In winter, the mountains should be frozen and hard. Here, the soil is soft, but you can’t see anything strange from the outside, but it feels like it has just been turned over.
It didn’t take much time for Xiao Yi to suddenly scream and hide behind Wenleyang.
A slightly rotten head suddenly appeared in front of everyone!
Wenleyang and pepper looked at each other in the same direction and stopped digging straight next to the body
Like a carrot, the corpse stands upright in the soil. The dead man’s eyes and mouth are all angry. The inside is full of dirt. His fingers are hooked. His legs are unnaturally bent. Wen Leyang’s face is blue, and his anger is suppressed. He gnashes his teeth and says, "Yes … Brother Four!"
Although the body was slightly decomposed, he could still vaguely recognize that it was Wen Leyang, the fourth son of Wen’s eldest brother, who was buried vertically in the soil, and made friends with a group of brothers and sisters. Although there was nothing special about the poison of the fourth brother, he was alert and tactful. He often ran errands for several parents at ordinary times, and he didn’t spend much time in the village.
Wen Leyang gently picked up the fourth brother’s little finger and touched the blue. Wen Si had pinched poison in his hand when he met the enemy, but the root didn’t pop out.
Pepper longed for his face and chose an egg to leave a mark. No matter how his slender fingers were dug up quickly, Wen Leyang gently put the body of the fourth brother on the ground and came over to help her. Soon after, Wen Leyang cried again, another Wen Jiadi’s body was buried in the soil vertically, just like Wen Si’s.
A few people looked at each other silently, and they were horrified. Without saying a word, they scattered around and followed the zombie baby to leave footprints and dig up more and more bodies. They dug up all the bodies from noon until the middle of the month.
Chapter 26 Lively
A total of 17 bodies have mostly rotted, but it is not difficult to tell from their belongings that they are all Wen Bucao’s younger brothers, mostly Wen Leyang’s older brothers, and a few of them are uncles’ elders. All the bodies are hideous, and they are buried vertically with mud in their fingers, as if under some spell, they suddenly sank into the soil while walking and were buried alive to death.
Fortunately, there were no dead people and four grandfathers among the dead. My uncle should have sent me to Emei Mountain to look for four grandfathers. Wen Leyang rested for a while and dug a hole again to bury his relatives’ names. He vowed to take them back to Wenjia ancestral grave as soon as the matter was over and pray for the dead to bless the four parents.
After burying the body, Wen Leyang hit the ground with a hard punch, and the soil was like a sudden encounter with charcoal, snow and ice, and Wen Leyang’s right arm was deeply immersed in the ground.
Wenjia Village in Jiuding Mountain is located in western Sichuan. Like Wen Leyang, these dead people all entered Emei Mountain from the west to bury their bodies. The place is a gentle hillside. The younger brother of the Wen family has to go through here to cut the wild goose peak. After four parents led the elite to enter Emei Mountain, Wentonghai sent his younger brother to listen for news several times. Unexpectedly, most of them were buried alive here by the enemy.
Pepper saw that there was no Luo family in the body, and then he felt a little relieved. "Yes … someone ambushed the Wen family’s shixiong and Shibo here …" As he spoke, he lined up a new grave to comfort the undead according to family rules.
Settle down all the bodies. Wen Leyang closed his eyes. When there was just a glimmer of light on the day, he picked up Xiao Yi and hurried in the direction of cutting the wild goose peak.
Pepper longed for red eyes, and the zombie baby followed her dejectedly …
Another day later, Wen Leyang and his party suddenly saw many layers of mountains in front of an unknown dangerous peak. There was a faint fog everywhere, and it was easy to turn over the map and point to a steep mountain that seemed to be cut out by the axe. "There is the wild goose peak!"
From a distance, the wild goose peak is trapped in the endless mountains, and it is scattered with a sharp momentum and is out of place with the surrounding mountains. It is like a lone wolf mixed with sheep, which can be recognized at a glance.
After the famous dangerous peak, the terrain is gradually widened and flat. Although the feet are still rocks and winter forests, they are gone. When they first entered the mountain, they were steep and even more surprised. In response to the bleak and desolate winter mountain, it gradually became lively.
From time to time, people cross the valley or climb over the hills, and groups of people gather from all sides in the direction of cutting the wild goose peak. These people are dressed in different styles, men, women and children, with white powder and red flowers. Old women have bars that are almost stooping to their feet. Old men wear Adinike, and young people have a mobile phone in their hands, looking for signals all over the world, complaining about middle-aged people.
There is a posture of lightness and a step of tamping. With an exception, both eyes are shining with abundant light. When they meet each other, they either greet each other with great familiarity or look at each other with malicious eyes.
This group of people are all grotesque and unruly. Even if they appear in Wangfujing, it is estimated that the headline of Sina will become "Aliens Mixed into Beijing Shopping?" The subtitle is-Welcome to Beijing.
It is even more incredible for them to appear in the desolate mountains. Sure enough, there is a reporter-like person in the crowd holding a camera and constantly taking a picture of a fat man who shows his heart. He is unwilling to come over and scold angrily, "Take a portrait of a bird’s hair!" Said the deep cattail leaf fan miraculously hand knocked over the reporter’s camera.