The giant blade across the virtual annihilation contains the true meaning of poor fate. The Ganges water has almost eternal immortality, but it evaporates in a flash at the giant blade!

"Fate gives you one last chance to integrate yourself into the wild, so we will stop at once and even help you to transform smoothly with one arm."
Breathe a sigh of relief. Yuan Heng once again made an ultimatum to fly his opponent with poverty in his eyes.
"Haha, my strength is exhausted in this river of life, even if you contain most of my sources, even if you can kill me ten times, a hundred times and even ten thousand times?"
Laugh wildly to keep the river from shaking. "What about you? I’ll see what you can do to beat me …"
"And your qualified helpers have been intercepted by my top ten incarnations, asking me to drag through this period of weakness and give birth to the word fate. Then you will be nothing but ants!"
"What on earth are you going to do?"
"Glory to me …"
A thunder!
Fate Ganges gave birth to the spirit fetus. Fate fiend unexpectedly …
Shout the glorious Lord-Brother Yuan Heng!
At this time, the original Ganges water gradually subsided to reveal Yuan Heng’s confrontation with this fiend …
Unbound, long silver hair flying, holding a pole, and the same silver pike showing its face …
Tongyuanheng looks exactly the same!
It’s not only similar in shape, but also very similar in charm!
It also seems to be able to embrace the cosmopolitan spirit and the same breath of absolute beauty!
While this statue of fiend corners of the mouth with a hint of evil smile seems to be able to distinguish yuan heng.
Yuan Heng looked at each other’s face and said nothing with himself as if he were twin brothers.
At this time, Yuan Heng’s situation is not good, and he has almost been bathed in blood. The silvery white blood is sending out the best way to keep falling and sinking into the bottom of the Ganges.
However, even in the face of the erosion of the river of life, these blood are directly condensed into pearls, and the immortal and eternal breath directly evolves into a small eternal domain.
Unfortunately, these eternal domains are too small relative to the Ganges of fate!
"Hey, don’t think that procrastination is bad for you."
Fate looked at the silence and Yuan Heng drew a radian at the corner of his mouth. "Don’t imagine that this avenue will really hesitate to make a move. My destiny is also a cornerstone of the avenue. It is impossible to tear everything away from fate."
Looking at the opposite Yuan Heng, his mood is extremely complicated. He can feel this fate …
There is no doubt that it is very close to its own mysterious connection-it is indeed its own brother, and it is even closer than Li You, its own twin sister!
But brother?
Yuan Heng can’t understand it. He knows very well that his memory is absolutely complete except that he experienced chaos and evolution at the beginning, and some of it was avoided because of metempsychosis. After avoiding metempsychosis, he couldn’t bear to be temporarily closed up.
At the same time, Yuan Heng also knows very well that his own source is equally perfect. Even when he was in chaos bead Spirit, those avenue sources were not inherited, but in fact, those sources are avenue mother sources and they are not too big with themselves.
So even if these sources are similar to their own couplet, it is impossible to be higher than Li You …
"But in any case, since he is my brother, he shouldn’t be so eager to split the source and fate of the universe. If you do this, you will be careless enough to make the universe that has already had an impact on immortality and eternity accumulate and be destroyed once …"
Yuan Heng’s heart is surprised and angry … There is a hatred!
Can you not hate it?
Seeing that the universe is perfect, the order of robbing heaven and earth is gradually established on the right track. One by one, the top fiends are born, and the background of the universe is getting deeper and deeper. Finally, Gao Weiye is getting closer and closer, but the fate of the Ganges is so confusing that the situation is suddenly more dangerous than it is.
"Fate, you should know that even if you finally succeed in splitting the source of the flood and the fate will be split in two, only the flood and the disaster will have an impact on immortality. I hope you are self-destructive and doomed."
Yuan Heng shouted at fate, "Only immortality is our only way out. If you are completely integrated into the wild, then the grasp of immortality will be greatly increased in the future. Do you have to deal with the wild and destroy the immortal hope?"
Yuan Heng can’t help but calculate many clues in his heart.
Fate …
It seems that the desire for immortality is not strong.
But even so, it’s going to destroy the vast expanse and the immortal opportunity?
This incident puzzled Yuan Heng.
In the final analysis, this fate is really my brother, and it should not conflict with itself.
"Needless to say, my brother, beat me. Only by beating me can you know the answer."
Fate in the face of yuan heng questioned also convergence corners of the mouth smile light replied.
"numerology, theorem, truth"
As soon as fate takes a shot, it is the "three principles" that make up the ten mainstream branches of the road of destiny. Every one of them in the Ganges of fate is full of poverty and power, almost no less than the road of three thousand sources!
There is texture in the sky, and its name is "fate", and its name is "determination". If you want to die, it is destiny, and you have to die. This is the truth and this is fate!
"Hum, the strength is exhausted?"
In the face of this terrible ferocity, Yuan Heng snorted coldly. "Did you come from the same source of the top ten destinies?" What about your fate? "
Although it’s not the iron calcium dobesilate capsules’s constant blade, it gives a strange blow like gold and iron.
Yuan heng directly cut ling Xu without any firm but gentle class sharpness.
The instant numerology theorem changes, the truth is shattered, and the fate offensive is directly cut in half and no longer exists!
This simple blow has no shocking power, no Tao, magic and rules. It is such a straight blow that the Ganges River will be wiped out!