"Yo, the little reaction is quick. This is a villain. Good, good. You can call me general then." General Li laughed.

"Little yes! Promise to serve the general well! " Muqingfeng also replied with a smile that no one found that cold murder in his eyes.
Soon Muqingfeng took Li Shen to the foot of the mountain in the future and wanted to enter the mountain. Muqingfeng stopped Li Shen.
"General, our troops have just gone through a battle, and now they have some energy and physical strength that they can’t catch up with. It’s better to rest and let those bandits escape."
I think Mu Qingfeng said something. After all, Taolin Town is not close to here, and my stomach is really hungry.
"I ordered to rest in place and be on the road after eating and drinking!" General Li reached an order in situ.
"General villain is not hungry, why don’t I just touch the mountain and say hello to Mao Ge, or the bandits will be in trouble if they get separated. After all, this hill is a little big." Muqingfeng’s urgent task is to get ready to avenge the dead refugees from this place
"You’re so thoughtful. Go quickly. I’m giving you a fireworks. This is the contact signal of our Nanyue Army. Send a signal when everything is ready to remember your great achievement!" With that, General Li took out a long barrel.
"Thank you, General. Listen to my good news!" Muqingfeng took the fireworks and disappeared in the Woods without hesitation.
At the same time, Li Daoling and Zhuo Nongyue are looking around nervously. According to the plan, these three or four hundred people should follow them away. However, Li Daoling’s killing the cat is so horrible that many people are afraid to follow him. That’s why the tragic scene just happened in the mountain.
Now these people are tigers and tigress. It’s really a strange animal to persuade them to leave. Mao Ge is a heinous gangster, and some people believe him because of the so-called "road ahead"
Just when Li Daoling was going to see what was going on in the mountains, a sound came over.
"Master, are you all right?"
"The elder brother of the peak! You’re here? " Zhuo Nongyue waved happily and then looked dim. "Brother Feng, I really didn’t. Not everyone has gone with us. Some of them didn’t listen to our advice and went to the mountain."
Li Daoling’s eyes are brilliant. For the first time, he found that his brother’s face was a little cold, which he had never seen before.
"I know that just now all of them were killed by a team of so-called loyalists! Now those animals are around. "
Mu Qingfeng’s words made Li Daoling stunned on the spot. More than 100 fresh lives were gone?
"So what are we going to do? I’m sure they’ll come to search the mountain again. Will these people escape from their opponents? !” Zhuonongyue is also a little panicked.
"run? These people can’t run far. They have money and military exploits in their eyes, but they can’t run away from Master. You taught me to kill people and save people! "
"What are you going to …" Li Daoling vaguely understood Muqingfeng’s meaning
"I’m going to send these bastards to hell myself!"
(of troops) advance (on)
What is the virtue of his apprentice? I know it best in my heart, but Li Daoling knows that Mu Qingfeng is not the kind of cruel killer. But now that he hears this from him, Li Daoling can understand that those troops have done widespread indignation and discontent.
Mu Qingfeng asked Tiger and Tigress to call people up and tell them their plans, but surprisingly, most people actually opposed it.
"What to start work with officers and soldiers? So don’t we really rebel? "
"It’s not that you’ve gone too far to get to this point if Mao Ge was beheaded by the old Taoist sword."
"I don’t care who I love, I don’t care anyway."
Such remarks abound, and even those who don’t say anything, Mu Qingfeng, see something called unbelief in their eyes.
"If you want to die and be regarded as a climbing stone by those so-called loyalists, you will continue to quarrel!" Rarely lost his temper. Mu Qingfeng stopped the noise of the crowd with a big drink.
"You Mao Ge really take you to find Xanadu? Open your eyes and see here, and the horse will be out of Liangzhou. Where can’t you give birth? What, Mao Ge brought you here? And didn’t more than 100 people just leave without listening to advice? Why don’t you ask them how they are now? "
"Little brother, what happened to those people? The mother didn’t want to follow her father with me. Are they all right?"
A sallow and emaciated man asked carefully
To the edge of the massacre MuQingFeng face couldn’t help a dark low said, "I said you must hold on to those people just met Nanyue king soldier of fortune, all of them were killed as bandits and most of the women inside were …"
Mu Qingfeng said he couldn’t go.
