"No, it’s best. If I see what you have with Ayan, I’ll let you stay in this school."

Shen Yu nodded happily. "Yes, yes, you can rest assured that I am not involved with him … I wish you a hundred years of harmony."
Her words were perfunctory, but Lin Qi couldn’t help blushing at this.
Heavy fish heart some annoys, this girl really likes that Gu Yan, even though she has a poor eye for people.
Seeing Lin Qi immersed in her girl’s mind, she simply turned around and pulled Song Xian out of here.
Because Lin Qi didn’t speak again, her minions didn’t say much in the end, although they were a little upset about the sinking fish leaving so lightly.
Sink fish then took Song Xian trotted all the way to the canteen. Fortunately, at this time, most of the students had left the school after dinner, and the two of them quickly filled their meals and sat down at the table.
In the original owner’s memory, the food in No.1 Middle School canteen tastes very good.
Sink fish picked up chopsticks and took a bite of the food on the plate in front of him and nodded his head.
Although there is no aura, it tastes really good.
Because the horse is going to study by himself, the two of them quickly finished the meal.
Then he hurried back to the classroom.
Wait until they sit back in their seats and the bell rings at the same time
The boy beside Shen Yu found the opportunity to say, "You are right today. That senior is not a good person. If he bothers you again, come to me."
Heavy fish smell speech turned his head to see the young a pair of phoenix eyes are focused on staring at his eyes with a serious intention.
Sink fish heart can’t help but soften for a moment, at the same time, there are some regrets in my heart.
At present, this young man is a hundred times better than Gu Yan, but just because Gu Yan is the owner of this world, he must break up with Song Xian.
It’s really unreasonable
Shen Yu nodded. "Don’t worry, I have study in my heart and I’m not interested in anything else."
Song Xianwen stopped talking and bowed their heads and studied hard.
But things are far from as simple as heavy fish think. She doesn’t want to talk to Gu Yan, but she can’t control Gu Yan from coming to herself.
On this night, Shen Yu just walked to the door of a girl’s dormitory in No.1 middle school after night lessons, and suddenly a figure came out from nowhere, and then he pulled Shen Yu into the rear of the dormitory before Shen Yu didn’t react.
After a few times of stumbling, the heavy fish held the wall steady, and then looked up at the person who had pulled himself over.
Gu Yan Zhang Shuai’s face is full of anxious looking at the sink fish "sink fish junior I heard that Lin Qi she got you in trouble this afternoon? You … are you okay? I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. "
He stammered, and his face was full of remorse.
Shen Yu listened to his words, but she couldn’t help but frowned. She raised herself and was just pulled by Gu Yan. After wiping the sleeve on the other side of the hand, she looked up and looked at Gu Yan again.
"I’ll leave if the senior has nothing to say."
Gu Yan looked at the dull expression of Shen Yu’s face and was somewhat shocked. After he hesitated for a while, he explained, "I’m sorry, I didn’t know Lin Qi would come to you for trouble."
At the same time as Gu Yan explained, Tian Wentong followed suit and spoke in Shen Yu’s mind.
[Host, you see how much the man cares about you. It is said that Lin Qi is in trouble when he comes to you, so he finally comes to you. Isn’t this kind of man worth your heart? 】
[Long, handsome and affectionate]
The heavy fish looked at Gu Yan with critical eyes and then sneered in the heart [affectionate? Are you sure? 】
She also said this to Gu Yan.
"Senior Gu Yan, if I remember correctly, senior Lin Qi is your girlfriend, right?" Shen Yu wondered. "Even if senior Lin Qi and I really have a contradiction, shouldn’t senior Lin Qi be the one to go to?"
Because of the height, the girl looks very innocent when she looks up at Gu Yan and looks at it from Gu Yan’s point of view.
Is the other mouth words let Gu Yan Mo feel some uninvited.
You have something to say.
Rotten cucumber is not worthy of the word affectionate.
Chapter 8 Chapter 8
But Gu Yan is the man of this world after all, and he quickly adjusted his mood.
"Qi, she is always like this … I am afraid that she will bully you."
He looks like a heavy fish, and his eyes sincerely look at the heavy fish. If it is not a heavy fish here at this time, but another girl in the school is afraid that the other party has already been moved by Gu Yan’s appearance.
But it’s a pity that Shen Yu didn’t touch this, but Tian Wentong was moved and cried in Shen Yu’s mind
[Isn’t it nice to host such a man? He’s got a good outlook. After hearing that Lin Qi found the host trouble, the man wanted to go to the senior one to find you in the middle of his self-study, but because you were in class, he didn’t rush to bother you, but waited here alone for a long time … Can you finish it well?]
Realizing that compulsion can’t make the sink fish obey himself, Sweet Wentong decided to change a route of "love" to influence this stubborn host.
[hypocrisy] sink a fish and hum a.
"No, the senior thinks too much. Sister Qi is very nice. She just called me over and said a word."
Gu Yan blinked "is it? That’s good. I’m too impulsive … I’m sorry I was too worried when I heard that she went to see you. I didn’t hurt you when I pulled you just now. "
Shen Yu stepped back a few steps away from Gu Yan. At this time, she lost patience and continued to make a pretence with the other party. She said directly, "I’m fine … but if the senior keeps bothering me like this, I may be in trouble. It’s better for a senior with a girlfriend to keep a little distance from me. After all, the senior is so famous in school. If someone sees me and tells Sister Lin Qi, then I’m really in trouble."
Sink fish doesn’t believe Gu Yan. Can you not know how Lin Qi will react when he sees other girls together?
It is said that Shen Yu’s trouble now is caused by Lin Qi, rather than Gu Yan’s unclear understanding of his identity as a girlfriend.
Gu Yan wouldn’t have communicated with Lin Qiyou if he didn’t pester Shen Yu and Shen Yu Gen.
After all, one of them is a rocket class in Grade One and the other is a girl class in Grade Two.
The study in the rocket class is already very heavy on weekdays. Where is the heavy fish? When it comes, go and meet Lin Qi.
And those girls who were bullied by Lin Qi before sinking fish went through the story that Sweet Text lost to them.
Most of them were taught by Lin Qi because they went to Gu Yan’s confession office.
And the other small part is like a heavy fish being dragged down by Gu Yan.
But in the final analysis, isn’t it because of Gu Yan that Lin Qi will find trouble with other girls? Will Lin Qi do such a crazy thing if Gu Yan leads an honest and clean life?
Through Lin Qi’s contact with Shen Yu this afternoon, I can also see that the girl is a little too arrogant and has no other heavy hair disease
As for the fact that she once bullied other girls, Shen Yu can say that she did something wrong. The world is sick, but it is a man who made a mistake, but in order to maintain this male "affectionate" appearance, he transferred the other girl’s mistake to other girls.
After all, which girl can stand others pestering her boyfriend?
If it’s really tolerable, then either the girl doesn’t love her boyfriend or she cares about herself like a sinking fish, and she can benefit from it, regardless of whether the other person likes herself or not.