Nobody knows. He is such a middle-aged man who looks extremely kind. Will be the prince of one of the thirteen clans of the blood clan, the head of the clan. There are hundreds of thousands of blood people under his command, which control one-third of British industry and once slaughtered the existence of tens of thousands of low-ranking priests in the Vatican.

Suddenly, a young man came in quickly, holding a plate in his hand. In the plate, there was a crystal cup filled with red liquid. When it was ten meters away from the dining table, he first stopped, made a respectful salute, and then slowly came forward.
Respectfully offering the crystal cup, he said respectfully, "My Lord, the freshest blood has just been drawn from a virgin blood slave. This blood slave is just eighteen years old today. Today is the first time to draw blood. It has been checked and the blood is clean. Please enjoy it slowly."
The owner of the castle, who was about forty years old, immediately nodded, put down his knife, picked up the crystal cup, looked at the dark red liquid like amber, and suddenly a strong lotus flower broke out in his eyes, gulped it down, and licked his dark lips, feeling a little unsatisfied.
Ten seconds later, he smiled with satisfaction and said, "Well, it tastes good. It’s pure virgin blood. Jimut, continue to operate. This is a very good idea. Who came up with it? Give it a good reward. The blood now tastes much better than the blood that was sucked at random before, but it must be kept fresh. If someone takes the money but doesn’t keep the agreement, send them to see Satan!"
When Jimmut heard the compliment from the middle-aged man, he immediately showed a knowing smile and said respectfully, "Yes, my Lord, I have sent special personnel to manage this matter, and I will never make any mistakes. I just killed two girls who broke their virginity privately last month. I want to give them more courage, and no one will dare to do it again."
Paused, as if remembering something, he said, "Your Excellency, the Duke of Ruhr is in the living room. He wants to see you. He seems to have something urgent and murderous. Look, this. . 。 ”
The middle-aged man continued to pick up the knife, cut a small piece of medium-rare beef, and was about to send it into his mouth. When he heard Jimmut’s report, he let go of his fork, frowned slightly, and said with a hint of doubt, "Rurt? Didn’t this guy just leave me yesterday and go back to his castle? Why did you come again today? . . . Did he tell you anything? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"No, my Lord!" Jimmut shook his head slightly, with a trace of doubt on his face, and carefully answered the middle-aged man’s question.
Put the small piece of steak in your mouth and chew it slightly until the tender beef is completely chewed and swallowed slowly. Then the middle-aged man said, "Let him in! Look at what happened. Although Rurt is ambitious, he is a smart man and will never bother me for no reason. Something must have happened. "
"Yes, my Lord, I’ll call him." Jimmut hurriedly walked out quickly, and the middle-aged man continued to cut the steak, slowly ate it into his mouth, and chewed it while thinking deeply about something.

Chapter 172 Blood kills a team
Chapter 172 Blood kills a team
Soon, Jimmut led a purple-haired old man into the room. It was Rurt that Jimmut had just mentioned in his mouth. The old man looked like he was in his fifties, and his face was full of vicissitudes, giving people a feeling of fatigue, but his eyes were full of murderous look and hatred and anger.
Middle-aged people at the sight of Ruhr’s expression, slightly surprised, although Rurt has lived for more than one thousand four hundred years, but for the blood clan, it is the middle-aged and strong age, how can his face be so vicissitudes? Look slightly changed, with a little anxious tone said: "Oh, dear old Rurt, what’s the matter with you? It seems that you look very bad. "
Although Rurt’s eyes were full of murderous look, when he saw middle-aged people, he bowed respectfully first: "Your Royal Highness, it’s really a little sorry to bother you again. Please forgive my presumptuous behavior, but I can’t help it."
The middle-aged man waved slightly, puzzled, and said calmly, "Rurt, don’t bother today. Tell me, what happened? I can see that you are angry now. As an old friend, I think you should be able to tell me the reason for your anger. Maybe I can give you some help. "
Hearing this, Rurt’s expression became more vicissitudes, but the murderous look in his eyes became more intense. He shot two lotus flowers that were almost real, and said with a slight trembling voice, "Your Highness, my only child, the naughty Lenz, was killed in his compound yesterday? Twenty-seven Earls who followed him were all killed. "
"What? What did you say?/Sorry? How is that possible? Aaron, the child has reached the realm of marquis, and it is in Britain, the stronghold of our blood clan. Who dares to kill him? " Although the middle-aged duke has been expressionless, he was slightly shocked when he heard this. His expression flashed and he said, "When did this happen?"
