Lingzhou, these monks have blood. The wolf knows that Ye Xiang is a beautiful girl. Others don’t know it, but they can really look at Xiang Ye from the big miss of the beautiful girl. It can be seen from the angry and hateful eyes that this young man definitely has something with this big beauty, otherwise there will be no such thing as two people.

"What’s the ambiguity between Boss Xiang Ye and this beautiful woman?" Then Han Chenggang some hexagrams asked
The blood wolf then stamped his eyes and said, "Don’t mind your own business, or you will be thrown away when you are old."
Immediately that a few more want to ask Wolf gang members are cong shut up, but they know that they are the blood Wolf boss temper is absolutely said to do the Lord …
The monk’s world is always restless and full of insidious cunning. It is very likely that a friend will be your enemy in the next second. The reason may be just a few lingshi, or there may be no contradiction. When two monks meet the same material they need, they will have a life-and-death duel, and even their own relatives will believe it.
It’s not that the friar’s character is despicable, but that everyone should work hard to live. If he wants to live, he has to practice. If he wants to practice, he needs resources. They have to take a hard road to higher education. They have to fight bloody battles. It can be said that a successful friar will definitely have several lives. He always fights his way out and kills himself when he grows up.
No one will remember what you have done, but people will remember what you are now and what realm you cultivate. You cultivate them more than respect you and fear you to curry favor with you. However, once they pass you, they will definitely step on you and won’t even let you turn over.
Don’t say how good a monk is. He can disguise himself by not bullying the weak and looting the house. Because of that, monks have two situations: one is that they are incompetent and the other is that they can fool everyone by extremely high means.
Every road is not calm, and there are some brothers who rob houses and houses waiting for him to rob people. Of course, there are also many monks who are not long-sighted and encounter hard nails. At this time, the first wave of trouble for Ye Xiang and his gang finally came.
Lingzhou several people suddenly felt that Fang had a psychic force to manipulate Lingzhou. The wooden monk felt tight and pulled Gao Lingzhou to avoid the attack. At this time, several people saw that it was a sword light flying from the surface.
"Well, are these people trying to rob us?" The blood wolf asked the Lingzhou several people uncertainly at this moment, because there were only five people on the ground at this moment, and the first two people repaired the highest level and reached the level 4 friar of Rongling realm.
"They estimated that they stopped us directly without looking at our repair. Presumably, they didn’t meet some passing monks at ordinary times, so it was not easy to see them once, regardless of the consequences." At this time, the wooden house was stopped by some sneers.
"Xu Dage took two people to pick up one or more people, so just take them off without killing them." At this moment, Xiang Ye also spoke. In fact, he had already felt that several people in Lingzhou were lying in ambush. He didn’t expect that several people would dare to stop a group of people from doing this. After all, he still didn’t have much interest in cleaning up these little shrimps when the waves stopped.
The blood wolf then cracked his mouth and laughed. "Hey, hey, that’s just what I want. Come with me, then you don’t have to watch me alone."
Lingzhou several people suddenly spoke. First of all, Xiang Ye opened his mouth and ordered the blood wolf to take somebody else’s dry Kun and quit the blood wolf. But a four-level monk, a three-level monk, can command the blood wolf. Who is he? Once again, the mouth of the blood wolf is a one-on-one hit with somebody else.
"What are the two perverts!" At this time, everyone thought in their hearts.
At this moment, the blood wolf has already flown the spirit boat.
"You guys are in a good mood today. Just hand it over to Gankun to quit. Otherwise, the consequence will be to get a beating and then hand it over to Gankun to quit." The blood wolf said to several people in a careless way.
At this moment, a black-faced leader of the bandits was first startled by the words of the blood wolf. He even himself was the object of robbery, and the tall man opposite was the robber.
"What did you say? I don’t think you understand who we are, but we are this way … "The black-faced leader explained at this moment.
"Well, it’s time for me to give it to you. Just wait for it to be beaten." The blood wolf has already taken his life-saving gloves out of the abdomen with one mouth. At this time, the gloves have just appeared on the opposite side, but some people have hot eyes. They saw the gloves emitting light green light.
"Five spirit! Black brothers are lucky. This four-level monk’s life spirit is very good. It’s actually a five-level spirit. Today, we sent a "black-faced leader". At this time, it has been discovered that Xiu is a four-level blood-repairing wolf, and the spirit is actually five, which makes him even more excited.
Looking at his smirk, the blood wolf root didn’t talk nonsense at this moment, but just came to the front of the man in a breath, and then ignored the defensive weapon of the black-faced monk. It was a blow and broke it, and then the black-faced leader flew to the back and fell heavily to the ground
Four other people around have not yet woken up from the joy of the black-faced monk saying "Five Lingqi". His boss has been knocked down at this moment, and their smiles are deadlocked in their faces.
