Finally, Lin Nantian found Li Wanxin, who was still in Lincheng. Li Wanxin persuaded Lin Feng to finally promise not to go to Tianhong University for the time being, but Lin Feng also came out to ask him to break through the spirit-refining level and his father’s brother’s revenge would be reported immediately.

Time flies, three months passes quickly.
In the past three months, the achievement method of Lin Feng’s family has remained at the original level, but he has made small achievements in practicing that strange achievement method that inexplicably appears in his mind. The biggest feature is that Lin Feng’s degree is much faster than before, even faster than that of Yuan Ying.
Although the repair is not too high, it also makes Lin Feng very happy. Lin Xiaodi’s biggest weakness is the slow flight. If it makes up for this shortcoming, those Yuan Ying who fix the truth will not be Lin Feng’s opponents.
No one told Lin Feng about this change, not that he didn’t want to say it, but that he couldn’t say this strange achievement method. Lin Feng could practice by himself, but he didn’t know how to describe it. This is also a bit confusing for Lin Feng.
There is also good news for Lin Feng in three months. His 10-year-old nephew Lin Wen has successfully passed the family test and entered the ranks of repairing the truth. In this way, Lin Xiaodi has passed the test for two consecutive generations from Lin Feng.
It took another three months to help Lin Fengxiu finally make a breakthrough in the new achievement method. His realm has entered the level of refining yuan, and the realm and intensity of mid-term repair have been flat
The biggest gain in half a year is the strange achievement method. According to Lin Feng’s understanding, he has now officially entered the introductory practice of this achievement method, but in addition to increasing the degree and accelerating the absorption of heaven and earth aura, Lin Feng has not yet made this achievement method elsewhere.
Tianhong Road is Lin Feng’s new name for this strange achievement method. It is to remind himself that his father and brother died in Tianhong University. He hasn’t taken this revenge yet.
Three years later.
In the’ Tianhong Road’, Lin Feng was finally cultivated to the level of refining Yuan. From the late fifteen years of cultivation to the late level of refining Yuan, no external practitioner has done it in the whole history of the Sixth Arctic.
In the past three years, Lincheng has also suffered two enemy attacks, but both of them were repelled by the Lins’ brothers. In these two small battles, Lin Feng killed a total of 110 Yuan Ying fix the true, of which 93 Yuan Ying was absorbed by iron bars, seven Yuan Ying blew itself up, and the remaining ten Yuan Ying was secretly absorbed by Lin Feng.
It is also because of the absorption of these ten yuan babies that Lin Feng reached the late stage of refining yuan level so quickly, but no one told Lin Feng that he could absorb others’ yuan babies, which was the biggest secret of Lin Feng after iron bars.
Ten yuan baby energy windson actually didn’t finish absorbing what he practiced’ Tianhong Road’, which is still in the initial stage. The absorption of pure energy is far less than that of iron bars, and a lot of energy is actually lost by windson.
Since Lin Fengxian was able to absorb Yuan Ying, his revenge has become more intense. He has been forbearing for three and a half years. Now, although he has not officially entered the level of refining spirit, he is also very confident in the late stage of refining Yuan level and adding Tianhong Road to assist the general elders.
Lin Feng was once again rejected by Lin Nantian, and Lin Feng was determined that he would return to Tianhong University on his own.
To the south of Arctic 6 is a vast ocean, which can fly over to Tianhong 6. It is a violent gangfeng belt in this ocean that allows the practitioners of Arctic 6 to pass through the array.
There is a figure flying in the ocean. Lin Feng is now in the late stage of refining Yuan level. It has been so long since Lin Zhan took care of him. When Lin Zhan went out alone, Lin Feng finally escaped from Lin Cheng and flew back to Tianhong University on his own.
Flying in the middle of Chang Yi and feeling the thrill of flying in the middle of Chang Yi, Lin Feng’s demeanor has been increasing rapidly after practicing Tianhong Road. Now even those who fix the truth in the later period of Yuan Ying are better than those who don’t have Lin Feng’s demeanor when they face those enemies again. Lin Feng believes that they can be killed.
