The slender white fingers of the female shook one eyelash after another, as if two wanted to fly, but the butterfly fluttered its wings one after another.

I feel a slight threat to this woman. Of course, even here, I still hold the exorcism battle tightly in my hand, and I have the ghost dragon armor armor I brought from other ancient tombs at hand. I will fight with this woman regardless of the willy-nilly.
At last, the woman regained consciousness, and her eyes slowly opened. To my surprise, the woman’s eyes were red, red and narrow at that moment. The eyes were so similar to those in my dream. The eyes were him who was always in my heart.
But no matter how surprised I am, I don’t have the shock. After all, I already know that everything is related to this woman, the woman and those eyes in my heart, and that should be the case.
The woman’s eyes slowly turned from red to black after opening, and finally she reached out to hold the edge of the crystal coffin in peace, and then she jumped over the coffin in front of me with a slight leap.
I was surprised to see that women’s mental activity is not like lying in a coffin for so long, but more like a healthy girl who has been exercising all the time.
Ah, it’s so angry outside. The woman stretched out her hands in front of me and turned around without fear, then turned her head and looked at my brother faintly. It’s been a long time.
The woman who spoke jumped at me unexpectedly, hugging me tightly and being too intimate.
I struggled, pushed the woman back, looked at me and said, your sister, I’m reborn. Let’s celebrate. Don’t be such a bitter face.
I stared at the woman and didn’t know what to say at the moment. After a good half-day, I said, let you let my friend go.
The woman smiled calmly and said that she didn’t want them. I’ve let the goalkeeper let you go. If you don’t believe me, I’ll show you. If you don’t believe me, you’ll be talking. The woman waved her hand twice in the middle, and then in the second half, there was a picture in it. When we arrived in H city, Ma Xiaolan, Qin Gan, Zhu Yan, the master of good governance, Zhang Qiu and others were surrounded in the supermarket picture. It seems that they really left the zombie leader control long ago. It is estimated that people have been released when I arrived at the zombie cave.
I am relieved that these people are all right. I look at the woman and say, since you are so relieved to let them go, why don’t you give me something to hold on to?
The woman immediately laughed and said, you’re right. I do have something on you. I want to make a deal with you
I knew in my heart that this woman was difficult to deal with and looked so harmful, but I didn’t know what kind of person she was secretly.
Tell me what you want me to do. By the way, tell me what you have on me. I look at the woman and say that the woman is still talking about it. I’m not going to prepare for it.
Lend me your body for a month or help me do things for a month. After a month, you can do whatever you want. You can live a good life with your wife or continue your grave digging career or exorcism pavilion. But a month ago, you must help me do things. I will do whatever I want you to do, the woman said seriously.
Then what do you want me to do? Why should I do everything for you for a month? I looked at the woman and asked.
It’s simple. If you don’t help me, I’ll help your wife with the baby. Do you believe me, I can get into your wife’s belly and attach it to your baby, just me.
It’s not like this in my heart for a while that a magic charm can be attached to someone else’s child and then do something. This saying is called a ghost, while a general magic charm can be attached to a child who is still in his stomach with a stronger ability to act, so that the child is controlled by a magic charm from birth.
I shudder at the thought that my child has been controlled by this woman all his life.
No, absolutely not. Even at the expense of myself, I can’t let my child do this. Just when I was ready to fight with a woman with a ghost charm, the woman actually saw through my mind. The woman shook hands with the white flowers on the other side and said faintly, I know you want to fight hard with me, but you can’t win. Don’t forget that it’s bad for me to ask you outside. I believe that even if you are alive, you will never see your wife and children again.
The talking woman disappeared before she shook her hand, and the mirror reappeared. I saw the scene outside the supermarket. I saw several zombies arrayed at the door of the supermarket and looked up at the front door as if looking at me and laughing.
Dragon Girl said 3a, if you dare to touch my hair, the door will rush in as soon as I feel it. At that time, there will be no one left inside, and the zombie virus will spread to the world irresistibly. At that time, both wife, children and people in the world will be destroyed, and human culture will perish. Do you want this?
I watched in horror as a woman was more vicious than I thought, so what do you want me to do?
