Unlike Li Shuxian, Long Tianpeng doesn’t need to hide anything to directly activate the three-dimensional virtual image function.

Long Tianpeng Hu pursed his lips and said to Xing Xuan, "Masuha came quietly from Daliangxing with his people at the invitation of your second grandfather, and he also came very secretly. Xing Xuan, if you have something to do, do you have anything to do with me to get a dinner for Ma’s second husband!"
"Nothing, nothing, I am very idle!" Xing Xuan clenched his fist and thought, Masuha, Masuha, how many heads do you have that dare to take care of my dragon family? I spared the life of Mo Daochang because he is related to our Dragon Family. What are you?
Thinking of Xing Xuan hanging up the com, he said to Black Moon, Yunyang and Nymphs, "You three come with me tonight, and we’ll meet the second master of Ma’s family!"
Black Moon’s eyes lit up and they were ready to go.
Chapter one hundred and two Masuha
Just from the battleship to masuha com "Didi Didi Didi" rang.
As he pressed the answer key, an old man with a red face and a gray head was immediately in front of the crowd.
Masuha saw this man as if he had been bitten by a cobra, and immediately he was shaking and pale, and his blood seemed to be frozen. His heart plopped and jumped. "Long Tianpeng is an asshole. How did he know my com number? This is just a new number before I came to quail star! Is it a conspiracy that Long Tianyou asked me to come to quail star? "
"Ha ha, Ma Suha came to Burton without telling me-have you forgotten that there is an old friend of yours here?" Long Tianpeng’s loud voice rang in Masuha’s ear at once, and at the same time, he blew a sigh at Masuha’s face and made a face.
"Haha, it turned out to be Tianpeng dude. If you don’t come with me, I really forgot that this is your hometown. Oh, I haven’t seen you make great progress in recent years!" Masuha is not the kui is a battle-hardened man who quickly calmed down and laughed with Long Tianpeng with a big smile as if he had really met an old friend who had not seen him for years.
"Where where is not as good as hemp brothers you! Well, stop talking and come to my house. I’ll give you a dinner! " Long Tianpeng dozen ha ha said
Masuha’s face was pale and stunned for a long time before he nodded his head and said, "Well, then ask!"
"Why bother Suha? You are always so welcome to me as before. Wait for me at the airport and send a car to pick you up!" Long Tianpeng said that the virtual image disappeared in situ, leaving Masuha alone with the com.
"Why, is there a problem?" A young man in dark blue and sunglasses approached Masuhakou and asked.
Masuha woke up from his stay. Looking back, he recognized that it was Fang Yong from the mysterious world who was mixed in his bodyguard team. It was with this person that Masuha made up his mind to cross the rubicon and unite with Long Tianyou. Once he could kill Long Tianyou, one-fifth of the dragon family industry would be included in their Ma family. Then their Ma family would never be the weakest of the five families but the most powerful family in the Federation.
"Well, this is what Long Tianpeng, the head of the Long family, is behind. The most difficult thing is to deal with us. The biggest goal this time is him, but things are not good now. It seems that he is ready to say that he is giving us a dinner, but he is actually giving us Ma Wei!" Masuha Yong said to each other
"Ha ha, a secular man, what’s the matter with him? You’re not afraid that he’ll give you a dinner, which just gives us a chance. I’ll kill him at the banquet!" Fang Yong immediately laughed at Masuha’s words and said with confidence
Ma Suha thought that Fang Yong’s strength in front of himself was extraordinary. Even Long Tianpeng was a top player, so he laughed and laughed. "Yes, yes, I am getting more and more timid, afraid that he will leave!"
Fang Yong laughed and said, "Borrow my brother’s sleeve!" Said Fang Yong body fast smaller shrink into masuha sleeve.
And Masuha, as soon as he turned around, was now following those armed bodyguards five or six meters behind him, and they were still as stupid as a fool. Now they have lost one person in their team.
Masuha is even more relieved that the bodyguards behind him are not simple. They are all retired federal special forces. They are not even around now. The bodyguards are certainly not strong. If you don’t go anywhere, you can’t imagine that you dare to do it on his site. Hehe, this is called direct death and later life
Just talking and laughing, the most luxurious car in the extended mecha fell in front. After landing, it was full of strength. Long Xingxuan came towards Masuha with Black Moon, Yunyang and Nymphs.
