Yu Long joked, "Han Jie, why don’t you apply to be transferred to the come team …"

"Yeah, why didn’t I think of that?" Han Yue smiled and said, "Xiaoyu, I have to go to consult with Lin Fenglian before it’s too late …"
"Wait-!" Yu Long eyes swept to Han Yue body when they suddenly saw her red thong after a brief surprise Long Yucai now eye closed the eye.
"What is it?" Han Yue saw that he was surprised and asked quickly.
"It’s okay … Han Jie, actually, I think it’s better for you to wear a triangle …" I don’t know if others like it, such as Yu Long. Personally, I don’t like to look for women’s pants or triangle is pleasing to the eye
Han Yue show leng not to throw Yu Long a discontentedly eyes Han Yue said "flow.
"Remember that we remember our reward-!" Yu Long quickly shouted at Han Yue’s back.
Sitting in the car, Han Yue’s chest fluctuated. She carefully checked a pair of pants. She was puzzled that she was dressed so tightly. Does he know that?
"Sex maniac-!" Han Yue looked up at the Yu Long window and cursed at the sentence that the train left without a safe sleep
Wake up at dawn for a moment
Yu Long was woken up by the mobile phone bell. A closer look at the words from Han Yue. China and South Korea reported two things to Long Yutong.
One is that Liu Qi’s strong support for Huang Da has turned into ashes, which is said to have been scattered in a corner of the municipal garden and filled with fertilizer.
Yu Long is very satisfied with this. I think it’s a compensation that Huang Da did not do good things when he was alive but made fertilizer when he died.
Secondly, after consultation, the city bureau and the politics and law Committee are going to reward each other with 20 thousand yuan, and a total of 40 thousand cash will be delivered to Yu Long personally by Han Yue at noon today.
Compared with the first news, Yu Long likes it more in his heart. The second news is that he made a profit of 20,000 last night when he cancelled this exorcism.
Twenty thousand dollars is a lot of wealth for ordinary college students, but it is nothing for Long Yu.
He spends too much.
Who told him that he had a vampire-like Yukime sister?
After thanking Han Yue, Yu Long agreed to send the money. After that, he hung up and dialed Yukime dialect.
Calling Yukime means very much. Yu Long hopes that the news of the magic fox can go to Tang Xiangxiang in Younger. Anyway, it is an account for her.
At the beginning, they were in a fog because of the magic fox in Yinshan
Now that the magic fox has been destroyed, it is a sigh of relief.
Yukime said after seeing his thoughts, "Xiaoyu is really embarrassed. Xiang Xiang has been closed for a year, and no one can disturb her. Even if I do this, I can’t go to see her. Tell her yourself after Xiang Xiang comes out …"
Yu Long answered a heart is a little depressed, it is good to say it personally, but the key question is how Tang Xiangxiang will treat him after one year.
Since it was too Xuanshan from Xuanmen headquarters, Yu Long felt that he was in a bad mood. The reason for the bad mood was that he had never been able to understand it.
There is no doubt that his heart is upset because of Younger Tang Xiangxiang.
Yu Long has never been in love since he was a child. Before the Yinshan incident, he was so pure that he didn’t even pull a girl’s hand. After the Yinshan incident, it was a coincidence that he and Younger were born again.
It is also because of that double cultivation that he was ignorant of his feelings in his heart. Although he has not yet set off any big waves, he has already had a shadow of Younger in his heart
More accurately, Yu Long has a concern in his heart
Although I am not worried about it, I still have some thoughts.
Yu Long can’t imagine seeing Tang Xiangxiang again a year later. Should he feel at home at that time? Is it trying to arouse Younger worldly desires or watching yourself become a passer-by with her?
"Why doesn’t Xiaoyu talk?" Yukime said with a smile, "Xiaoyu, I know what you’re thinking, but things may not be as bad as you think. By the way, tell me the truth, do you really like Xiangxiang?"
"I don’t know-!" Yu Long’s EQ is really not so good, otherwise he wouldn’t have been arranged by Yukime to be in love.
