There is no fighting over there. I don’t want to disturb the town. After ordinary people meet at the door, Hu Yingxue and several others walk towards the juggling street as quickly as possible.

The restaurant and the juggling street are just across the street. They soon saw the cliffs and crimson beads surrounded by Hu Rui. The scene was a little funny. What do you think? How can a female bully be a street tune/play a good man and encounter resistance from a good man?
Go to a corner near a person and Hu Yingxue listens to Hu Rui and says, "Why are you still there? I’ve finished gazing deeply, and now it’s time for you to come and hug me. "
Hu Yingxue turned to Mu Tianxuan and raised her hand and pointed to her head. "Is there something wrong with her here?"
Mu Tianxuan Ma Yin replied, "She hasn’t been normal there."
At this time, Hu Rui finally noticed that there was another person around the cliff who tightened it immediately. "Listen to me, Cliff. If you want to stay by my side, you can’t have a woman, not even a child."
Smell speech Mu Tianxuan added, "I was not ill before, but now I am terminally ill."
Hu Yingxue released a wisp of divine knowledge and approached Hu Rui with some caution, only when she made sure that she didn’t arouse the other party’s vigilance did she get a closer look. Without looking closely, she could confirm that Hu Rui’s current state is on the verge of being possessed.
I don’t know how dangerous it is to be watched by them. Even if I still know that I have to stay far away, I can’t be safe from the root. If Hu Rui suddenly becomes possessed and runs out of town, it may not be safe.
There are these ordinary people in Hu Yingxue, but they dare not easily take the common popularity avenue, but they are protected by the avenue. For example, killing hundreds of practitioners in cause and effect creates karma and not killing an ordinary person. Therefore, some practitioners regard ordinary people as ants, but they don’t know that they just kill the ants and let them disappear in the apocalypse.
They didn’t directly hit the door, except that there was such a plan because of the cliff. The main reason was to try to avoid being involved in the uninformed ordinary people in the town. Unfortunately, the plan didn’t change. The fake Lan Yadan statue in the cliff mouth turned out to be Hu Rui, who met her when she came to see juggling with crimson beads.
Hu Yingxue, they know that things have been cultivated from an ordinary person to the cliff where the man of God lives. It is more clear that if he is not afraid of accidentally injuring ordinary people who come to watch the fun, he would have released a magic weapon to bomb the eyes. This woman is very stingy in heaven, and she will be counted as causal whether she has made moves or not. He doesn’t care about himself, but she can’t let crimson beads be implicated in vain.
Hu Rui, however, took the cliff as a guilty conscience, because he was a little unhappy when he found that the crimson pearl was around. He thought it was a mistake to take a little girl with him without her permission. Her face was so charming and smiling. "I was just joking about such a lovely little girl. If you like it, we can keep it as daughters. Anyway, we monks can’t have heirs. Most of them want to accept disciples or adopt other children."
Jiang Zhu didn’t want to talk to herself. Hu Rui was a little angry after listening to this passage. "I want to be a daughter, and I want to give it to my master’s daughter. It’s your turn."
"Do you have a master?" Hu Ruiyin immediately became sharp. "She must be an ugly woman. She knows how to rob other people’s men without shame."
Hu Yingxue raised her hand and pressed the blue veins on her forehead. She turned to Mu Tianxuan and said, "Before I remembered, I didn’t listen to people less because you didn’t have time to listen to your girlfriend when I was always bullying you. You were either with me or with Hanyu’s eldest brother. I know you can’t have any girlfriend who always treats those words as jokes, but there is a saying that a good hole won’t come to the wind. How do you make someone misunderstand that you are her man, handsome boy?"
Mu Tianxuan carefully recalled that "I didn’t have anything to do with her. The only direct contact was that she brought you a bottle of water from the management materials. If she hadn’t come, she said,’ No one will hinder us again’. Hanyu and I wouldn’t find out the truth about your murder so quickly."
On the other side, crimson pearl glared at Hu Rui angrily and screwed up her eyebrows. "You are the ugly woman and you are a very shameless ugly woman. When you see them, master Bo and uncle Bo took me to play, tell them that they are your men, uncle Bo is my teacher, and he won’t look at you."