At a distance of ten meters from Masuha, Xing Xuan suddenly stopped and shouted at Masuha, but Masuha didn’t understand a word he said.
Hearing the star Xuan is like reading a text in a cadence and sonorous voice, saying, "the first mysterious convention is that practitioners in the mysterious world should not be too close to people in the secular world;" Article 5 practitioners in the mysterious world should not interfere in the grievances in the secular world; Article 9 Practitioners in the mysterious world should not take the initiative to attack practitioners in the secular world and should not shoot at ordinary people; Article 10 A practitioner in the mysterious world must report to the local guardian and register before he can act when he comes to a place with a guardian … "
Masuha is stupid. What is this little guy talking about? Is he talking to himself?
Masuha didn’t understand the Chinese brave in Masuha’s sleeve, but he could hear clearly that the little head was sweating as soon as the other party was a master, and he saw through his loose-packed self. If he hid again, he would invite humiliation. Forget it or leave it alone. It wouldn’t be cost-effective if it attracted a deity.
Thinking about Fang Yong, he pulled himself out and turned into a breeze and flew away to the southwest.
See forced back Yong-xing Fang Xuan face a sneer at Ma Suha said, "you are Ma’s second child!" My grandfather said to let me pick you up. In fact, any cat and dog can come to meet you without me! "
"You … what did you say?" Masuha was so angry that he was insulted face to face by a yellow-haired boy. This kind of thing has never happened since he was born.
"Oh, that’s right. Now the world is very easy to learn. Many cheats pretend to be celebrities and cheat to eat and drink everywhere to prevent me from mistaking someone else. Grandpa taught me a trick, saying that it’s really the second master of the Majia family. You are very generous. You just insult him face to face or laugh at him. I’ll try it on the spot to see if you are the second master of the Majia family. You didn’t laugh, didn’t you?" Star Xuan watched Masuha and said
Poor now, Masuha doesn’t know that Fang Yong has been scared away by Xing Xuan. He still has to wait for him to go to the banquet to kill Long Tianpeng. At this time, if he doesn’t see Long Tianpeng, he won’t give up and immediately smiled and said, "Hehe, what a clever boy! I am a real Masuha, not a fake!"
"oh? Really? I doubt it. I’ll give you another chance to hear that Masuha really likes Miss Joan Li of William’s family, but in order to please his father, Masuha personally gave Miss Joan Li as a gift to his father, but even so, his father did not give him the position of patriarch, but gave her back to his eldest brother Mabulu as a prostitute, so that Masuha was not angry when someone was in front of him, and he often praised Joan Li for her good sex skills. Of course, it’s impossible now, and she is an old woman in her forties! " Xing Xuan said eloquently that his face muscles were motionless as if he were really verifying whether Masuha was true or not.
"That’s enough, Long Tianpeng, you king egg. You insult others too much. You insult people too much. I’m leaving!" Masuha was shaking with anger. He couldn’t help it any longer. Joan Li’s life was painful for more than 20 years. No one dared to say more than half a word in front of him. Now Xing Xuan named him face to face. He was so angry that he wanted to kill someone.
"oh! Grandpa, don’t be angry! Do you think I’ll tell you that grandpa Masuha is not such a bloodless person? I don’t even believe this helper. Now let you see, grandpa Masuha is a clashing man and the most bloody man. You are all wrong. I won the bet! Hehe, grandpa, don’t be angry. I’m your junior and grandchildren. You won’t be serious with your grandchildren, will you? " At this time, Xing Xuan pulled Masuha Masuha and felt that she couldn’t move a muscle.
His face changed again. He is also a master of the federal level. Isn’t Xing Xuan ten meters away from himself just now? Why didn’t you see him move? He came to his side as soon as he moved?
"Grandpa, you see that you are still angry and angry. Xingxuan can’t afford it. I’ll make amends with you. I’ll apologize to you. We will never make such a bet again!" Xing Xuan pulled Masuha and shook it 1 vigorously, shaking a Masuha five times. Don’t feel uncomfortable in your body.
And behind him, those special bodyguards were blocked by two or three people brought by Xing Xuan, saying that nothing could be squeezed.
