"No, I don’t have so many people for you to take in, but you have to take in me, the old man," Chilias said with a wink to Windson.

Windson just got up and collapsed in the wooden chair again.
"Harper, you can play with me because you can predict, right?" Windson gnashing thinking in my heart.
"Ha ha, you are not so angry. Hubble has passed away after all. We shouldn’t care so much about a man who has turned to dust. Besides, the old man has worked hard. The goalkeeper Xuanyuan has contributed his life. He deserves our respect." Chilias still said with a smile.
"Forget it, don’t care about him. Do you still need to fight with me?" Windson bold said
Chilias shook his hand and said, "I don’t need it. Hey, hey, I’m just waiting for someone to support me. I’m just old, and I’m short of money at this time. Will the door owner support me a little?"
Windson all dumbfounded at sight shame old man.
"You strong Chen Er is my housekeeper. Ask him for anything you need." Windson said that he would ignore this strange Lias no longer, but charged all the people to borrow the strange Lias hut to prepare to hand over the five elements of Xuanjing Department to Cocoa.
The little guy was harassed by Lin Feng’s spirit, and the horse flew out in a hurry, but before she could find Lin Feng’s trouble, Lin Feng took the lead in waving four brocade boxes neatly in front of her eyes.
Cocoa was happy to pounce on the little body and devour all four Xuan Jing one after another.
Windson really don’t know if she is doing it. It’s ten times the size of her body. Things are being swallowed, but the cocoa shape has not changed at all.
Cocoa swallowed Xuan Jing without saying "hello" to windson and fled directly back to the sea of consciousness.
For an instant, Lin Feng realized that the sea was like a ten-level typhoon crossing the border, and his brain almost fainted with a loud buzzing noise.
Lin Feng hurriedly meditated and operated XuanYuanGong and JiuZhuanYuan’s true solution consciousness. He carefully dived into the sea of consciousness and saw that the sky was covered with dark clouds and the waves were monstrous. Cocoa’s small body was scattered with colorful light suspended in it, and its shape was constantly changing.
Lin Feng is looking forward to thinking that "Coco is going to become a big beauty, but I don’t know if she can speak?" Just when windson expected cocoa to bring him any surprises, trouble came
Because the two methods complement each other, Lin Feng can get twice the result with half the effort in practice, but it is so effective. This is not the time when Lin Feng is upset in the sea of consciousness, but the first broken Dan is ushered in.
Filar silk and silver thread are separated from Lin Feng’s strange silver elixir and integrated into the body. Before breaking the elixir, you must refine your body to strengthen your body strength. But he knows that this process will never be short. When every silk thread is integrated into your body, Lin Feng feels a stabbing pain all over. This pain is a deep bone marrow pain. But Lin Feng knows that this is the most crucial step. Without a good weapon, he can’t support a low concentration of aura. In this way, Lin Feng feels as if he has been in pain for tens of thousands of years and finally gradually calmed down.
Finally, the refinement has been completed. Lin Feng brimmed with brain chaos and bit his teeth to wake himself up. A cocoa situation is better. It has gradually condensed into an adult body, but the pain in this process is completely borne by Lin Feng. In terms of cocoa or himself, Lin Feng is not allowed to slack off. At this time, Lin Feng’s experience is the double upgrade of spirit and then, and he still entered the most critical stage of Lin Feng.
There is a strong wind blowing in the sea of consciousness again, which is like drifting in the sea. It feels like a burst of pain, like a storm, and Lin Feng feels that he really wants to float up. Consciousness seems to be pulled out of his body.
At this time, a visible whirlwind was formed around windson’s body, and it was not good for Chilias to shout loudly outside.
Hurriedly throw a magic weapon.
This is an umbrella-shaped magic weapon, which is driven by the method of travelling to the top of Lin Feng’s head, instantly expanding the radius and covering the whole hill with hundreds of miles.
"It’s okay. Otherwise, if this change is estimated by the celestial beings, it will be a disaster again." Chilias said with a sigh.
"Lin Feng, will he be fine?" Qin Xinyu asked the question that someone was anxiously expecting in the place.
"It’s okay, this is a small promotion. Just wait for it." Chilias is an inscrutable sample, but then he is suppressing the turmoil created by Lin Feng. Now it is not a simple hundred miles range, but Chilias’ limited ability can cover up the main body and the remaining marginal range will not have much impact
However, Lin Feng is still struggling to insist that Yindan in the body once paused after completing the physical refinement, so that Lin Feng sometimes notes a cocoa. However, after that moment of pause, Yindan once again runs high-rotating, crazy-rotating, massive fairy aura and melts into Yindan through Lin Feng’s body. In this process, Yindan keeps getting bigger and bigger until it is the size of a fist. Yindan suddenly stops rotating and hangs in that strange and quiet place.
Lin Feng was puzzled that this was different from the previous broken Dan, but Lin Feng knew that there was nothing wrong with his walking. Anyway, this was an inevitable stage. Lin Feng could be careful to deal with Yindan. Lin Feng-gen Lin Feng always paid great attention to the change of Yindan, but this time Lin Feng felt very passive. There was no way for Yindan to directly take over the limit when breaking Dan, so that Lin Feng could play a limited role, but it was so strange and motionless that Lin Feng was really puzzled.
Windson carefully observed that the original Yindan didn’t move, but changed from the outside. The golden silk thread in the Yindan was constantly rotating and dancing irregularly, which surprised Windson. Why didn’t I come back again? That’s right. This is what Lin Feng is familiar with. The silk thread that often comes out of the elixir contains the power of the elixir. Lin Feng, until maybe Yindan is undergoing a qualitative change.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-five Regression
Converting from gold to silver is a link, and returning from silver to gold is a return. I think this conversion can bring more surprises to Lin Feng.