"Eldest brother, what’s wrong with you!" At this time, another four-level monk among several people just thought of something and ran over to look at the strongest black-faced monk among them.
At this time, the black-faced monk was already in a coma, and it was still the blood wolf who didn’t die. Otherwise, he could get rid of half his life with one punch after directly exerting the earth force.
Seeing that the boss was beaten by a few people, I realized that I had a hard time today, but none of them were stupid. Since this step was expected, the second child got up and said, "This Taoist friend, we have eyes. I hope we don’t take it amiss. After all, we are not easy."
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Attack
At this time, a few people suddenly thought of a very serious thing, that is, they must pass through the sphere of influence of Yupan Mountain this time, but they know that they are not strong enough now, even if they have twice as many people. At this time, everyone except Xiang Ye Blood Wolf and Mujia is panicked.
"Miss Woody, are you worried that it won’t be the forces of Jade Panshan?" At this moment, Bing was already pale and said.
In fact, a few of them can accept that there is no danger in this. After all, there are really few people who dare to sliver with the four major forces in Ji ‘an Town, but the forces in Jade Mountain are not afraid of anything, although they will also be afraid of some of these four major forces. However, if they know that the goods are attractive enough, they don’t mind grabbing them and then covering them up without leaving a clue to the Mujia.
Liu Bing’s words at this moment also ask everyone’s doubts. At this moment, they all looked at the wooden city nervously as if to get an accurate answer. Of course, they still held some hopes that the delivery of goods would not interest Yupan Mountain.
"I’m not sure whether Yupan Mountain knows about our action, but I want to say that this delivery is not so simple. If you are afraid of danger, Taoist friends can leave at this time and we won’t say anything. After all, you don’t know what happened in advance." At this time, Muqing City did not hide it.
After listening to her words, those people in Lingzhou couldn’t sit still. They were most worried that something had finally happened. They were all afraid that their lives would be lost. At this time, they were all up, as if they were going.
At this time, several wolves around the blood wolf turned to look at Xiang Ye. They also felt some fear, but at this time, they saw that the two bosses of the wolf wolf gang didn’t say anything and didn’t move.
"Hum a bunch of waste this bravery is really no" At this moment, the blood wolf is disdainful to say it.
Although those people changed their faces after listening to the words of the blood wolf, they all knew that the name of the blood wolf didn’t dare to speak against him because they knew that if the blood wolf was annoyed, they would definitely throw them away now.
"You also don’t worry too much about what I say is the worst, just to prepare everyone psychologically." At this moment, the wooden city saw something wrong with the atmosphere and said.
In the whole process, Ye Xiang didn’t even open his eyes, but sat cross-legged and meditated to keep his mana at its best at all times.
In fact, he didn’t expect those people to help. Even if they can’t help, they can just drag their feet. It’s really up to the Mu family and the blood wolf to deal with all the dangers.
"I also say a word now. It’s better for a coward who is afraid of death to get out of here, so we’ll have to save him. It’s no help for this kind of waste to stay here." The blood wolf also glanced at the Lingzhou man and said.
Lingzhou several people’s eyes are flashing at this moment, and they are also quick to judge whether to quit at this time, especially when they see the blood wolf several people who despise their eyes and the expressionless face of the wooden city.
They also don’t want others to look down on them, but compared with their own safety and life, their own life is the most important thing. At this moment, finally, someone came out first and said, "I give up today."
After that, he offered himself a flying multiplier and left the Lingzhou. However, at this moment, no one in the Lingzhou said much. Although the pedestrian just now was a blood wolf, several people disdained it, but no one could stop him. Because his life is his own, there is no way for others to force him to believe that even if he stayed here, it would be a help.
At this time, the monk named Liu Bing, level 4, sat there and didn’t leave Lingzhou. It seems that he also made up his mind to regard this as an experience, and there won’t be much improvement without going through difficult tempering.
There are a few people left, and two of them are finally determined and divorced, so that a group of them have left three people, and Ye Xiang and a group of people are left, and finally Liu Bing and three others.
"Hey, hey, it seems that it’s good to stay in the Han Dynasty. I like life so much. I’m afraid of wolves and tigers. How can I be a real master of Dharma? You all remember," Blood Wolf said to several members of the Wolf Gang around him at this moment.
"Know the blood Wolf eldest brother don’t worry, we will not drag our feet." At this time, several people all said that they were all shocked by the blood wolf’s heroism.