At this point, Jason slowly raised his arms towards the huge statue of heaven, and continued, "Don’t persuade me anymore."

With Jason’s huge movement, the light of the statue of heaven became more and more intense. Finally, Jason made a pious complaint. With Jason’s pious complaint, an adult light and shadow slowly drifted from the statue of heaven towards Jason.
Looking at this strange scene, Ye Tian couldn’t help secretly calling Qi. At this time, Mira suddenly pulled her throat and screamed, Ye Run! This is the ability of the sky suit. Once it is completed, he will temporarily become a god to control. Although the light field here is not a true god because there is no godhead, it has definitely surpassed day order and reached the sub-god water level.
Ye Tian couldn’t help but smile when he heard the absurd words. Ye Tian, a woman, actually never forgot that she was so deeply attached to herself.
But Ye Tian won’t run away. He has never tried to run away in his life. Ye Tian didn’t run away. Ye Tian is even an Asian god.
Finally, watching the golden light and shadow in Ye Tian gradually failed to enter Jason’s body and attached to his armor for a moment. Now Jason’s head cooperates with the six pairs of light wings behind him. At this moment, Jason seems to be a real day.
Slowly open your eyes and Jason looks at Ye Tian coldly. Jason’s mood is calm, but his determination to kill Ye Tian is more determined.
Feeling the poor strength of the body, Jason gradually showed a ferocious smile, and his body flashed. He felt that his chest and abdomen were more painful than his body, and he flew away and slammed into the wall. The violent impact actually hit a huge dent in a one-meter thick wall.
Standing in the temple, Jason looked at his hands with laughter. Is this the power of God? Is this the feeling of God? At this moment, he really feels that he is omnipotent. There is nothing he can’t do.
In the corner, Ye Tian struggled to climb from the ground, and purples and blood began to sweat from his mouth and feet. Just now, Jason attacked casually, but he didn’t make any effort, but even this Ye Tian still suffered severe trauma.
Ye Tian is not vulnerable to this, even if he is attacked by a god, he can withstand several times. However, in the field of light, the defense ability is greatly reduced. If the body armor is really strong enough, I am afraid that Ye Tian will lose half-life.
He climbed up from the ground with difficulty, and Ye Tian’s eyes gradually became red. He has never been so timid and ashamed. This is definitely a shame.
Looking at Jason Ye Tianqian intensely, he didn’t long for the strength to compete with the powerful foot god, but now he has no strength except strength.
Fierce anger Ye Tian’s body jerked, and he seemed to feel that Ye Tian was more unwilling than eager for strength, mood and consciousness. The seven points of light in the sea gradually lit up and fluctuated violently. This is
Thousands of miles away, six blood-red figures are flying at full speed. Yes, these six blood-red figures have just arrived from the dragon tomb and evolved from the ghost dragon knight.
It’s a pity that although the blood sky is very powerful, it’s too far away from the position of Ye Tian, and even if it flies to them, it’s not strong enough now. Jason, wearing an artifact suit, may be purified by strong holy light.
Six blood days can’t be counted on, but besides these six blood days, it’s also thousands of miles away, can’t the other one catch up?
A sharp Zhan Ji was stuck upside down in a huge blood pool. At this moment, the scarlet Zhan Ji trembled violently and sounded like a dragon.
Seeing this scene, the fairy dragon was responsible for sucking blood around with broken Zhan Ji. She couldn’t help but panic. She didn’t know what had happened and she didn’t know what would happen in Zhan Ji.
Worried that the sharp broken Zhan Ji in the middle of the blood pool suddenly spiraled out of the blood pool and circled like a flash in a huge blood pool for a week, then suddenly an accelerated flash disappeared, leaving a stunned fairy dragon still staying there.
At the same time, Ye Tian, the headquarters of the Holy City, hundreds of millions of miles away, lit up his eyes with excitement. He could clearly feel a very close partner coming here quickly.
Finally Jason got excited and slowly raised his head proudly. Now you finally know how horrible God’s power is and how he resisted it. Hey, hey, take your life and speak. Zhan Ji shook his body slightly and prepared to attack and killed Ye Tian in one fell swoop.
Wait, just as Zhan Ji was about to attack, Ye Tianmeng raised his hand and stopped Jason from hearing Ye Tianyin. Jason stopped in shock and looked at Ye Tian puzzled.
Looking at Jason puzzled, Ye Tian laughed and laughed. You are all dressed in an artifact suit, but I have been working on it. It seems unfair.
Speaking of a half-day, Ye Tian stopped, and his right hand leaned forward with five fingers in vain, and a bloody dragon was sharply broken. He jumped out of the window and arrived in front of Ye Tian in the field of optometry.
Snapping his right hand, he just caught the broken Zhan Ji shaft.
Boom with Ye Tian’s right hand holding Zhan Ji’s long handle, accompanied by a roar and waves of plasma-like red fog, Ye Tian center swept around.
This is a horror at Zhan Ji Jason in Ye Tian’s hands. He is not white. This Zhan Ji is a breakthrough in the field of light. The most important thing is how the red fog like plasma can easily break the field of light around Ye Tian’s body.
Right hand clutching Zhan Ji Ye Tian excited feeling the series of life energy pouring into the body from the handle to cleanse Ye Tian’s musculoskeletal structure, and at the same time, the long-lost earth energy poured into Ye Tian’s body again.
Hey, hey, smile, Ye Tian’s right hand shakes, and Zhan Ji points to Jason and says, I’m sorry, now you can’t kill me anymore. If you give up, I’ll let you live, otherwise don’t blame me.
Hearing Ye Tian’s words, Jason sneered at his right hand and lifted his food slightly, pointing to a color-worshipping light coming at Ye Tian like a laser.
As early as the moment Jason lifted his finger, Ye Tian smiled grimly, and his body instantly fell into the ground, and he jumped up from behind Jason. Zhan Ji stabbed Jason in the back with a sudden stab.
Snow dull ring in the middle of the day war halberd easily broke through Jason’s body, and the absolute guardian of the god level stabbed in along the crack of armor, so sharp that the tip of Zhan Ji deeply penetrated Jason’s spine.
His body suddenly froze, and Jason’s face suddenly turned white. He could clearly feel that his whole body was covered with blood and his soul rushed to his lower back. In the past moment, Jason’s world was dark.
Bang bang accompanied Zhan Ji to pierce before, which was worse than arrogance. Jason’s whole body blood was absorbed in less than one thousandth of a second, and even his soul could not escape. Although the light field is still there, even his soul is swallowed up, it is an absolute resurrection.
As the body, blood and soul are pumped out, the dragon bones in Jason’s body and dragon tomb are instantly made into fly ash all over the sky, and the armor jewelry jingles and falls on the ground.
Surprised to see Jason disappear like this, Ye Tian couldn’t believe his eyes. How could things be so simple? It’s not too simple. You can clearly feel Jason’s blood and soul being sucked into Zhan Ji. Ye Tian wondered if Jason had run away.