"Last night, in his compound, he hasn’t been out of the nightclub. After being killed, even the body was destroyed. But no one found out when it happened. I don’t even know who the killer is. Lenz and the twenty-seven Earls are like into thin air. I thought they had gone far away, but as soon as I went to check, the fire of their lives was extinguished. "
Rurt’s body trembled slightly, and her eyes were full of murderous look: "Your Highness, you know how difficult it is for our blood clan to have children. When I was one thousand years old. I got such a child by accident, but now. . 。 ”
Middle-aged man stood up slowly. Rurt was one of the most valued grand dukes under him, and his strength was the closest to his prince. Now his only child was killed, which was absolutely unacceptable to him in a short time. This matter must be handled well and a reasonable explanation must be given to him. Otherwise, there will be great trouble.
In the world of blood clan, children and descendants are completely different concepts. Descendants can go to the street to catch a living person as long as they want, as long as they waste a drop of effort. You can make a descendant at any time by completing a simple first hug ceremony.
If you are willing to make great efforts, a duke can produce dozens of descendants almost every day, but the ability of these descendants is almost the same, which can’t be compared with the first descendant, that is, the pure blood descendant.
But children are different, that is, blood couples, like human beings, pass through, conceive into fetuses, and then give birth to offspring. Born with powerful magic. Gather all the advantages of parents, as long as they grow up to the age recognized by the blood clan. It is definitely the backbone of the blood clan.
Even the first pure blood descendant of each advanced blood clan can’t compare with these blood clans produced through normal birth, and the congenital gap is very big.
For human beings, giving birth to children is absolutely a simple thing. Theoretically, a couple can give birth to a dozen or twenty children in a short life of less than a hundred years if they want.
But for the blood clan, a special race, it is very fortunate that one thousand blood clan couples, if one of them can give birth to a child, are suddenly killed. It is also difficult for a cruel and abnormal person like Rurt to accept, except for grief.
Slightly silent, the middle-aged man’s eyes were cold, and he said to Jimut, "Let all the members of the Blood Killing Team report here, and we must find out the murderer as soon as possible, and it is a hundred times as powerful. Otherwise, what is the face of our Ruimoer family?"
Jimmut was immediately surprised.’ Blood kills a team’, the ultimate killer group. The family has not dispatched them for at least a hundred years. He hesitated and looked at Rurt on the ground. He knew that this guy was extremely narrow-minded and his expression changed slightly. After all, he held back and said, "Yes, your honor, I’ll do it." After speaking, he quickly went out at once.
Hearing this, Rurt was also slightly moved.’ Killing a Team with Blood’ has a somewhat vague name in memory. It seems that the family has not been dispatched for a long time. The action team composed of fourteen blood dukes is so powerful that they dare not think much. They quickly said, "Thank you, Your Highness!"
The middle-aged man laughed at once: "Ha ha, Rurt, what are you polite to me? I have a strange feeling that the strength of the other side will never be bad. I hope that’ blood killing one team’ can be solved, otherwise things will be in big trouble. " At some point, the tone is serious again.
Rurt looked at the middle-aged man with a twinkle in his face and said, "Is it from the Vatican?"
The middle-aged man turned and sat back, saying, "No, according to the information provided by the parliament, the Vatican is fighting against those who fix the truth in China, and has suffered greatly. Almost all of America is occupied by those who fix the truth. The people of the Vatican will never bother us and ask for trouble now."
From time to time, there was a flash of blood, and Jimut came back and quickly walked behind the middle-aged man. Then, fourteen blood shadows appeared in the hall, and powerful blood could be scattered at once. As soon as he saw the middle-aged man, he immediately fell to his knees and respectfully saluted, "Dear Prince, long time no see. What is your command to summon us to kill a team with blood?"
"It’s been a long time. The last time I summoned you, it was 140 years ago. I have a task for you this time. Be careful. As for the specific task, you will follow Lord Ruhr to London later to find out the murderer who killed Rurt’s young master Lun Si. By the way, check the origin of the other party. If the strength is weak, we will repay them with a hundred times as much as we do. If you can’t afford to offend, come back and report to me first." The middle-aged man said mercilessly.
The leader of the fourteen blood shadows immediately nodded and said coldly, "Yes, your Royal Highness."

Chapter 173 Buy off
Chapter 173 Buy off
In the evening, the sun sets.
Jinyang slowly opened his eyes, and two green lights shot out, instantly, and reflected back into his own body. He felt comfortable all over, and his face suddenly smiled, full of sunshine, and he looked absolutely two people with his usual murderous look.
Since I became a Vulcan body, I have never absorbed the essence of the sun with such concentration as today. The green light on my skin flashed and a hot breath spread out. The air, which had no moisture because of summer, became drier and hotter.
A dust son who is six meters away from Jinyang also opened his eyes and looked at the green light on Jinyang. He was suddenly jealous, and he was also practicing the Vulcan True Solution. Why is this gap so big? My chest is full of injustice.
What’s even more hateful is that the realm of his dust son is obviously one order higher than Jinyang’s, but when they meditate and absorb the spiritual power of the fire yuan in the sun, most of them are plundered by Jinyang, and there is no comparability at all.