Although he has some worries in his heart, he still knows whether he likes it or not.
Xue Jiwen was silent for a moment. You are still young. You really shouldn’t think too much about these things now. Remember that you are studying and practicing now. Don’t forget that your parents are still alive and dead … Be immersed in love and be short of breath. "Yukime added.
"I know-!" Yu Long said seriously that there are actually three days of courses without a week and five days.
As a result, Long Yu went to the Xuan territory to practice more.
Through his continuous efforts, he is now in the fifth place in the practice of flashing beasts in the five-game show, and he has also completed the practice of fire-eating martial arts
When they cast fire bite tactic, he can easily release the real power of fire power
Although Tao Li Xiu still stays in the purple realm, the Tao Li is more concise and Rowling has perfected the sword that day.
Yu Long now holds the sword tactic of Tianshi, which is divided into five realms: killing evil, breaking demons, purifying heaven and destroying heaven. In fact, it is said that the complete sword tactic of Tianshi is seven. After a lot of analysis and calculation, Rowling finally perfected the last two sword tactic of destroying god and punishing heaven.
It is said that the last sword of the Heavenly Master can definitely summon the divine dragon body, even in the face of the gods, and it is not easy to achieve that state.
According to Rowling’s explanation, the final double loss of Tianshi’s sword decision is due to the difficulty of cultivation.
Whether Yu Long can be built in the future is also unknown.
Today is Wednesday, but there is a physical education class today.
For a monk like Yu Long, the so-called completion of physical education class is a matter of course, and cut class has entered the mysterious realm.
But this time he went alone.
As early as three months ago, when Jinfeng helped Yu Long, he had already transferred the coordinates of the Falun Gong to Qingxin Xiaozhu, which was many times more comfortable than before.
But not every time I come back to Xuan Jing, I can see Jinfeng.
Jinfeng is still so mysterious. It seems that it is difficult for Yu Long to come to Qingxin Xiaozhu for ten times and never see her figure.
"Xiaoyu, you’re here-!" Surprisingly, this time Jinfeng was waiting for him in front of the array. After greeting, Yu Long smiled and said, "Xifeng, why are you so rich today?"
"Ha ha!" Jinfeng smiled and said, "I’m here waiting for you … The Duanmu Lord sent the message of Long Tianze …"
Yu Long was in a hurry and asked, "Tell me about where my uncle is? Is it Hengshuicheng? What is the situation of others now? " Don’t worry yet! "Jinfeng smiled and said," Let’s go to the drawing room and have tea and say … "
After coming to the drawing room, Tong Huaan took a sip of fragrant tea, Jinfeng, and moistened his voice. Then he said, "Xiaoyu has inquired about Long Tianze, the duke of Duanmu, according to the date of Xuanjing, and now he finally has an exact message."
"Yes-!" Yu Long was very grateful.
But he wants to know more about the recent situation of his uncle Long Tianze.
"Long Tianze has been imprisoned, and the other person is a person who wants to have a world of flowers." Jinfeng said, "Don’t wait to hear me out first … We are definitely going to save people, but you can’t be impulsive. I hope you can practice in the fresh house for a month and then I will accompany you to Hengshui City …"
Yu Long is very difficult.
According to his intention, he couldn’t wait to fly to Hengshuicheng immediately to save his uncle Long Tianze.
However, Jin Feng’s temper and personality are clear to him. If she decides, it seems difficult to change things.
"Xiaoyu, I can understand your feelings, but I hope you can think calmly …" Jinfeng said, "Heng Shuicheng is the most chaotic place in the cities of Xuanling Heaven. Some people call it purgatory, while others call it paradise … There are people and snakes everywhere in the five heavens and the earth. There are good people, bad people, just people and evil people. Baihua will be a non-simple faction. Although their president was killed six years ago, the skinny camel is less than the horse, and your strength is definitely not equal to Baihua."
"Didn’t you help me?" Yu Long asked to be continued. If you want to know the funeral, please go to chapter 6 for more.
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