However, less than a minute after this news came out, another news followed.

Ten Xuanmen, one iron bloody battle, the hidden slender old clock left the sea. In the process of joining hands with the elders of Taiyi Xianmen Gong Chengqi and the demon gate spirit of war Shengge Hidden slender old man to kill Chen Han, Chen Han was not too slightly injured because he knew that he would die in the wind and eventually blew himself up.
Two people have died before, which has shocked people. The top two or three hundred experts in the field of Chen Han’s definition and cultivation can all enter the top one in a super power. However, this time, he faced a similar person who was placed in Taiyi Xianmen and tasted the top few figures.
In addition to ChengQi, there are two poor hermits who cooperate with three people to force one person to blow himself up. Isn’t it enough to speculate on Chen Han’s combat power?
What do you mean, it’s not too minor?
That’s a super-order six-robbery scattered fairy burning fairy baby blew itself up and suffered the so-called not too minor injury. How strong is his defense?
Later, through Cheng Qi and Xing Yin’s cultivation of scattered immortals, more detailed news was given, including all the mysterious and seal effects exerted by Chen Han and various advantages of his fighting style.
Among them, four aspects are mentioned in particular.
First of all, he broke the virtual method and teleported in an extremely horrible battle, although it was 30 thousand meters, but it did not affect the attack power. The fix-true fighter usually fought in kilometers, and he could sneak up on an opponent at any time.
Secondly, although his attack power is equivalent to the initial situation of the super-order six-robbery scattered fairy, several types of volley are equal to three people fighting together. Once the distance is far away, he can start with two arrows. The combat power is stronger than that of the super-order six-robbery peak scattered fairy, and there must be no contempt.
Thirdly, he owns a whole set of medieval fairy wares. The most important thing is that these ancient fairy wares can play a role comparable to those of ancient fairy wares in his hands, and he can control many fairy wares at the same time, and he can wear two pieces of magic weapons together. His defense can barely break through even if he holds medieval fairy wares or ordinary fairy wares with a combined effort.
In the end, Yuan Shen’s attack was completely effective on him. Besides, his teleport distance reached millions of miles.
That is to say, unless he stays somewhere for a long time to create opportunities for all forces to camp out, if he wants to escape from the world, almost no one can catch him, and he can also find out up to 200 Wan Li, and the teleport distance will not exceed 70 Wan Li.
An outcry!
According to the analysis of four aspects, Chen Han’s actual combat power is absolutely not weaker than that of a school of honour, and the strongest player, Red Pearl, is barely a line higher than him.
However, he has all kinds of advantages that others don’t have. In the battle, the broken virtual makes it impossible to prevent the strong physical one-on-one fight. No one can kill him, even if several people fight together. More importantly, his teleport distance is nearly half that of the peak six robberies and scattered immortals, which makes him escape.
The attack is comparable to a school of the best.
Defending the world is more difficult than breaking it.
Escape root can’t find anyone to chase.
How can such a person be killed? Unless he is stupid enough to fight against ten super-order strong people at the same time without running away, it seems from all kinds of news over the years that Chen Han not only has strong combat power and cultivation speed, but also has extremely insidious, despicable, fluid, shameful means and horrible mind. He would never do that stupid thing.
Since he teleported a distance of millions of miles, he came to the news through Taiyi Xianmen. There are countless treasures in him, but he can teleport to where he wants to go. What is he still flying around in the fix-up world?
All forces thought of this question, and finally got the answer, which startled them. This score is to ensure that they are not surrounded, and to separate the hands of the strong, perhaps for revenge, perhaps for tempering themselves, or just for killing people!
To put it bluntly, it is almost impossible to be surrounded. Chen Han is using the most elite masters of all forces as a tool for free sparring and killing time. The price is that these people will pay their lives.
Through the news handed by the master near Wan Li, where Chen Han is located, he kept rushing to the area where Chen Han is located, and finally some experts hesitated.
Most of them are they nest, which is much more superior than being temporarily near the area where Chen Han is located, but is Chen Han stupid?
On the contrary, he is much more cunning than many people and can’t give them a chance to surround him.
After all, he’s not the little guy who couldn’t fly and teleport faster than others. He has enough power to get rid of people and kill him, even if he has a charm seal, it’s futile.
It’s less than 500 million miles away from Chen Han. The master of Xuan Jian’s first temple changed teleportation into royal sword flight to discuss countermeasures.
