Baiye nodded, and then in the afternoon, you Xing Jun teleported to a nearby place to send an array to eliminate the disappearance.

Section 312 Everyone’s younger generation
"Jane coloured glaze, take a look at the situation nearby!" Fenghua Shuo Huang said to the girl aside
The girl glanced at him and didn’t do anything or object to taking out her magic weapon, then turned around and the light came to her hand.
"Ah …"
Jane coloured glaze a surprised hurriedly let go of the magic weapon in the hand didn’t fall by hanging there.
This magic weapon looks like a crystal ball. If it weren’t for some light and shadow marks, it would be easy for people to have nothing. The name of this crystal ball is "Time Exhibition", which is a treasure of Jane’s family in the central fairy land. It can absorb the surrounding atmosphere to restore the once-living scene. The white Ling Ye ball has the same effect because this time exhibition is not manipulated unless it is difficult for someone to master it. Therefore, there are not many things that this Jane glass can restore.
She was surprised because the time exhibition was spreading, and she had never seen chaos before. The sight of light flowing in the face made people confused.
"What’s the matter? Why can’t you see anything? " Fenghua Shuo Huang asked doubtfully, and others around him looked at her.
Bai Yu said, "Although the images are a little messy in the past few days, you can still see something. Why can’t you see anything here?"
Jane coloured glaze surprised the baby and made a series of brilliant colors like flowers. After that, Jane coloured glaze’s mouth grew bigger and bigger in Zhang Yue.
"There must have been extremely fierce fighting just now! There must be a level or a star! "
Jane coloured glaze words let people around one leng white royal hurriedly asked "really someone walk in front of us? Still a master? "
Jane Liuli nodded and said, "It seems to be true now, plus what we saw in the past few days may be true 99%!"
They are a group of young people who have practiced for thousands of years. If they were not born in a big family, they would be ordinary fairies in the celestial world. Perhaps they are living and taking risks everywhere at this time. It is their fate to be born in such a big family, and everyone is doomed to be extraordinary.
In a short period of time, their cultivation at home has been soaring, and the strongest ones are as white as the imperial palace and the magnificent scenery. The weak ones have also been cultivated at the fairy house in the early days of the sages. In addition to cultivating them, there are still several immortals who dream of seeking fairy treasures. That’s a real fairy treasure. Even the immortals can’t be underestimated when they are equipped.
So they were all sent out to carry out this time.
Speaking of this is the Central Fairyland, some people got the news that someone wants to destroy it for 33 days and occupy it. Although people in the Central Fairyland don’t believe that anyone will have such a seemingly stupid idea, because in their view, it is impossible to occupy it for 33 days, they let these younger brothers out. First, because adults are guarding all places, they want to take the opportunity to exercise these younger generations to make them rise quickly.
It was the adults who didn’t expect that something was wrong with these younger generations on the first day, but instead of reporting it immediately, they discussed cleaning up the 33-day wandering family on their own!
These people compare with each other on weekdays, and at this time, the situation is even more impossible to retreat, so they decided to sweep away day by day.
They naturally considered the danger, but since they dared to make full preparations for thirty-three days, not only did they have all kinds of magic weapons, but each of them also gave them a charm with his life. It was a special spell that was passive and would be automatically given when their lives were in extreme danger, ensuring that they saved their lives was considered as giving them two lives!
On the first day, a group of people looked at the world as if it were Shura’s hell. Apart from comparing with each other, they were also angry. They also heard from their elders that 33 days of prosperity and spirituality, although dangerous, were also praised as holy places. It was unexpected that they had encountered such a situation for the first time.
By the magic weapon of Jane coloured glaze, they barely knew what had happened here, and they were more determined to continue the sweeping. However, there was also a small change, that is, Bai Yu once discussed sending a message to the face first, but it was really unexpected, but it was stopped by the young people around Fenghua Shuo Huang. The young man naturally changed his appearance. The second honour person, Chi Xiong, said, "It is really necessary to tell the party about such a big event, but since everyone is out of experience, it is best to solve the problem by themselves. Since other family members sent us out, maybe they knew that the situation here was to see our strength.
Before he finished his words, he answered, "Yes, yes, Bai Yu, aren’t you brave? Why do you want to tell your family as soon as you see these blood?"
In the face of his ridicule, Bai Yu smiled coldly and said, "If you don’t, you don’t have to dig at me. I don’t know whether I am timid or not!"
Therefore, a group of people no longer want news, but fly layer by layer. Those who were originally imprisoned and sent to the battle in Chixiong can move their hands and feet. In addition, they also rely on Jane Glass Baby to reach this seventh day day day by day.
"Since there is a master who is one step ahead of us, let’s not stop and see who it is?"
"Yes, if it’s experience, why don’t you even leave one for us! Let’s hurry up and catch up. We haven’t started work until 33 days ago, and then we will be laughed at. "
"Well, maybe this is also a test!"
A group of people discussed it and immediately set off to one side.
Chixiong couldn’t help but sneer at the tunnel when he watched a group of little guys advance in high spirits. "It’s so naive to kill you!"
But soon he frowned and thought, "Who is it? Although I haven’t been in the secret world for a long time, I also know that there are masters here or the immortal emperor personally appointed them. What do you think of the guys who are more powerful than the eldest brother? They seem to have lost? "
He looked back again and saw a messy smell everywhere, shaking his head. He didn’t get anything except a strange smell, and he no longer hesitated to follow a group of little guys into the funeral procession. To know the truth, let’s find the mysterious master first!
White leaves and Wuyou Xingjun are delivered directly to the next day. Because of special reasons, most of them are desert, and there are a few vegetation next door, so this place is also the best base, and there is not much change.
"It seems that we are going to fly for the ninth day again. Although there is not much blood here, the escort is still blocked!"
On the first day, Bai Ye and Wu You Xing Jun were completely sealed. Although they can solve it, it takes a lot of time. Sometimes they have already flown for the ninth day.
Just as the two were preparing to take off, a sound came up. "Please wait for the elder!"
The two men stopped instantly and couldn’t help looking at each other. Actually, someone spoke, and they were now so close, just a few feet in front of them!
The two men consciously looked and saw that the man was dressed in coarse cloth, wrapped in shoulders and waist, and the rest of the place was naked.