A dust child slightly pinched the handprint, and suddenly a red light flashed around the usual place. The whole rooftop was shrouded in a red light barrier, which was the most proud protective magic weapon of a dust child. The space trembled slightly, and the red light treasure mirror turned into a red light, which flew into the spirit of a dust child and disappeared.
Looking at the smiling Jinyang, I secretly muttered in my heart: "With the blessing of Vulcan soldiers, the speed of absorbing fire yuan’s spiritual power is at least five times faster than mine. It seems that it will not be long before it can surpass me. I have to work harder. This boy is ruthless. If I lose my due value, it is estimated that I will become his tonic for the first time. "
At this time, a cloud of blood flashed, and the lotus flower was entangled. Into hades, already like the face of a dead man. Show more pale at the moment, but Jinyang can feel it, Hades’s body has been turned upside down, whether it’s The Hunger’s corpse gas or dark magic, it has been greatly improved.
The moment Hades appeared, he laughed and said, "Ha ha. Boss, I’ve been looking for you all day, but I can’t find you anywhere. That old The Hunger ghost, that is, my teacher, said that he couldn’t feel you there either. So you and this guy are hiding here. No wonder you’ve never found a woman for so many years. Do you like it? . . ? Play here. . 。 ”
Words haven’t say that finish, Hudson screamed, a green shock wave suddenly pierced his clothes, blaster, leaving a sharp surprises in the air, dumbfounded at the hole on the clothes that is only the thickness of the tail finger. I was a little horrified.
Last night, Hades completely digested the energy contained in Luns’ blood with the help of’ Blood Spirit Ring’, and his strength soared. Jinyang never appeared in front of people, so Hades didn’t know what the state of Jinyang was, but he wouldn’t be too much higher than himself if he wanted to come. Now, with such a ratio, he immediately understood the gap.
Immediately embarrassed smile. Muttered: "Don’t be so stingy. Isn’t it just a joke? Never mind, haha. I have good news for you. "
Jinyang was just joking. He stood up slowly, sat on the plastic chair under the sun umbrella, took out a bottle of red wine and some crystal cups, and muttered, "Go ahead! If it’s not good news, I’ll let you smell the roast vampire right away. "
Hades had just absorbed and digested the blood of Lun Si, and watched Jinyang elegantly fill a crystal glass with amber-like red wine. He quickly grabbed a glass, gulped it down and licked his tongue. Then he said, "There are many blood clan experts in London. It seems that the news of Lun Si’s death and murder has reached the ears of the prince."
After a pause, I picked up a glass of red wine and gulped it down, slightly calming down my excitement. Then I continued: "I feel a familiar smell from these powerful smells. Although I only saw it once in those years, I am sure that I will never make a mistake. It is Luns’ father, Rurt Ruimoer, who is the murderer of my mother. I will never admit my mistake."
Watching Hades get excited again, Jinyang immediately smiled and continued to fill Hades’ empty glass with amber red wine, saying, "Come on, Hades, have another drink. Don’t get excited. Don’t get excited. This guy will definitely die. I promise, I promise on my honor, he will definitely die, and you will definitely kill him yourself."
Hades slowly wilted down, sat down in a chair, took the glass, and drank it off again. It was only a little calmer and a little uncomfortable. Although he didn’t show murderous look, his eyes flashed with a murderous look.
Jinyang looked at him, smiled and said, "Hades, I have always had a doubt. Four years ago, when I saved you, you were just a pure-blooded descendant with only’ first-order’ energy in your body. How could you have the ability to steal the family treasure from the whole Ruimoer family? Although a large part of the ability of the’ Asura’ family artifact to destroy the sky was sealed, the Ruimoer family would never recognize it.
Hearing this, Hades’s eyes flashed with cold light, and a lotus flower suddenly flashed in his hands. Although it was dark red, it had his own unique place, which was different from The Hunger’s corpse gas or blood clan’s natural blood energy, and it was chilly. The powerful momentum made Jinyang have to be moved.
Lotus flower appeared at the moment, a dust son spit out’ red light as a treasure’ again, surrounded all three of them, and stopped the breath from being sent out. From this breath, a dust son could feel that the breath contained in it was faintly compared with the Vulcan soldiers used by Jinyang at the beginning.
A dead breath scattered, and the thick smell of blood filled the air. Behind Hades, a silvery wing suddenly stretched out, and his eyes were full of lotus flower, thick and gloomy. He said to Jinyang in a cold tone as if from hell: "Boss, are you doubting me?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
Looking at the red light around him, Jinyang smiled, and the whole body burst into a blue flame, which went straight into the sky and said, "Oh, no, no, no, Hades, you know me. If I doubted you, I would have killed you a long time ago. I have always preferred to kill a thousand wrong people and never let one go. Since I came to ask you, I just absolutely believe you. I just have a little heart."
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Chapter 174 Buy off