Zhang Chengyuan suddenly asked, "At Shige’s, Tae-yeon and I finally won it last night. Is it a waste if we don’t get up to make breakfast rewards?" His face is quite "angry"

Yu Jae Seok laughed and said, "No waste, but no fire."
"Make a fire?"
"Do breakfast have to make a fire? And it takes a while to make a fire, right? At this time, everyone can still go back to the house and have a rest, and Tianxi and his chosen partner will be responsible for this, "Yu Jae Seok explained."
Zhang Chengyuan asked, "Was Brother Xi unable to choose Tae-yeon and me that day?"
Yu Jae Seok said "of course"
Zhang Chengyuan nodded slightly satisfied and stopped talking, but Li Tianxi shook his head in disappointment. He wanted to choose Kim TaeYeon as his partner, which fell through.
When Li Tianxi chose Yu Jae Seok as his partner, it seemed that he wanted to announce this way to vent his grievances on him. Who let him give the award of "The winner of the glutinous rice ball competition didn’t cook breakfast" last night?
Yu Jae Seok was dumb immediately after he was selected, and he felt quite trapped. If he hadn’t refused to agree to Zhang Chengyuan’s proposal and changed himself into a reward last night, there would have been no such situation.
Then they went back to the bedroom and Zhang Chengyuan didn’t stay because he noticed that Lee Hyo Ri’s breath was not smooth and seemed to be unwell, so he followed Lee Hyo Ri and went in.
Sitting next to Lee Hyo Ri, Zhang Chengyuan asked softly, "What’s wrong with you, sister?"
Lee Hyo Ri was lying on the pillow and whispered, "I ate too much last night and choked. Now I feel a little uncomfortable. Please help me tie my fingers." Last night, she not only stole the rabbit-shaped glutinous rice balls made by Yin Zhongxin and Li Hongji, but also took away the two glutinous rice balls made by Zhang Chengyuan, and Kim TaeYeon ate a snake-shaped glutinous rice ball or Zhang Chengyuan saved it for her.
Zhang Chengyuan whispered, "What finger? This indigenous method is painful and not necessarily tube or my true qi to help you massage. "When he said this sentence, he slightly cast a paragraph for Lee Hyo Ri to hear alone.
Lee Hyo Ri gently shook his head and glanced at others’ eyes. "There are too many people here to do this."
Zhang Chengyuan understood his meaning and smiled in her mind. "I didn’t massage you. Others can’t see it." Say that finish, before Lee Hyo Ri nodded and agreed, he reached out and helped her up and sat behind her.
Lying next to it, park ye jin felt a little strange and asked, "What happened to Chengyuan?" Smell the people also have to look up.
Zhang Chengyuan smiled gently. "It’s okay. Sister Xiaoli didn’t sleep well last night. Her back hurts a little. I’ll help her massage. You go back to sleep." Then she patted her back and arms in Lee Hyo Ri and secretly used her true qi to help her clear her blood.
After a while, Lee Hyo Ri felt much more comfortable, and then he lay down and continued to rest, while Zhang Chengyuan also lay down and directly lay beside Lee Hyo Ri.
Lee Hyo Ri was shocked and kicked him to signal him to go to other places, but Zhang Chengyuan smiled and used Yuan Shen’s means to directly say in her mind, "The camera next to my sister was damaged by me, so what you need to worry about is that it will be filmed and sent out, and I didn’t lie beside you when recording the program?"
After hearing what he said, Lee Hyo Ri stopped caring.
After lying down for about twenty minutes, Yu Jae Seok went into the house with an alarm to urge everyone to get up and make breakfast, and everyone got up one by one.
This morning, breakfast was pumpkin porridge. I could have breakfast early and send food to the old people in the village, so everyone got down to work seriously. First, I cleaned the pumpkin, then peeled it and cut it into small pieces. Because I had to do too much light, these steps took half an hour. This was still Zhang Chengyuan’s effort. Of course, he didn’t make the fastest speed, but what he did was almost the sum of what others did. Yu Jae Seok immediately gave him a nickname called "Aauto Quicker, a national kitchen knife". In his opinion, he was afraid that even professional chefs would play with knives.
After making pumpkins, people put them in a big pot with boiled water and cooked them. At the same time, yesterday, glutinous rice dough was rubbed up into pills, which were much smaller than the glutinous rice balls wrapped yesterday, with a diameter of about one centimeter and no stuffing. It was very simple to make them, and it didn’t take long to rub out hundreds.
Then, when the pumpkin is cooked badly, the glutinous rice balls are poured into the pot in batches, and the people take turns to stir it in the big pot with wooden spoons. Because there are too many things in the pot, it is difficult to stir it up, and this kind of effort is hard to live, tall and strong, and full of strength. Naturally, it will take more effort.