Hearing the news, the man’s eyes were quickly filled with tears, and he muttered to himself, "Son of a bitch, I said that Mao Ge is unreliable. Why don’t you just listen?" Why don’t you just listen? "
Just now, many of the mountain people were living relatives of refugees here. When their families heard the news that their relatives were not there, many people couldn’t stand sitting on the ground crying, and the whole rest point was gloomy for a while.
The man who lost his wife just now finally came to his senses and said nothing and wanted to go up the mountain.
Li Daoling load a pull him low drink a way "you die? ! The mountains are full of soldiers. Do you want to give them some more heads? "
The man struggled for a few times and found that the root could not earn, so he shouted, "Let me go! I’m going to fight those animals, even if I die, I’m going to pull a cushion! "
The male roar and desperation infected many people in the camp, and they were all indignant and wanted to avenge their loved ones without worrying about their own lives.
"Come back!" MuQingFeng big drink a way "you this is to die, you know they also have weapons and armor in their hands? Are you going to bite your teeth and fight? ! Revenge we must report, but don’t sacrifice in vain. "
Mu Qingfeng jumped a prominent rock, and inspiring people before the war was always his strong point.
"Brother, we know that it was you who held off the loyalist and let us live to the present. If you can avenge me, our life is you! You say it, we will listen to you! "
A strong-look man stopped that stir crowd.
"good! In this case, I will do my part. All women and children can’t fight in this battle. They have to protect their lives. I can tell you that there are 300 or 400 government troops in Shanda Gai. We have to make them pay the price. Now they are not afraid of death and take me one step forward! "
Nearly a hundred people walked out of the crowd without hesitation. It seems that Shan was killed and there are many relatives.
"We don’t have weapons and equipment now, and we don’t have an advantage in combat literacy. The only thing that we are better than those soldiers of fortune now is our revenge, so I hope everyone will not retreat and show their manly spirit!" Mu Qingfeng continues to cheer people up.
"People die and birds die in the air for ten thousand years. It’s enough for that group of chop suey to kill one and earn another! !” Many people have been inspired to be bloody and intend to fight with them.
"Good to everyone have the heart, then listen to me to arrange these animals, and we can’t let go of them! Now act according to my plan! "
Muqingfeng arranged the countermeasures, and then shot Li Shenjiang with fireworks, which was particularly bright in the dim sky.
"Ha ha! Brothers, it’s time for us to get rich. Follow my mountain and let’s take the military to the next level. "Li will immediately greet people and head for the mountain.
I didn’t expect to touch Mu Qingfeng with a big sweat before I left for a long time.
"Why don’t you wait for me at the gathering place with Mao Ge?" Li will be unhappy. In his opinion, Mu Qingfeng is called AWOL.
"Good! Lee doesn’t know how to let the cat out of the bag. Those unruly people know that Lee was so excited that he killed Mao Ge! If I hadn’t played it by ear, I’m afraid I would have confessed. Now they are scattered. "
"Waste! What a fucking waste! " Smell speech great anger Li ginseng a whip in MuQingFeng body he immediately appeared a whip mark.
"The general calm down! The general is angry! " Mu Qingfeng was so afraid. "Although Mao Ge is dead, they are trapped in the mountains. Are you afraid that we will not get a record if we want to reorganize our troops?"
Muqingfeng’s words have made Li’s face look good. You know, in Li’s eyes, those refugees are a group of Uzbekistan, and Muqingfeng’s idea is not bad.
In the end, Li can’t let the credit run away in this situation, so he finally agreed to Mu Qingfeng’s plan to divide his army into more than a dozen teams.
"Listen to you when you are young. What reward you can get from me depends on how many gangsters you have caught with us!" Li will command the lofty.
| "The general doesn’t have to worry about the villain’s assurance. When I escaped, I remembered the escape route of a group of women and children. Let me lead a group of military men to catch them as hostages, not afraid that others will run away. In addition, although it is dark, the military men had better not light torches, otherwise I am afraid of startling them." Mu Qingfeng made his own plan without moving.
"good! It’s sinister enough. I’ll listen to you if I like it! Zhang San-donkey, take twenty brothers with you and catch those women first! "
As general Li told a dark-faced team to come out.
"Give me three donkeys, general. No problem. I’ll definitely catch these bitches and leave them for the general." It was a feather in a feather, and Li’s virtue was doomed to bring bad soldiers.
As Li will command the whole Nangong army to disperse.
Muqingfeng and Zhang San donkey laughed and led them to the place of death.