Hu Yingxue looked at Mu Tianxuan and raised his eyebrows. "You and Hanyu eldest brother went out with crimson beads?"
Mu Tianxuan replied, "Crimson Pearl wants to raise a small animal. I’ll take her to the Hundred Thousand Mountains to see if there are any people who like to go with her. Many people are not afraid that no one will take care of her after the fight."
Hu Yingxue stared at Mu Tianxuan. "She is still a child. Don’t let her watch so much fighting and killing."
Mu Tianxuan smiled, "This child is older than you."
Look at Hu Yingxue’s face with a straight face. Mu Tianxuan quickly continued, "The actual situation is that grandmaster noticed that crimson beads have always maintained this appearance. After consulting some ancient books, I found that crimson beads are now in line with the performance of gluttonous blood."
If he infers that crimson pearl wants to grow up, she must completely awaken the gluttonous blood vessels. This kind of animal race often needs to be stimulated to activate the blood vessels. Consider that gluttony is a fierce beast. Look at the fighting and it may stimulate her grandmaster. Let Hanyu and I take her. "
I didn’t expect the serious master Bo to have such a brain hole when Hu Yingxue tugged at the corner of his mouth. "Miri said that the blood vessels of crimson beads can’t wake up. It may be because she lost a part of her soul in three souls. If it weren’t for gluttony and blood bullying, she would slowly make up for some of her missing souls. We will be a little dementia when we meet her."
Mu Tianxuan swept his eyes like a leopard and showed his minions crimson beads at Hu Rui. "That is to say, crimson beads are full of gluttonous blood, and unless she finds some missing soul, she will have to wait for the gluttonous blood to make up for her missing soul."
Hu Yingxue also set his eyes on the crimson pearl body. "It is also possible to directly fill the soul of heaven with Dan medicine, but it is best to find the missing part of the soul. The regeneration of the soul is definitely different from the original one. No one can predict what impact it will have."
Mu Tianxuan frowned lightly. "What if I can’t find it all the time?"
Hu Yingxue frowned. "This time, I will agree to bring crimson beads because I received a suggestion from someone who is haunting me, saying that if I want to go with crimson beads when I go out, I must take her with me. Maybe I can get some unexpected gains."
Mu Tianxuan’s eyes flashed, "This unexpected harvest will not land on Hu Rui, right?"
"Who knows?" Hu Yingxue pulled the corner of her mouth. "Lianya said something. I think Hu Rui probably wore it more than once. It was because she wore it too many times that something went wrong with her head."
Mu Tianxuan raised his hand and touched it. "Don’t say it’s really possible that you are the protagonist in those novels with the protagonist’s aura."
Mu Tianxuan just finished here and quarreled with crimson beads. Hu Rui suddenly snorted with disdain. "Just because I am the protagonist, I am born with the protagonist aura. If I take a fancy to a man, I will definitely be my man."
Hu Yingxue corners of the mouth again mercilessly smoked "actually, I was joking just now."
Mu Tianxuan’s mouth is also severely smoked "Me too"
Because Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan didn’t shy away from the past, there was a time when Zheng Ying, a disciple of Hu Yingxue, knew that they had lived in a different place from Ganyuan World. They sometimes said something that they didn’t quite understand, making sure that they could understand Hu Rui’s words, and asked, "What is the aura of the leading role of a young master?"
Mu Tianxuan heard the story and replied, "You should have heard many stories. The central figure in the story is the protagonist’s aura, that is, they are destined to be influenced by this fixed fate. Good things and good things are protagonists, beautiful people and handsome guys are protagonists. It can be said that there is nothing that the protagonist can’t get and then try to be bad for the protagonist. People will die miserably. If they die, they will make the protagonist get some benefits. If they follow the protagonist, they will live well. Although it will be a foil, it will last forever."
Zheng Xuan also sobbed at the corner of his mouth. "How can there be such a person in the world?"
"Some people believe that" Hu Yingxue pointed to Hu Rui. "This is an example. It is estimated that those stories have gained an adventure after reading too many stories. They are the protagonists. Others are not foil her or make stepping stones for her."
