After the match between Lazio and Genoa, the achievements created by the constant victory became a topic of discussion throughout Italy.
Pacheco is not happy about this.
Everyone is touting his constant victory, but he has to pour cold water on it. In the past, such changes can show that he is a conscientious, moral, calm and wise media person.
Don’t obsess, don’t follow the trend, and don’t follow the trend.
He keeps his own independent opinion. He is a good reporter with attitude.
So he wrote an article criticizing Lazio for winning five consecutive championships.
"Lazio beat Genoa on the road and won their fifth consecutive league title … Today all the media cheered in Lazio, but I want to ask,’ What’s wrong with you?’ "
"Lazio people cheer for their champions. I can understand why neutral media are so happy. It may be a blessing for Lazio to win the championship with such a huge advantage, but it is definitely not the case for the whole Italian football! "
"Let’s take a look at the Seven Sisters era in Serie A, that is, when it was recognized that Serie A was the highest level. What was the team’s championship score at that time?"
"According to the two-point system converted into three points, in 19199, Inter Milan won the championship with 14 points in 34 rounds. In 199199, it won the championship with Naples, Diego Maradona. In 1991991, Sampdoria was 71 points. In 19911992, AC Milan was so strong that the points were only 70 points. In 19921993, AC Milan was converted into 60 points. In 19931994, it was also AC Milan with 69 points. In 19941995, it was a match. The quarterly three-point scoring system is Juventus 73, AC Milan 73, Juventus 65, Juventus 74, AC Milan 70, Lazio 72, Rome 75, Juventus 71, Juventus 72 and AC Milan 12 … "
"From the point data, we can see that in the heyday of the Seven Sisters in Serie A, the points in Serie A were far less outrageous than today. Even if it was very high once in a season, it was quickly neutralized. In that year, Juventus won the championship with 65 points in the thirty-fourth round, and now this score is enough to rank fourth!"
"In those days, there was an inevitable factor in winning the championship with low points. The strength of the seven sisters was similar, and it was possible for them to win the championship. The competition in the league was far more sophisticated than that of the big teams now. At that time, Serie A was the most difficult league to play. In this league, it was difficult for the seven sisters to win points from each other. After the expansion of the army in 1919, Inter Milan and AC Milan in 19911992 were two special cases."
"In the 2324 season, Lazio and Parma declined, and Florence was no longer Rome. A group of powerful people walked back and didn’t supplement the corresponding level. Serie A gradually became a three-legged champion, and the points were changed from 70 points in the past to 10 points … Now after the scandal, Juventus was relegated to AC Milan, and there were two teams in Serie A, Inter Milan and Lazio, who could compete for the championship, so that Lazio won the championship for several years in succession."
"It is not a good thing to outshine others. Lazio’s strength can say that the Italian league has lost its competitiveness. What is the attraction of the league? The audience and fans watch the fierce league competition instead of Lazio’s one-man show! What if Lazio gets a perfect score of 114 points in a season? It is still meaningless for the high league level! Other teams will also lose their competitive mentality when they see Lazio’s long-term dominance, reducing the loss of investment stars and making Serie A even worse … If Serie A wants to develop, it must curb Lazio’s dominance! "
A few thousand words said a meaning-Lazio won the championship and the Italian league declined. If the Italian league wants to rise again, Lazio must not win the championship!
The logic of this article is chaotic, but it looks professional because of the detailed data, which can scare many people.
But anyone who really understands will know that this article is bullshit.
Lazio won the championship not because of the decline of Serie A, but it is reasonable to say that Lazio can easily win five consecutive championships because of the decline of Serie A …
It is even more ridiculous to stop Lazio from winning the championship in order to make Serie A brilliant again.
Is it true that Lazio won a game and scored two points, and lost a game and deducted three points to prevent Lazio from winning the championship, so there is hope for Serie A?
Afraid of being finished faster
Pacheco knows this logical problem in his heart, but in order to disgust Lazio, he can just speak without conscience.
Changsheng refuted Pacheco’s fallacies in a net.
"Some people say that our success is the root cause of the decline of the Italian League. We are the chief culprit in the decline of the Italian League … I am really flattered! I didn’t think we could destroy a national league. Come on, idiots who believe this stupid theory! Our success comes from our hard work and the decline of Serie A. Is there nothing to revive Serie A? It’s a short answer. I’ll tell you it’s really simple. All the teams are working hard to beat us. That’s all! "
"Don’t want us to win the championship, then beat us! If we can’t win, we will kneel down and lick our toes! Don’t talk sarcastically there! "
After winning the championship, the first home Lazio opponent was Inter Milan.
Come on, if any other opponent wins, you may just find someone to play.
But the opponent is Inter Milan, and your meaning is different!
Inter Milan will once again welcome them at the forefront of the game!
The last time I did this was in Mancini’s time … In 2627, Lazio won the championship in the first three rounds when they beat Livorno 5 times at home.
Next is the away game against Inter Milan.
In that game, Inter Milan players lined up at their home to welcome the new champion.
It’s a great shame for Inter Milan, which has been competing with them for the league title …
And this time they will be humiliated again!
Chapter two hundred and five The Champions League has four strong teams and three strong teams to thank my emperor
Before the game, the team welcomed their bitter rivals to win the championship, which was not only a shame for Inter Milan, but also a shame for Mourinho.
This is the first time in his coaching career that such a situation has happened …
Whether in Porto or Chelsea, he is a winner, and others lined up to welcome him. He did not say that his team lined up to welcome others.
I didn’t expect … this time, it’s a coincidence and unfortunately.
And this is not something that Mourinho can change by working hard.
Actually, Inter Milan has done well enough this season, and putting 91 points into a league is a shame to be the first.
But it’s a pity that they have to look at Lazio’s face after winning.
They can’t decide whether Lazio wins or not.
They can pray that Lazio can’t win.
It’s a pity that Lazio won the cup before beating Genoa 21 away.
Now Inter Milan’s away game against Lazio has become a show for Lazio to prepare for winning the championship …
However, Mourinho obviously does not intend to throw in the towel.
Even though they have lost the league title, they can still choose to make a scene in the other team’s championship celebration!
So before the game against Lazio, Mourinho said to his players, "Actually, you have done well enough, guys. We are all champions where we put the 91 points. You don’t have to be depressed and … now we still have a chance to spoil their championship celebration!"
"It’s our shame to line up to welcome them before the game! Now put this shame on our motivation to beat them! "
When Inter Milan players lined up on the sidelines to welcome Lazio, everyone looked ugly.
They stared at the Lazio players, clapping, but there was no blessing, no congratulations and … hatred! Deep hatred!
Lazio players’ complacent faces and fans’ laughter in the stands have deeply stimulated the hearts of Inter Milan players.
As Mourinho said, they want to turn humiliation into power!