Ear strange let Liang Yi in the rush be agitated and inadvertently broke a branch with the thickness of Wankou.

"pa Liang yi didn’t even think about raising my hand to tabajiayi ass to a loud slap.
"If you do that again, I’ll throw you away!"
Tuoba Jiayi was beaten by a vanadium buttock and suddenly became quiet. After a long time, a pretty face was dull, and this female face suddenly emerged with a sly color.
Liang Yi patted the little princess’s ass and felt a little strange in her heart. The soft feeling made Liang Yi rub her hands.
"Giggle and run" Tuoba Jiayi intensified his efforts to scratch it.
"You do that again and I’ll smash your ass Liang Yi didn’t good the spirit way.
"Coward dare you also dare not" TaBaJia according to a face of deceit continue to pick up.
Liang Yi’s sudden fire is tolerable.
"Splash" for three consecutive times, some slaps on sexy ass.
"giggle!" TaBaJiaYi suddenly charming smile "didn’t see you little or a goat ah hit somebody else there"
"You’re tired of living, right? Liang Yi growled, "Let those wild animals see how you die."
TaBaJiaYi "afraid of what elder sister my horse runs much faster than those ubers.
"Blare" TaBaJiaYi was complacent but saw a black snakehead about ten feet high and stopped in front of two people not far away. Two scarlet eyes stared at them and circled back and forth.
"Ah, that deep cold eyes let Tuoba Jiayi fall behind Liang Yi and exclaim.
The snake body with a diameter of more than ten feet was straight across in front of them, blocking their way like a city wall.
More than a hundred wild beasts followed closely behind the two men saw that the snakehead appeared unexpectedly and ran away like hell towards the route.
Liang Yi eyes this serpent eyes the whole soul seems to be out-of-body experience,
"What should I do?" Tuoba Jiayi’s voice is almost inaudible.
"Of course, I ran away from Liang Yi and called a lingyun step to the extreme and fled to a towering mountain peak in the right rear direction.
"Blare" Liang Yi moved with the snake head held high and shot up like a flash. The maw was almost rubbed against two people to bite.
Boom hit the serpent’s huge body suddenly moved. More than 200 feet of the body wriggled in Lin Xun and then pushed it to a large tree heart.
"It’s blackwater magic dragon, run! Small tabajiayi cries out
Blackwater magic dragon’s top ten notorious wild beasts in ancient times have a mature body that is comparable to that of Luo Jinxian. I didn’t expect to meet it in this forbidden magic field. Although this Lao is far from mature, it is not Liang Yi. This combat power is equivalent to that of the little monk in the then period.
"Whispering ear constantly to blackwater magic dragon panting Liang Yiling cloud step has reached the limit but the distance is closer.
Boom magic dragon opened his mouth and bit it, but it was evaded by Liang Yi’s flicker. The huge snake head could not hold back and smashed a large boulder.
Peng Liang escaped magic dragon’s attack, but was swept by the snakehead and slammed into a nearby cliff. Fortunately, this was accepted by Liang Yi and did not reach Tuoba Jiayi. Otherwise, her physical quality was afraid that this would kill her.
"Go into the cave" is in despair. TaBaJiayi suddenly pointed to a hole with a diameter of about three or four feet not far ahead and gently called out.
Two people fled to the outside of the cave, and there was a loud noise. With the black water, magic dragon, the giant roaring mountain peak, the boulder fell, and the whole hole was suddenly annihilated.
"By the mouth of the cave was destroyed by the magic dragon" TaBaJia according to a full face of depression.
Liang Yi "Let’s take a look at maybe this cave has another exit."
The two of them walked along the cave for less than two hundred feet, and the dark cave gradually lit up. Then they saw a huge cave at the bottom of the mountain. The top of the cave was inlaid with more than ten small night beads and hundreds of large and small moonstones to make the whole cave look like day.
There are many stone tables, benches, stone beds and blast furnaces in the cave, and there are many wooden frames with fine workmanship placed on the wooden frames of the cave. There are dozens of wooden boxes and jade boxes with strange symbols, and nearly 100 pieces of all kinds of jade slips are placed in a corner of the cave with some fluorescent sparkling minerals.
"Repair the abode of fairies and immortals in ancient times!" Tuoba Jiayi exclaimed that he jumped from Liang Yi’s back to Liang Yi "this
"It may be that no one has maintained it for a long time." TaBaJia looked at the abode of fairies and immortals bitterly and stopped beside those wooden frames. His hand gently touched a wooden box.