So after a short period of time, some sugar was added for seasoning, and the pumpkin porridge was finally ready and tasted quite good. Everyone suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and said, it’s really not easy to make a large batch of food, which is time-consuming and labor-consuming. I don’t know how the chefs in some big canteens hold on like this every day.
At this time, everyone was already hungry and didn’t say much. Ma Sheng had ten bowls of pumpkin porridge, and everyone ate it cheerfully, and the more they ate, the more they praised it. Perhaps the food they cooked was particularly delicious.
Chapter five hundred and seven Return trip
After breakfast and washing and changing clothes, everyone was divided into three teams and went out to the village fields, vegetable fields, orchards and other places with glutinous rice balls made yesterday and pumpkin porridge made this morning to give to the elderly or uncles and aunts in the village.
Zhang Chengyuan went to several fields with Lee Hyo Ri and Li Tianxi, and was received by many villagers who were simple but warm. They even returned some local fruit specialties to them. In terms of value, these specialties are obviously more valuable than the food they sent, which makes everyone feel that they are the recipients. Fortunately, the villagers are very satisfied with the food cooked by their families and praised them. The three of them feel a little comforted.
After the food was delivered, the families reunited and set off for the vegetable field where they stayed to finish the last family-picking cabbage.
This cabbage vegetable field is located on a hill in the back of the village. It takes a long way to get there, but it is lush and green. In the distance, mountains, blue sky and white clouds meet each other, which constitutes a wonderful landscape picture. Everyone feels like being in a fairyland and can’t help but be suddenly enlightened and relaxed.
When I came to a relatively flat mountain, the scenery suddenly changed, and a valley suddenly appeared in front of everyone. Everyone suddenly stopped to play, and suddenly they shouted at the opposite mountain, and then they heard echoes and bursts of fun.
Then everyone was in no hurry to stay here and play on the spot. First, they brought a guitar to accompany them and danced and sang songs such as drei and whasup, and then they had a simple football game and had a good time.
However, when playing football, Zhang Chengyuan was excluded. He became a referee. After all, he was able to sweep the other nine people in this physical fitness competition. If he played this game, it would be unfair and meaningless.
Zhang Chengyuan didn’t care much about watching the fun, even the referee didn’t care much. At most, he announced the scores of both sides in a game. Of course, this is also because there are no rules for this family game. Everyone is yelling, cuddling, and fighting for it. They can have a good time almost as they want, but they will also pay attention to where they should pay attention.
However, if Zhang Chengyuan didn’t play this game, Yin Zhongxin, Yu Jae Seok, Li Tianxi, Lee Hyo Ri and park ye jin joined forces to cuddle and pull him to stop him. When he led his team to win, he once again achieved his reputation as the "game king" in the family.
After the game, everyone finally set off again, and soon they came to the cabbage patch and started to work. It was not difficult to pick vegetables, so it didn’t take much time to pick enough cabbages and then brought them back to Zongzhai. This was a complete success, and the recording of this program was almost necessary
Afterwards, everyone cleaned up, tidied up their homes, and prepared to welcome the return of the original owner of Zongzhai. The tape recorder recorded some words of thanks. At about four o’clock in the afternoon, the host family came back, followed by some greetings and a group photo. After this filming, the family members left one by one.
Because Zhang Chengyuan was in a hurry to go back to the crew to continue filming the TV series "The Painter of the Wind", he didn’t plan to go back to Seoul with Lee Hyo Ri this time, but he still pestered Lee Hyo Ri because of a short journey. By the way, he also invited Kim TaeYeon. After all, there were more people, and it seemed too different for her to invite Lee Hyo Ri instead of Kim TaeYeon. The nanny car that Lee Hyo Ri and Kim TaeYeon used to take followed.
Sitting in the car, the three chatted casually. First, they talked about some people, especially Kim TaeYeon’s performance in "The Family" and gave her some helpful suggestions. Then they talked about the recent situation of their living workers. Because they are close to each other, they naturally chatted very well. It is inconvenient to talk about some private words between Zhang Chengyuan and Lee Hyo Ri with Kim TaeYeon present.
After chatting for more than half an hour, Zhang Chengyuan suddenly remembered something and asked, "Sister, I have a question for you. Why did you refuse to let you perform naivety in Brother Shi in the bed fight game last night?"
Lee Hyo Ri saw his one eye light way "nothing is just don’t want to perform".
Zhang Chengyuan naturally wouldn’t believe this and continued to ask, "Is it because of me?"
Lee Hyo Ri hesitated for a moment and sighed lightly, "Well, I admit it’s your fault, just like Brother Shi said. I’m really embarrassed in front of you. How did act young say that I’m your sister, too? If you really do this, how can you let me teach you a lesson with a straight face?"
