"What position did she apply for?"

"Design intern" Ni Jungong respectfully replied.
Han Chengyi nodded. It’s time for a junior in architectural design to practice. It’s definitely not a problem for her to be accepted by the design department. But it’s no wonder that Han’s eyes are dark and some kind of evil is escaping from the body, little girl.
"Ni Jun called the personnel department and asked her to come to work on Monday!"
"Ah, ah, ah!"
In the afternoon, Le Xuewei received a message from the personnel department of the D&S group that she had passed the interview and asked her to report to the company on Monday!
Le Xuewei is crazy and can’t stop screaming with her mobile phone!
"This is true! This is really true! "
Ruan Danning patted her "Almost done?"
"D.S. group! Honey, I’m so happy! I was admitted! I can’t believe it! Do you know how hard it is to get into this company? A total of five people were recruited. I heard that the D&S group didn’t like recruiting female staff, and I was admitted! If you behave well, you can be promoted directly to the official staff, and then you can be filial to your grandmother! Ah ah! I am so happy! "
Le Xuewei was so excited that she didn’t forget to call her grandmother to make her old man happy!
Ruan Danning shook his head and said in the tone of "spoil", "This child is crazy!"
At the end of this week, Le Xuewei didn’t do anything to make up for the information of the D&S group. It was really amazing to find this Han Chengyi! Ten years ago, the D&S group was dying, but it took Han Chengyi ten years to let it grow from a bankrupt company to such a huge business kingdom today! This man is a genius!
Looking at the photo of Han Chengyi on the brain screen, Le Xuewei couldn’t help but reach out and gently touch it, thinking that it happened with him, and she was even more crying with such a person. In fact, she was not lost.
Before going to bed, Le Xuewei received a short message from Qu Liyang. Xue Wei, are you still angry? It was my fault that day. I shouldn’t have kissed you suddenly. I really love you
"Hoo!" Le Xuewei took a breath and looked at the short message. When she set the alarm clock, she threw her mobile phone aside and slept with a pillow … It will be a new day!
On Monday morning, Le Xuewei wore a white shirt, a black professional skirt and a ponytail respectfully at the door of the personnel department of the D&S regiment.
"Come with me!" A middle-aged woman in her forties looked at Le Xuewei and said to her
"Oh, good"
Le Xuewei wanted to say more, but she always felt that this woman hated her. She looked cold and shut people away, so Le Xuewei shut her mouth consciously.
The ladder goes up to the top floor, which is much quieter than the other floors. Many employees are less and don’t wear clothes … That means middle and high-level treatment! Wait a minute. Le Xuewei is a little confused. Why would a little intern be brought to the top?
"Come on!"
The middle-aged woman in the personnel department urged Le Xuewei to follow quickly.
The woman led Le Xuewei all the way forward, and Le Xuewei did not dare to ask more questions, followed by a little low head.
Finally stopped in front of a door, the woman knocked on the door and led Le Xuewei in.
There’s another world inside, a row of desks and a row of staff sitting outside, and there’s a door not far away … it should be another office.
"Sister Song, are you here?"
"Well, I’ll give you the face." Song Jie winked at Le Xuewei.
Le Xuewei immediately stepped forward and smiled sweetly at the staff who received her. "Hello, I am Le Xuewei, the new intern today. Please give me more advice."
"I’m afraid I’ll touch your light if I don’t dare to teach you. We’ll ask you to take more photos."
Le Xuewei is said to be confused about what it means. She smiled and followed the clerk and went to the office inside.
The clerk rang the doorbell and said to Le Xuewei, "Come in, please. The president told you to let you in as soon as you came, without notification."
What? President? Le Xuewei is scared. Is this the president’s office? Why would she be brought to a place like this? She applied for an intern in the design department, okay? Wait, president! Isn’t the president Han Chengyi?
Suddenly Le Xuewei wanted to cry and couldn’t get here. Le Xuewei could crustily skin of head and go in.
Han Chengyi is not alone in it.
"President of what? What did I do wrong to make you dissatisfied? Can you tell me that I will improve? "
Speaking is a woman with her back to the door, but she can’t see her, but her back is very graceful and swaying gently, showing all kinds of enchanting and amorous feelings.
Le Xuewei couldn’t understand what she said, and Han Chengyi turned her down. "Come on, don’t talk about it any more. It’s decided that your ability is to be a secret."
Just then Han Chengyi glanced over the woman and landed in the corner of Le Xuewei’s body with a smile … Here she comes.
"Come on, get out!"
Han Chengyi said lightly
The woman is pale and ugly, and seems to have something to say, but she dare not say more. She turned around and gave Le Xuewei a hard look for no reason.
Chapter 13 I just deliberately
Where is Le Xuewei’s hands tied and wondering if Han Chengyi’s "going out" is telling her … Where did she know that she would look at women like this?
Although I can’t figure out why women are hostile to her, here are the predecessors Le Xuewei nodding at women, but women squint at Le Xuewei’s eyes full of resentment and hatred!