Palm prints hit the green leaves and scattered!

The whole day is full of broken green leaves flying beautifully, but at the moment, people appreciate it. In the summer of Qi, several people’s eyes are fixed on several places where green leaves are floating.
Everyone wants to know if Wanshu bodhi old zu has anything!
"Damn it!"
With the roar of the corpse emperor, the results came out, and the branches and leaves of the ancestor of Wanshu were much less, which looked a little bare, just like trees in autumn.
But it looks like a mess, but the ancestor of Wanshu is still full of vitality and has not fallen!
"The corpse emperor!"
The resin emperor growled and wanted to attack Wanshu bodhi old zu, but when zhègè was here, the three emperors had already caught up and trapped the resin emperor again and wouldn’t let him escape.
"He burned Jingxue himself, and he was going to be weak for a while. We took the opportunity to kill the corpse emperor today!"
The Emperor of Heaven trapped three people in the fierce siege of the Emperor of Resin, and the bodhi old zu of Wanshu once again turned into a human face with twisted murderous look and bold drink a way.
He was attacked by the corpse emperor in such a sneak attack, but his life was worried, but his injury was inevitable, especially when the breakthrough was the best time to precipitate, but it was broken by the corpse emperor, which made him lose a lot. He wished he could not chop the corpse emperor into pieces.
Wanshu bodhi old zu joined Li Ke, which made the emperor who lost a lot of Jingxue resin fall into a tight encirclement.
Although his body is still difficult to destroy, the Emperor of Heaven and a group of people have stepped up their attacks on the soul, which makes it difficult for the corpse emperor to resist and show his embarrassment.
The corpse emperor looked gloomy and his eyes flashed.
He wants to retreat.
Because he felt it was too difficult to break through the blood phoenix demon emperor.
Moreover, the blood phoenix demon emperor is much stronger than the bodhi old zu Leijie in the face of Leijie, but the blood phoenix demon emperor still has to deal with it very much, and he is afraid that it will not be long before he can successfully survive Leijie again.
Really by that time, the corpse emperor really d ā n and n can’t walk by himself.
Because the blood phoenix demon emperor Phoenix is really on fire to the extreme, it does great harm to the soul, which is just the nemesis for the current corpse emperor.
The corpse emperor turned his eyes to look for an opportunity to escape.
His eyes inadvertently swept the golden dragon honour person and the unbeaten sword emperor.
If he wants to escape, he must escape before the Golden Dragon Venerable and the Invincible Sword Emperor. Otherwise, when they both escape, the corpse emperor can’t leave if he wants to.
At the moment, the Golden Dragon Venerable and the Undefeated Sword Emperor are thinking of escaping just like the corpse emperor.
The number of people in the celestial world occupies an absolute advantage. If the blood phoenix demon emperor successfully breaks through the corpse emperor, it will be difficult for several people to leave again.
"Xia Qi, Bi Fang, the Emperor, let the Golden Dragon Venerable and the Invincible Sword Emperor kill the corpse emperor today!"
The Emperor of Heaven drinks a lot at this moment.
The voice just fell and the emperor’s face changed greatly, while the golden dragon honour person and the unbeaten sword emperor showed a little smile.
Although they are very white, if the corpse emperor really dies, they will be in an extremely bad situation in the future, but it is a good thing to be able to escape at this moment anyway.
However, although the Emperor of Heaven called Xia Qi several people back to besiege the corpse emperor, he and Wanshu bodhi old zu several people besiege the corpse emperor, but they didn’t seem to notice that there was a loophole left.
At first glance, the corpse emperor could see the flaw in ZHEGE. His figure flashed through the flaw in ZHEGE, and then he quickly fled without looking back.
The corpse emperor may also know that the loophole in zhègè may be exposed by several people in Tiandi, but he has come to see whether it is a good thing for him to escape.
The corpse emperor turned to Lu, and several people of the Emperor of Heaven also had a tacit understanding. It turned out that no one went after him, but his body flashed directly towards the Golden Dragon Venerable and the unbeaten Sword Emperor!
They want to slay the golden dragon honour person and the undefeated sword emperor from one jiùshì!
"Damn it!"
The faces of the Golden Dragon Venerable and the Invincible Sword Emperor changed greatly.
Emperor Tiandi, Emperor Wudi, Emperor Wuxing, Emperor Bi Fang, Xia Qi, Gu Yue, and Bodhisattva Wanshu besieged them, and their strength was based on resistance!
After all, their realm is higher than that of the corpse emperor, but their bodies are different from that of the corpse emperor.
"Run away together!"