"I can’t sleep well except for you!"
"I don’t know if I taste it, but …"
"Don’t you know how to teach?"
"I don’t know if those news are the Ministry, even if it is that the Ministry asks itself to draw with him at most and he wants to leave no one to stay."
"But …"
"Three teacher younger brother, I know what you’re trying to say. Are there many people who are not white? He knows enough to cover millions of miles. Who can imprison millions of miles and trap him? Everyone has seen the news that the master came. When he met a single sniper, he quickly killed many people and immediately fled the same place. It was not easy to track him for half an hour, let alone trap him. "
"Alas … I didn’t expect the fate level to survive the Armageddon, and I didn’t expect this talent to be so deep that it was hidden until the four robberies and scattered immortals were repaired."
"It’s too late to say this now. He has grown to an amazing extent."
"But with his development, once he is promoted to the realm of six robberies and scattered immortals, there is only one person in this world who is his opponent. He is strong in physical defense. Even if he is strong and many people join hands, he can kill. However, he is purely physical and powerful, and many people can’t break it!"
Once Chen Han advanced to the realm of six robberies, even if he didn’t get the peak of six robberies, it would be impossible to pose a threat to him if he didn’t have more than ten top super-order six robbers and scattered immortals.
If he reaches the peak of six robberies, his strength will be enhanced to an incredible degree, and meeting him will really be against the sky.
He has just passed the fifth celestial disaster, and even Xuanjian thinks he can tie the battle force and reach the peak of six disasters. Who can beat him?
The key is that his body is too tough to break the defense, that is, it will not break the defense unless many people form a large array, and the number of people will be effective for him.
Is flying royal sword XuanJian face a piece of metal gray body suddenly stopped to coldly say "yes! This is not in addition to the fix true boundary, we will wait for him to fix it. I believe that there will be a large number of sects gathering in this day … "
"It’s almost impossible to kill him, but you can see from all kinds of news that this friendship is extremely important. It’s a godsend."
"Five teacher younger brother, you mean … no! This means to deal with a junior, I am waiting for face? " Xuanjian quickly denied a real elder, but he didn’t say it, but it was meaningful.
"If it’s a door, it’s natural to lose face. If all the forces in the whole field are like this, everyone will lose face."
The middle-aged man with thin cheeks and gloomy eyes said coldly, "Besides, on this blockbuster day, our lives will be in danger, and even the inheritance left by our ancestors will be ruined by our generation. What is the face?"
High-ranking people like them are afraid that if they die, they will never enjoy the potential again. However, they are never afraid of death in the face of right and wrong.
The key is that if you die, you’ll lose your sect. That’s the real blood cut-what face will you say then?
Xuanjian couldn’t help but be silent. It took him a long time to stretch with a tight frown. It seemed that it took a lot of effort to sink. He said, "Except for the Temple of the Demon and the Taiyi Xianmen, all factions should not say much. They should also know that the interests are directly taken from Taiyi Xianmen, taking the ice pupil and the wind!"
It’s not very important whether the dark sword will be foolish enough to take risks or if the news goes out and fails to catch people and finally deal with the cold chips.
What happened in Taiyi Xianmen in 170 has long been talked about by a willing heart. Everyone knows that Bing Pupil, Kouxun and Feng Yan are closely related to Chen Han.
Therefore, it’s better to coerce the ice pupil and the wind, and Kouxun Xuanjian knows that he is now in the Temple of Demons, but he would rather offend Taiyi Xianmen than the Temple of Demons.
One hostage is enough!
There are all kinds of news. In less than half an hour, more than a dozen super-class six-robbery scattered immortals have died in Chen Cold Knife.
Those who have been carried away by heavy rewards have been beheaded by dozens of people who have not completed six robberies to fix the truth.
Chen Han can be described as a rich harvest. These people who come to deal with others, even if they are not super-order six-robbery scattered immortals, are all stunning figures, especially those more than a dozen super-order six-robbery scattered immortals, not to mention the lowest ones. The rings are filled with a lot of magic weapons, pills and natural materials.
Just as he was in a hurry to kill people and seize treasures, he was moving forward in a fierce place to get more treasures and prepare for his future rise. Suddenly, he found that no master appeared.
"Something is wrong!"
He casually beheaded a scattered fairy with four robberies of Geng Jin body, but frowned. Maybe all forces can’t kill themselves and choose to give up?