It is very simple for you to help me do something, or it can be said that you can help me kill a few people. The woman squinted and said that there were a few cold lights in her eyes, and then she almost gnashed her teeth and said that they would be fine if they died. I can still find you in reincarnation. Even if you are alive, I will let you ruin our people. I will not let one of them go.
I panicked and watched the dragon lady become more and more fierce. At this moment, the dragon lady suddenly changed from a docile cat to a big lion with a big mouth and sharp teeth as if she were still dripping blood.
As the woman talked, she turned to look at me and said, brother, I know you have forgotten bloodthirsty day, but I will remind you that it will remind your department. Have you forgotten those pictures that were once your favorite?
The woman approached me slowly with a faint smile and a bad smile. My legs seemed to be fixed on the ground and I couldn’t move. I could watch the woman approach.
Soon the woman was close to me, her hands were on my shoulders, her face was in front of mine, and then she reached out and held my head, and her forehead stood on tiptoe and touched my forehead.
When I touched my forehead for a moment, I felt as if I had passed through. As soon as I followed, I felt something slowly losing from the woman’s head to mine.
First of all, in my mind, it was a bloody scene, as if the world were full of blood. I watched in horror. Then I saw a golden dragon flying in the sky and the camera kept passing by. I saw the dragons killing people as if they were possessed. As the dragons kept killing people, I felt something in my heart lit up and pounded.
The feeling of bloodthirsty was once a demon to me. I am a demon, and there is a demon in my heart.
I mumbled and looked at the dragon lady. I seem to have a little impression that we are twins. Twins always have a lot of places to figure out, and we are the same.
The dragon lady can find me through that magic, and she keeps coaxing me and leading me to this place.
Dragon girl doesn’t seem to care at all. Now I, she has told me a lot of things. She said that she used to be very good to me. We are a very good brother and sister. Although she has been a black dragon all her life, she has not brought her unhappiness because of her. I am a very good brother to her.
However, when she fell in love with a mortal, everything changed. People didn’t approve of her being with a mortal. Nu Wa tried every means to obstruct her. There was a fierce battle between Nu Wa and the Black Dragon, and the Dragon people also talked with Nu Wa about the conditions. At that time, I had to help kill her on the Dragon side because of my physical conditions.
But at that time, I finally felt sorry for my own sister and finally thought of a way to seal her up.
The seal has been reincarnated for several times, and I have never succeeded in finding my own sister. In this life, I have successfully found the dragon lady.
The man who caused the fierce battle at the beginning was the devil. The devil died when the dragon lady was hunted down. After she died, she wanted to be with the dragon lady and was imprisoned by the devil in hell. It was not until later that the devil in hell unloaded the present devil that she became the devil.
The woman didn’t talk about things in too much detail. It was simple. After telling me for a while, let me know and stop talking.
And I was silent after listening to the female ha u, but I didn’t feel some blank feelings
The woman said that she had thought of extinction later, and it was because of this idea that the terrifying said that she would come to destroy her.
But the woman says that she has no idea of extinction now. She wants to kill all the people she has dealt with in the past. Chapter 47 Frozen cocoon coffin 6
After all, I nodded and promised the woman. I don’t know if my decision was right or wrong at that moment. I know that I pity the woman from the bottom of my heart or that she has never done anything wrong, but it is really pitiful to be forced into this situation.
This, of course, also stems from my personal interests. I really don’t want Ma Xiaolan or my children to get hurt. I would rather have someone else’s life in exchange for theirs, even if I end up having a hard time, so I decided to do it.
The dragon lady said that you are a wise man, so it is good for you and good for me. In fact, I don’t want to hurt you. Anyway, you are my own brother, even if you turn around for the tenth time, this fact can’t be changed. When you sealed me, it was actually good for me. How can I not be white?
I don’t remember the past and I don’t want to talk about it. What should I do now? I looked at the woman and asked.
The dragon lady looked at me for a long time with a faint smile in her eyes. Only then did she say two ways: one is that you help me directly, and the other is to lend me your body and I will solve my hatred myself.
After much deliberation, I finally chose the latter one, and let me kill directly. I think I can’t stand it. If I can accept it, I will let her do it herself. After all, she hates herself and should do it herself.