"I’m still not too white." Jing Ming raised her hand and scratched her head. "I just think this woman has a head disease and seems to want to see what she wants to see."
"It would be much easier if you really have hysteria," said Hu Yingxue, tightening her eyebrows. "Her current state is on the verge of average computer-virus, and there is one thing that is strange. Her restless breath is much stronger than that before I went to Du Jie. It is reasonable to say that she should have attracted Armageddon."
Hu Yingxue didn’t survive Yuan Yingxue’s robbery for a long time, and he was still very sensitive to the smell of the impending apocalypse. Therefore, Mu Tianxuan believed that her judgment should not be wrong. The aura concentration in this small plain was not low, but no one walked by. His eyes flashed "Maybe there are no repairers and ten thousand skull holes here."
Mu Tianxuan said that other people’s eyes flashed abnormally, that is, the demon, just like when fenglin town didn’t leave the village for a long time before Mu Tianxuan found out the broken claw, it was rare for a practitioner to condense the broken claw. Now, although Fenglin City is not walking around then, then reality is not a rare person.
Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan looked at each other at the same time and took out a square jade slab. If they had their former hometown, they would have exclaimed that it was Xianxia tablet. However, because Mu Tianxuan has just developed this thing, its function is very simple at present, except for the communication function, that is, to search some specific smells around.
The two men entered the search command for the jade tablet, and Mu Tianxuan entered the information about the broken claw and the broken arm when he finished this thing. Because these two things have never understood the origin, when they entered the search command, they chose to search whether there were broken claws, broken arms or similar smells around them.
Don’t look at the jade plate with Hu Yingxue’s palm covering a large area, but it is not small. When it spreads out the spiritual force to form the detection line, the whole town can be covered up and developed, but it is big. Unexpectedly, they chose to search for broken claws and broken arms with the idea of giving it a try. I didn’t expect the whole piece of jade stone plate to be even a piece.
The red dots are strong and weak. Hu Yingxue studied those people around him and found that the red dots correspond to ordinary people in the town, and these people correspond to those green dots in the Wanji Cave, and the older the ordinary people are, the brighter the red dots are.
Once again, they looked at each other and expanded the search scope together. When they arrived at this place, Mu Tianxuan released a magic weapon that matched the jade plate in their hands. In this magic weapon, the map of the town of micro-motion jade plate was replaced by the map of the whole small plain.
I don’t think so, but I don’t know that this small plain is a circle. Get rid of some protruding hair-pointed circles, just like compasses. There are seven big towns and many small villages in the plain. At first glance, it is very messy. You can find that the arrangement of the seven big towns corresponds to the Big Dipper.
Although Hu Yingxue is not good at array method, he can still see that this distribution is definitely not formed by himself. Taking the seven big towns corresponding to the Big Dipper as array centers and connecting those seemingly messy villages together is a complete array diagram.
Because there is no red spot on the big map, there is a large red spot, and there are many places with red spots, you can know the population distribution of this plain at a glance, but the population distribution is not the key point. The key point is that the red spots are louder, and there is a faint red color everywhere, just like the shadows can’t be seen if you don’t pay attention.
Hu Yingxue looked at Hu Rui, whose eyes were in a state of talking to himself. "Hu Rui’s fate didn’t arrive. It seems that this array has it."
Mu Tianxuan looked dignified and many "infected by that magic gas. Once the magic gas broke out, these ordinary people are likely to become zombies."
Unless it is a change/state, it is estimated that no one will like the image of a low-level zombie, except for nausea. I think it took Hu Yingxue a long time to get sick and numb, but the deepest impression is not nausea, but because they can evolve by devouring the same kind of crystal nucleus or power crystal nucleus, and they evolve very fast, so they are very difficult
In my mind, I recalled these things. If I never want to face things again, Hu Yingxue also looked dignified. "Inform the second brother that things here should not be settled by us."
Smell speech Zheng Tang said "that woman’s condition seems to be getting more and more dangerous"
Hu Yingxue turned his hand and took out a jade bottle, poured out a Dan medicine with a faint blue light, transported Zhenyuan, wrapped the Dan medicine and ejected it into Hu Rui’s body. The Dan medicine was talking to itself, and Hu Rui disappeared.