Kohane is very depressed these days. Kohane, this is a slow-heating theme with no innovation. It has always been evaluated badly, but Kohane has been insisting on hoping to make it on her own like one.
But I’m not sure whether I can stick to Kohane or not. Kohane decided not to warm up slowly to speed up the plot. The real story lies in the extreme field behind. Kohane will soon end the previous story and let Lin Feng enter the place where he can swing.
The true practitioners in the polar field, Heaven and the North Pole, live in different polar fields, and there are not only Yuan Ying and external practitioners, but also demon-body practitioners, who are as strange as Buddha statues, and Lin Feng finally know the practitioners like him.
The four great families in the polar region are a small sect here, and there are no more powerful forces and rich resources like the North Pole 6. The polar region has several magic weapons, magic elixirs and even higher than the magic weapons. The practice of external skill of the fairy is not strong and tough in the polar region. The Lins are not as strong as the other three big families here. Seeing Lin Fengru changing his own destiny and changing his family’s destiny is all in the polar region.
Ps, even if you speed up the plot estimation, it will take several chapters to enter the polar field. This is a preview of the post-plot!
Chapter 39 Strength rise
Flying on the sea for a while, Lin demeanor unconsciously slowed down a lot of the special salty gas on the sea, which made Lin Feng like it.
Comfortable feeling let windson can’t help but enjoy with your eyes closed but Lin Fengling consciousness stretched around.
Suddenly, Lin Fengshen was in a hurry to rotate for a while, but now he is in a foggy wind zone, surrounded by a tough Gangfeng.
In front of the gray, there are thin snakes, which are generally black and strong winds. The huge drag comes from the black wind area.
"Psychic knowledge is not in this area!" Windson secretly lose the running body spirit force to resist the strong winds running around.
Crazy strong breeze blows windson’s body one by one. In this area, windson can barely keep his body from being swept away by strong breeze. It is impossible to control the direction of flight.
The strong breeze is getting stronger and stronger, and Lin Feng’s body is getting hotter and hotter. At this time, Lin Feng is only white. What is the North Pole 6? The fix-true person says that it is absolutely impossible to fly to Tianhong 6 by flying. This layer blocks two big 6 Gangfeng winds, and it is really impossible for ordinary people to fly in the past.
The body is getting hotter and hotter, and the iron bar around Lin Feng’s waist seems to be aware of the danger of Lin Feng, and it is constantly shaking up. In the face of this kind of natural power, the iron bar can’t help at all.
Windson flew in with his eyes closed. He entered the Gangfeng area very deep. Now it is very difficult to return it.
In Gangfeng, Lin Feng’s spiritual strength consumes a lot, and it is supplemented slowly. Lin Feng has fallen into a very dangerous state.
After two hours, the strong Gangfeng has consumed 60% of Lin Feng’s spiritual strength, but Lin Feng can barely maintain his body and not be swept away. There is nothing he can do.
The body aura is getting less and less, and Lin Feng’s body has been shaking slowly. Before long, he will be able to resist the strong wind and be caught in the center of Gangfeng, and then slowly torn apart by the strong Gangfeng.
The vibration of iron bars became more severe. When Lin Feng’s spiritual strength was almost exhausted, a warm current directly entered Lin Feng’s body from the iron bars, but this warm current also helped Lin Feng stabilize his body and moved half a minute.
Gradually, the warm current energy will run out, and windson will transport the family achievement method Tianhong Road at the same time, hoping to support it a little more.
"boom ~"
At the same time, two sets of achievement methods failed to help Lin Feng’s last energy run out. Lin Feng’s dark and dusty strong breeze immediately turned into a dark gale, and finally Lin Feng was sucked into the Gangfeng Center.
In the later stage of refining Yuan level, the strong and broken black strong wind kept stabbing into Lin Feng’s skin like a thin needle. In the black strong wind, Lin Feng felt worse than when he was tested in his family.
There are more and more dark red exposed tender meat where the skin is broken, and there is no blood in the tender meat. The blood oozing from the skin has long been blown by strong winds.