"I … I … I’m not angry with you … let go!" It took Masuha a a long time to spit out these words in a cold sweat.
Xing Xuan smiled and let Masuha go. He felt that the rage in his heart had subsided. Now he feels much better. It seems that when people have anger in their hearts, they can’t bear to vent properly.
Then Masuha was received by the Dragon Family Courtyard, and he finished eating the table dishes without waiting for the Chinese side to make a move. He was also ridiculed by Long Tianpeng for saying, "How many days have you not eaten enough? Is Mabulu abusing you?" Then Masuha was naturally placed under house arrest by Long Tianpeng.
Accompanied by Long Tianpeng, an old man who came to do everything, he visited every corner of Burton City and even looked at every public toilet three times, but he gave it to Masuha for so long that Masuha didn’t have the courage to make moves. At last, Masuha couldn’t help saying goodbye to Long Tianpeng and asked to go back to Daliangxing.
"Oh, I’m going back to Daliangxing, so I won’t stay much!" Long Tianpeng listened to him and didn’t stay much. He replied coldly and went with him.
Masuha was so happy that he took people to fly to Daliangxing in his own private star-rated flying ship.
However, when Masuha starship flew out of the atmosphere of the quail star and was ready to make a leap, the starship gave birth to a modest explosion, which scared Masuha to come back from the middle of the sky and find a new starship from Masuha starship company.
However, when the flying ship entered too late, all the pilots suddenly came again. The news of food poisoning scared Masuha to turn pale and return to quail star again.
This time, knowing the crux of the matter, he hurried to the Longjia Courtyard and piteously promised Long Tianpeng, "Brother Tianpeng, I will do a few hundred billion business with you, so let me go back!"
Long Tianpeng nodded with satisfaction, smoked one by one, and asked Masuha to sign the project terms and conditions contract, and then said earnestly, "Brother Ma, now you know what kind of friends you should make and who you should draw a line with?"
Masuha is still as bald as a chicken pecking at rice, saying, "Brother Tianpeng, I was wrong. I was wrong. Not yet. Look, I’m not compensating you. This is 300 billion federal dollars, which is the total assets of several planets in Majia. Please don’t take any more. My brother has to skin me!"
"Life is a price. After all, the money is a foreign object!" Long Tianpeng pulled out two more contracts from a pile of contracts for Masuha to sign and waddled back to the back room.
Masuha came out of the Dragon Family Courtyard grinning. This time, it was sure that the starship was no longer out of order. He returned safely to the Girder Star and vowed never to step on the quail star again. For Long Tianyou, he hated it. He made several terrorist incidents one after another, and made Long Tianyou have little power in the Girder Star, so that he could make a family plan again.
In the fix-up exchange of Fulun Valley in Botton City, Xing Xuan just sent some fix-up materials back to Guan Feng to let him acquiesce in his work at the counter of Tianchi Gate on the exchange (of course, he didn’t allow Tianchi Gate to reappear. Xing Xuan made Yuling make a thousand-year-old bronze coconut palm and wooden Tianchi Gate sign hanging on the counter), so he didn’t know whether to be happy or hate to welcome the two disgusting ghosts of Caiyun and Tuobu.
Chapter one hundred and three Chaos
Tobu wears a suffocating stench everywhere he goes. The priest has lost his color, revealing the same dark and stinking skin inside.
Caiyun, on the other hand, wears a thick layer of gouache with a large face and a fat face. Everywhere she goes, it smells pungent and disgusting, and when she walks side by side with Tobo, everyone can’t smell whether it is fragrant or ugly. The mixed smell makes the exchange auction magic weapon in full swing that day. The practitioner ran half and the other half didn’t want to run, but he really couldn’t run and fainted.
"Ha-ha, Tobu, let me introduce you to Xing Xuan. I made new friends in Burton!" Caiyun’s big mouth is introduced to Tobo.
Tobe’s eyes immediately stared at Xing Xuan for a long time without speaking.
Xing Xuan forcibly held back the pungent smell and waved his hand to Tobu again and again, saying, "Mr. Tobu, don’t get me wrong. I won’t have anything with you. Actually, you Caiyungen won’t look at me, so that you can win her favor. You Caiyun is very good!"