This is Yang Tianren’s immortal body, pure Yang’s true element, which does not contain the mysterious energy in the seal of Tianyang’s sacred flame. It can be said that Yang Tianren’s body is the only way to deal with the evil devil.

Brilliant flashes that black gas bear the brunt of the flash, struggling in agony, and the ice and snow melted at once, and hundreds of thousands of demons immediately whined.
Especially the dozens of demon king in Yang days specially take care of directly sealed by pure Yang aura miserable cry when the body was gradually decomposed and melted, although the speed was slow, but they shared some power in the extreme sea.
in a grand fashion
The sword light even flashed through the darkness, and one demon king after another exploded H’s novels. I have already been forced to wait for the old ghost to immediately take these scattered Yin gods. This is the devil’s mind wave.
As soon as the demon king died, many demons immediately lost control and fled, but the ten-handed demon king had led his troops to the periphery and waited for the battle.
In order to avoid big sleep, Yang Tian brimmed with the exhaustion of the real yuan, offering a double seal, forcing ten orders to let his department stay in the large array of all demons that ate God, even those who lost control of the devil were driven in, and at the same time, let the old ghost take heavy hair and others in, and none of them would let ten people intervene.
Who was that fiend just now?
Yang day get everything done looking at listless ten light asked
That’s the image of the all-day magic emperor. He is the god in our hearts who wants us to pray that all-day magic emperor’s power will come.
Ten honest explained
Did I disappoint you?
Yang day smiles to say
I underestimated you.
Ten pour also bachelor, he is going to let Yang Tian those dissidents spell a lose-lose, and then his department will be able to take advantage of it, but I didn’t expect it to become Yang Tian instead.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Crack god blood refined solution
Yang Tian generally saw that once this battle, the devil in the large array of all demons devoured God had reached 100,000, of which nearly 600,000 were waiting for the old ghost and others. I really don’t know when they will finish it, and the consumption of the spirit force will be a very scary number.
Fortunately, the 60 demon kings are also eager to supplement the hard work of the old ghost and others, and at the same time, the thought of becoming tens of millions of hands in the future is immediately more exciting than energetic
At the same time, they also seized 60 pieces of magic weapon, and Yang Tianrang Heavy Hair and others each picked one. These guys were clever and all took the middle device, but Yang Tianrefused to heavy hair and wanted to destroy the flag of God ten times.
I was temporarily suppressed by Yang Tian in the sky seal. First, I still don’t trust him. Second, I am still trying to remove the body seal for him. In the sky seal, the large array of thunder can be isolated from the outside world, otherwise the magic emperor will be able to follow the seal induction all day.
He is calm and has no dissatisfaction with the current treatment. It seems that he is a deep-seated generation. It will not take a long time to be completely healthy.
Yang Tian didn’t stay in the ground, and as soon as the battle was over, he was far away from there. As soon as the joke disappeared, 100 thousand troops were all day long, and the magic emperor would soon realize that when he came, he wanted to leave and couldn’t leave.
From ten, we know that the ten magic emperors’ territories in this first world are surrounded by the graveyard of death. All day long, the magic emperor ranks third among the ten magic emperors, and on both sides, it ranks sixth, and the muddy monty emperor ranks ninth.
It is true that the boundaries between the territories of the major magic emperors are not good, and there are frequent wars. Yang Tian escaped from the pursuit of all the magic emperors and sneaked into the territory of the dark magic emperor.
The graveyard of death is the burial ground of ancient gods and demons, which contains poor dangers and opportunities, but even the top ten magic emperors dare not go deep into it. If you want to enter the graveyard of death, you must go through the territory of the magic emperor to get there.
In addition, Yang Tian also learned that every time the divine domain is opened, the top ten magic emperors will send four departments to arrest foreigners who enter the divine domain. The second is to seize the flesh, and the second is to enter the graveyard of death for treasure hunting.
It’s no wonder that brothers who come in rarely live here. If they don’t protect themselves, they’ll be killed by the big demons first.
Yang, as in the dark, was shocked and full of doubts. Because of these circumstances, the two thunder lords of Qingyang Qingyue took a word without saying whether they meant it or not.
A hidden cave deep underground.
This 100,000 devil can’t completely control the key moment by relying on old ghosts and others. Once there is a riot, it will be wasted.
Yang Tian recovered the true yuan and took a look at it, but frowned. Perhaps he came to a new environment, and some of them didn’t adapt to it. The devil’s army looked grumpy than the old ghost and others did everything they could to stop it. If it weren’t for the large array of power, he was afraid that the riot would itself at this time.
Yang God knows that there is an urgent need for a powerful magic emperor to suppress this hundred thousand troops.