With the disappearance of Xuantianding, this suddenly collapsed.

Mo Xiu’s face changed shape and flashed out of the black hole!
The first chapter will set up the Qingyang Association (the first watch)
The sunset wilderness is silent, Yuan Ye.
Suddenly, a figure flew out from the wilderness ground.
Then the second and third way are thousands of figures flying out one after another and blinding the nearby sky.
"Ha ha! We escaped! Really escaped! "
"I can’t think of the old one day from purgatory! What a surprise! Unexpectedly! " A silver-haired old man, J: was in tears. I don’t know if he was happy or sad.
"From now on, I will never worry about being swallowed up by The Hunger!" A monk who condensed Dan fire shouted
This group of people just escaped from the blood ancestor purgatory, friar.
After Moxiu took Xuantianding away, the small direct collapse broke a gap in the blood ancestor purgatory, so that everyone could leave without any hindrance.
That small place is not only the deepest seal in blood ancestor purgatory, but also the only exit from blood ancestor purgatory.
To have fallen into despair, the people are now in a state of mind, and they have moved to control their emotions.
Some people laugh, some cry, some dance, some clench their fists, and some people are indifferent
On which one is J and dynamic ratio.
Most of these people have been caught in the blood ancestor purgatory for dozens or hundreds of years, and some of them have been in the blood ancestor purgatory for two or three hundred years, which is a very long time even for the monks in the then period.
What’s more, among these people, there are a few people who are practicing Dan Fire, and most of them are in the foundation period. Their life span is only 200 to 300 years old, and even the life span of Brother Dan Fire will not exceed 400 years old. Many people will die if they are not swallowed up by their blood ancestors.
A drop of nectar can increase the life span of monks by 100 years. Of course, more nectar can’t increase their life span, but this is already a great benefit.
Mo Hugh is suspended in the middle and looks at these monks. J: and I don’t have so many feelings in my heart.
It’s only been ten months since he was put into blood ancestor purgatory.
Moxiu was surrounded by a gentle girl in a white moon, and an ethereal and immortal temperament emanated from her.
This is Wei
At the beginning, Moxiu put Wei in the spirit beast bag, and later he was caught in the blood ancestor purgatory, and Wei followed him, but Moxiu did not let Wei out, but let Wei practice in the spirit beast bag.
With the help of nectar and quenching Yuan Dan, and with Moxiu’s wisdom and wisdom to help Wei practice, now 1 Wei Xiu has reached the first level of the foundation period, and has also condensed a true hun far beyond the ordinary monks in the foundation period.
Just then, a strong sound came up.
"men! Although we escaped from the blood ancestor purgatory, don’t forget who made us do it! Who saved us from the magic monk! Who wiped out the blood ancestors! " "That’s right! It’s Moxiu! Brother Mo! "
"Brother Mo is a lifesaver for everyone!"
"Now MoXiong ready to set up will send what door! Need your help! I, Xiong Hai and Lan Yan are ready to join the Mo Brotherhood! If anyone else wants to join, please sign up for me! "
"Of course, some people have joined the church or family brother temporarily don’t want to join the so-called! We all live and die together, and we can help each other if we have any difficulties in the future! "
"No matter what decision you make, you will send the door to you!" Talking is hiding wisdom.
Male sea also laughed "yes! From now on, my old male will follow Brother Mo! Brother Mo’s strength everyone has seen that one or two Jin Dan periods are not enough to see, and they are stronger than the four-story monks in the Jin Dan period! "
"And brother Mo hasn’t condensed the elixir yet, and the strength of the elixir is even stronger!" "Can say we will send a poor potential! I’m sure I can make a name for myself in the future!
The sooner you join, the greater the benefits! "Two tandem an emotional another Xiaoli stirred up.
Moxiu didn’t stop the fact that the two men did exactly what he wanted.
After returning to Bailong College, he must set up a church, and only in this way can he ensure that he has enough power not to be bullied by other churches and concentrate on practicing.
I have always remembered that the Righteousness Society and the White House bullied him, but I must make an end when I go back this time. Having a meeting will greatly increase my confidence.
In Zangzhi, Xionghai and Lanyan, three people encouraged five hundred of the thousand monks to join the Mo adjournment school.
In particular, the twenty-four brothers who condensed Dan fire joined the Mo recess faction, which is also the most attractive thing for Mo Xiu.
These people will be the backbone.