Although pathogenic qi is not a heresy defined by Buddhism, it has a kind of aura after Bai Wuzu became sick, and it has become an evil heresy when he has the spirit to know the pathogenic qi.

At this time, Xu Shaojian just restrained this evil heresy. Every time Xu Shaojian mang Bai Wuzu pounded yao pestle, the illness would be weakened by the sword, and Bai Wuzu gradually fell.
Bai Wuzu’s heart was depressed at this time. He wanted to come to Xu Shaoxiu, who was very weak to deal with such a person. He could easily kill his father after pounding yao pestle. I didn’t expect that Xu Shao killed him, but ushered in the old monster of violet sword fairy.
The vitality of lotus contained in the sword meaning after the sword method of violet sword fairy is the bane of illness and death. At this time, this young Xu Shao not only contains the vitality of violet sword fairy in the sword meaning, but also seems to be mixed with a strong Buddhist righteousness.
Such a stream of Buddhist righteousness just restrained the illness, so that the original repair and magic weapon were all in the wind. Bai Wuzu made mistakes again and again. In the end, even the magic weapon of Dao yao pestle was left with Xu Shaojian’s anger.
Just when Bai Wuzu was at his wit’s end, yao pestle’s illness suddenly changed, and the aura contained in Bai Wuzu’s refining illness suddenly dissipated, and the power of illness suddenly dropped by several grades.
Bai Wuzu pale face is violet sword fairy looking for trouble to resist the sick spirit couldn’t help swearing "Li Mubai, you are a Dangdang violet sword fairy, my generation is going to throw you a shame …"
Bai Wuzu, whose swearing words were just exported, was startled, but suddenly he became infected with Xu Shaojian’s intention, and generally no longer disappeared because of Xu Shaojian’s intention.
God’s knowledge is carefully explored, but now Xu Shaojian’s intention is that the vitality in the lotus belongs to the violet sword fairy is still sick, but the Buddhist atmosphere belonging to Xu Shao is restrained.
Bai Wuzu’s illness and gas changes once again took over the wind, and he couldn’t help feeling smug again.
Once again, Violet Sword Fairy naturally knows that this is not his means of display, but that it is only when the fairy array perceives that the foreign body in Xu Shao’s fairy array has changed that the aura in the sick gas will be dissipated according to the change of Xu Shao. It is really sick gas, not the heresy of evil spirits in the definition of Buddhism.
Although the power of losing aura and getting sick is reduced a lot, it is no longer suppressed by Xu Shao’s Buddhist sword, which makes Bai Wuzu once again on the superior side.
Once again, if Feng Bai Wu Zu looks crazy, he secretly envies and hates this Xu Shao, who is not only a literate son, but also helped by Nangong Xia. Now it is too good luck to have violet sword fairy to help him.
Bai Wuzu is still thinking by other people in reincarnation dreams or thinking in reincarnation dreams.
He wouldn’t have thought that at this time, the incorruptible sword fairy was not the violet sword fairy Li Mubai, but the Tianzhouda 6 Jian Xiu violet sword fairy Taibai.
"Well, as expected, this shedding fairy array has changed again. I want to see how Xu Shao responds to this change. You know, in that year, I directly chose to practice for decades and constantly avoided Tianwei’s final crushing …"
Violet sword fairy Taibai smiled and quietly looked at the surly Xu Shao. He was curious that Xu Shao would respond to this situation.
In those days, Violet Sword Fairy had to choose to escape everywhere because she was rejected by the Shefan Fairy Array, even in a pair of crystal coffins to avoid the Shefan Fairy Array rejection. You know, it was fully delayed for ten years to transform the body cultivation into that pair of crystal coffins, but it made Violet Sword Fairy Taibai promoted to the true fairy realm.
At the instant when Bai Wuzu’s pathogenic qi changed, Shao had noticed that the aura disappeared in the pathogenic qi, but at the same time, Wang Shenqi did not move. He also noticed that Bai Wu Zu first looked desperate and seemed to want to scold Violet Sword Fairy, but after a short time, he seemed to change the pathogenic qi into crazy joy and wanted to kill himself.
Xu Shao has been restored by violet sword fairy Taibai at this time, and will not be bound by the dream of reincarnation of the fairy array.
After a moment’s thinking, he has realized that Bai Wuzu is no longer simply a means to shed the fairy array in the dream of reincarnation.
Although I don’t know what will repel me, if Xu Shaobai doesn’t take measures, then maybe this death is not just as simple as entering a reincarnation again.
Since violet sword fairy Taibai appeared in the reincarnation dream, this reincarnation dream is no longer a simple reincarnation dream.
Xu Shaoqing Yin, as soon as he saw it, couldn’t move. Wang knew that the light in the sea was shining. Wang Zimei showed his figure. King Kong was locked in a golden light and trapped in Bai Wuzu.
The understanding of whips in this life has made Xu Shao more proficient in the diamond lock. When the diamond lock appears, Bai Wuzu is almost on guard against being trapped by this chain.
"Burst …"
Black, sickly, golden, and golden diamond locks corrode each other to make Bai Wuzu almost stunned. All fighters in reincarnation dreams are the same. Bai Wuzu can’t see the motionless king, and he can’t see the diamond lock that trapped him.
"What’s the matter? What kind of spell are you? " Being trapped by something you can’t see is the most frightening thing, and today, Bai Wuzu has lost a Wuzu style, screaming and screaming in horror.
"What is this spell? Wu Xiu is a spell? " It is also very shocking that the violet sword fairy is too white. If the other fighters in Kyushu are nothing, after all, the boundary between the fighters and the practitioners in Kyushu is just the way to make their vitality. The quality is the same.
But Wu Xiu, who was rejected by the Fallen Fairy Array, is different. They are really gifted, not Kyushu University, but Mushatokoro. Their achievement method is sword or body to achieve martial arts. Now, an absolute Wu Xiu or absolute sword Xiu, which is rejected by the Fallen Fairy Array, makes the spell come out. Think about it.
"You know that my mentor, Kai Men G, is Yu Xi in Tsing Yi, so you should also know that part of what I have learned is Buddhist magical power … this is Buddhist magical power."
Xu Shao half-truths that he is now trying to deceive the control characteristics of the Shefan Fairy Array that altruism cannot be controlled by the Shefan Fairy Array to win this victory.
Xu Shao, who is in the ranks of the fallen immortals, thinks that it is impossible to know the secret of this third reincarnation now, but in the act of giving him sword meaning after the appearance of violet sword fairy Taibai, Xu Shao was aware of this third reincarnation.
What is the meaning of the sword?
Sword meaning is budo or kendo foundation. When the understanding of sword meaning reaches a level, sword meaning sublimates into kendo.
Although the practitioners with kendo have been repaired by swords, they are really martial arts. Because kendo is just a part of budo.
Kyushu Big 6 fighters are limited by nature and can become ordinary fighters or fix the true.
Although the soul of Tianzhou Jian Xiu has changed into Jian Xiu, these Jian Xiu practices Kendo as a part of budo, and there are more outside it.
Even if the people in Tianzhou are as tall as violet and sword fairy is too white, they can speculate on more martial arts, but Xu Shao, a traveler, can