For a long time, finally, the Yindan Department of Lin Fengti stopped the riot consciousness, and the storm in the sea subsided. Everything seemed so quiet, but Lin Feng knew that it was calm before the storm, and it was impossible to finish it like this. Lin Feng had no energy to care about the status quo of cocoa.
Soon windson felt that his head and body were rising together as if to burst to Yindan and the sea of consciousness exploded at the same time.
Windson felt as if he were in the virtual space. After an explosion, several pieces appeared in the virtual space. More and more pieces gradually formed one planet after another. The rotation of their windson center constituted a cycle full of mysteries, and Windson felt like Pangu. He felt that he was tall and had no marginal consciousness. The wave of his hand turned upside down, and the power of the horse made Windson deeply addicted.
At this time, Lin Feng was already in a coma. Before losing consciousness, Lin Feng only thought of being old and comparable to Pangu.
I don’t know how long it took for Lin Feng to finally wake up faintly, and his eyes came into view as a silver-white roof metal building, and then Lin Feng heard three exclamations.
"Brother Xiaofeng", this is Lan Beibei’s surprise cry.
"Wind" This is Chu Yu’s gentle call "A Feng, are you awake?" This is Qin Xinyu’s intimate heart.
Turned out to be three women beside windson.
Windson jilted to jilt is still a little heavy head and said, "well, it’s okay. Is this our warship?"
Qin Xinyu nodded and choked up and could not speak.
Windson thrust the three women’s buildings in her arms and said, "It’s okay, let’s go home."
Said the windson checked his body and said happily, "Haha, I succeeded in turning the golden body, which is not inferior to the strength of the immortal, and I also know that our Lins’ shadow sword work."
"Well, we know you’re good, okay? You have a good rest. They have just set up a jumping point here according to the chairman’s meaning. After that, we can go home. "Chuyu said happily.
"Well, if I sleep, you will go and have a good rest. Look at your eyes." Windson said lovingly.
"Ah," exclaimed the three girls, and suddenly they disappeared. Windson was one leng but immediately laughed. The girl was really beautiful.
It’s been half a month since a jump point was established, and it takes just one month to return to the earth.
A month later, Lin Feng and his daughters shouted when they set foot on the earth again.
"I’m Lin Feng back!" Windson came to the place where grandpa Chen Baichuan arranged for him a base for the original Jinjiao pirate group. This base is located in a life planet that has just been used for a long time.
At this time, Lin Fengzheng was sitting firmly in a simple conference hall of the base, listening to Palin’s detailed account of the base exhibition situation in the past three years.
"Master, in the past three years, the base has begun to take shape. The chairman sponsored one hundred of our warship personnel. We all trained ourselves. Everyone has regarded this place as their own thoughts. The former pirate thoughts have been thrown away. Everyone has consciously regarded themselves as a Lins’ copy. The experts here are mainly sent by the chairman to constantly carry out ideological transformation. However, the situation in the Earth Federation is not good, and there are presidents.
The base is the Lins’ private armed road, including 200 warships, a new war fortress that has been maintained and repaired, and 100,000 elite warships with 10,000 mecha. However, due to limited time, the building choice of the base has not really formed combat effectiveness. The warship training base is a hidden building method. The coordinates are in a hidden place. The chairman and I know when you will go and see what Tess has been studying mysteriously for the past three years, but he has been keeping it from me until you get back. To give you a surprise, "Palin said that these days have always been a calm expression, which made Lin Feng appreciate and satisfied with his decision that Palin was indeed a generalship. After Lin Feng made up his mind, he must take care of Palin.
"Good" Windson nodded with satisfaction and said, "Let’s go again later. My parents and family won’t pick it up. Let’s live outside. It can be confusing, but the security force must be enough. I don’t want anything to happen to my family." Windson said here in a harsh tone.
Palin felt a quiver and thought to herself, "Look at the present sample. Master’s capability has once again broken through how many times higher than that of the original Jinjiao. With such a master, there is no future." Although the heart is full of twists and turns, Palin quickly answered the windson words and said, "This master, please rest assured that we have arranged the most elite 100-person team to deploy around the earth’s forest house. It should be one thousand lost."
Windson nodded, but in his heart, he still didn’t want to rely too much on grandpa’s strength. Now that he is ready to revive the Millennium glory of the Lins, he will become bigger and stronger. However, in the past, he seems to have to close, adjust and stabilize his achievements, and now he will see if there will be further exhibitions.
Lin Feng frowned and thought about things. Palin looked at Lin Feng’s expression and knew that he was distracted but didn’t dare to disturb him. Chen Er was really impressed by this young master behind Lin Feng.
At an early age, it is not easy to pull up such a large team on one’s own, and it is not arrogant and impetuous. More importantly, this young master has never used people as tools to make this very admirable for Chen Er.
The whole conference room is windson narrowing her eyes and knocking on the desktop sound. It’s the same whether it’s separated or the same size. So three people in the conference room spent a whole half hour.
Lin Feng Shu opened his eyes and pointed out that Palin said seriously, "Palin, you help me do something, and the sooner it is implemented, the better."
Palinsu sat up and said, "Master, just tell me."
"Looking for an original ecological forest on this planet needs to be widely smashed in it, and thousands of people will not be detected by others. I have a group of hands to settle down, and then you and your second brother go to choose a thousand qualified beauties in the family. I am going to teach them to cultivate loyalty, and choose as many as possible before, regardless of the difference in attributes. My advanced achievement method is very good. I also choose the Mecha Ministry to practice advanced physical exercises and set up a training college. Then my second brother will be the instructor, and Chilias will be the dean. Lin Feng said that the overall arrangement will form a scale of combat effectiveness in five years and ten years."