"That’s not the reason!" Zhang Chengyuan shook his head and then said, "It’s not just this reason. Please tell me."
Lee Hyo Ri shook his head nai way "you this guy why always like to get to the bottom of a small matter also ask a chatter! Well, I’ll tell you what. I did it because I saw that you wanted Tae-yeon to be the first in all competitions or games yesterday and wanted to give you a hand.
At that time, Tae-yeon had just finished performing the dance, which was the best time for everyone to remember her. At that time, it was very likely that Tae-yeon would win by voting, but if she went on, it would be difficult to guarantee that Yi-jin would not perform very well and win the first place. It would be absolutely easy for her to show naive acting skills as an actress, so you would not be able to do so then. "
Actually, this is not the real reason. The real reason is that she would rather let Kim TaeYeon sleep with Zhang Chengyuan than let park ye jin sleep side by side with him. After all, Zhang Chengyuan is so attractive to women. If park ye jin gets too close to him, she will be uneasy. If she is tempted by him carelessly, it will be troublesome. Of course, this is what Kim TaeYeon thought at that time, but now she regrets it a little, because she saw something she didn’t want to see when she got up last night and went to the toilet.
Hearing her words, Kim TaeYeon hurriedly thanked Zhang Chengyuan, but Zhang Chengyuan still had some doubts. However, he deeply understood Lee Hyo Ri’s character, and when he asked again, he couldn’t ask anything. When he changed a topic and asked, "Sister finkl’s ten-year concert and your personal debut ten-year concert preparation, how are you doing?"
Lee Hyo Ri said, "At present, I am mainly preparing for my personal concert, which is progressing smoothly in the preparation of finkl’s ten-year concert. I rarely take part in occasional opinions or take some time out. They practice finkl’s singing and dancing together. It is mainly decided by Zhu Xuan, Zhen ‘er and Yuri, but I believe that even without me, the three of them can prepare very well. Well, if you have something to do, you should help more."
Zhang Chengyuan nodded and said, "I will, but sister, are you too tired to practice two concerts at the same time?"
Lee Hyo Ri said, "I’ll take a rest. Don’t worry."
This is obviously a comforting answer, which can not dispel Zhang Chengyuan’s doubts, but he is too busy to help her for a while and can wake up and say, "Please let me know if I feel unwell one day."
"Smelly little you curse me? Don’t worry, I will be fine. "Lee Hyo Ri said with a smile.
"Elder sister I which dare? Oh, by the way, while Tae-yeon is here, let me give you a suggestion. What do you think of inviting’ girlhood’ to be a guest performer at finkl concert? " At this time, the notice of girlhood has decreased significantly, and he wants to take this opportunity to slightly increase their exposure.
Lee Hyo Ri said coolly, "We are all from our own side. I have no problem with it. You have to ask Zhu Xuan and them again."
"If you agree, they won’t refuse."
It didn’t take long for the car to drive to the location of the crew of Wind Painter. This time, the crew was located in Taoshanyuan, Anton City, Gyeongsangbuk-do, not far from the shooting place of this issue of Family. Soon after, Zhang Chengyuan said goodbye to Lee Hyo Ri and Kim TaeYeon, and immediately got out of the car, but asked his assistant Jin Youji to continue driving them back to Seoul.
Lee Hyo Ri and Kim TaeYeon don’t refuse. After all, Zhang Chengyuan’s car is very comfortable after his special transformation, which is much better than their company’s nanny car. In addition, the two of them still have something to say. It is also convenient in Zhang Chengyuan’s car. Jin Yuji has always been silent and has a much tighter tone than the people around them. He should not listen and ask things and never do them.
Lee Hyo Ri said, "Tae-yeon, how long have you known Chengyuan?"
"For more than four years," Kim TaeYeon replied in a disguised manner. It is difficult for her to be a little nervous when she is alone with Lee Hyo Ri, the big sister and elder.
Lee Hyo Ri continued, "How is Chengyuan treating you?"
"Good. Although we haven’t seen each other many times, I feel more and more that Brother Chengyuan is like my own brother. Well, it’s even closer than my own brother. Every time I meet him, I feel very kind and inconvenient to talk to my family. I can speak to him frankly." Kim TaeYeon said frankly.
Lee Hyo Ri crooned, "This guy is the one who can easily make people feel that he is the closest person to you." Suddenly he said slowly, "Do you sometimes … feel that he is too close to you or your sisters? Or does he have some thoughts about you that he shouldn’t have? "
"Too close? Shouldn’t have an idea? Ernie, am I a little white? " Kim TaeYeon was puzzled.
Lee Hyo Ri thought for a moment. "Well, let’s just say, did he deliberately want to get close to you, such as pretending to hug you and kiss you casually?" This method is Zhang Chengyuan’s usual way of pursuing women-Lee Hyo Ri also received it a long time ago.