Ray Allen did a great job in this game. Collins couldn’t wait for the smooth operator to be present for four minutes, but that was impossible. Ray Allen, 37, can be considered qualified in defense. He has rich experience and it is inevitable that he can’t defend himself when he meets some unreasonable guys.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and the double-edged sword combined with Tang Wenlong has a surprisingly good effect in attracting double-team scorers with ball.
After the suspension, the Nets organized a very fierce counterattack. Deron violently forced Ray Allen to cause Ray Allen’s defensive foul.
"Change the defense!" Iguodala beckoned Ray Allen to defend Joe Johnson himself against Deron.
Joe Johnson thought at this time that the counterpoint was Ray Allen, a 37-year-old veteran. Is it still uncertain? Obviously, this ball should be given to him to grab ray Allen.
It happened that Delong saw that he wanted the ball to face Iguodala directly, turned to the left with double cross steps, and then made a big change to the right. The gorgeous effect was also very good, and Iguodala got a little breakthrough in half of his body position, and then two people fought against the right breakthrough.
Delong broke out with brute force, and after two steps, he stopped throwing in the middle distance!
This is the standard skill base of top point guards. Every short top guard can do this trick, and so can Tang Wenlong. But Tang Wenlong has an advantage in height and wingspan. Generally, strong shooting can solve the opponent. There is no need to throw.
But there is no denying that the opponent can’t defend himself when he throws it out like this.
Iguodala interfered a little and watched the ball thrown high into the net. A very exaggerated parabolic arc fell into the net.
"Hey!" The Nets recovered two points, 4 to 64.
It’s too difficult. Most Nets fans who sit in front of the TV and watch the live broadcast invariably think that the Nets score too hard every time, and many times they end up relying on singles to end the game, unlike the 76ers, who seem to get a chance easily. Every attack will cut the Nets defense into pieces.
Tang Wenlong’s back-to-back singles Joe Johnson hit his back hard and hit Joe Johnson’s back turn and hit a jumper.
Tang Wenlong cuts the ball to Gasol Jr.’ s ground, and the European step basket shakes Brooke Lopez’s easy hit.
In the end, the 76ers had a huge lead of 2 points and entered the fourth quarter. Tang Wenlong didn’t rest. After playing half a game in the fourth quarter, the 76ers still led by 25 points. The head coach of the Nets changed the Nets and a group of substitutes announced that they would give up the game. The 76ers won easily.
In this game, Tang Wenlong didn’t shoot 19 shots, but he hit 13 goals, and got 32 points and 20 rebounds. Besides Ray Allen’s three-point line, Gasol scored 1 point on 6 of 9 shots, grabbed 14 rebounds and sent out four blocks.
The highest score on the Nets side was Deron, who scored 21 points, but he made a shot. In terms of efficiency, it was definitely not high. The second highest score was Joe Johnson, who scored 17 points. The offensive strength of players like Lopez and Hayward was also very good. The players were lost in the 76 ers’ defensive formation, especially Lopez’s online attack on Gasol’s two big hats almost didn’t make a shadow.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-five Leading
The evaluation given by the Nets outside the city is mostly expected and reasonable.
After all, the Nets were also a frequent visitor to the lottery area of the fishing club during the season or a few seasons ago. Although they rushed to the west this season, they still didn’t look like a strong team.
And the 76ers, that’s the defending champion with strong strength, and the super team is in good shape.
Just like the first game between the new york Knicks and the Miami Heat was also an away game, the Knicks also lost to the Heat for the most part. It is enough to have accumulated talent, but the team does not look like a whole and lacks the flavor of being twisted together.
At the same time, the lottery department of the 13-year NBA lottery was released
The magic with the worst record has a quarter chance of winning the top spot, followed by Bobcats, Cavaliers and Suns, which have formed a weak team.
However, the final result is surprising. Since 11 years, the Cavaliers have won the top draft again, followed by Magic, Wizards, Bobcats and Suns.
However, this year is a recognized draft year, and the rookie’s fighting power and talent potential are not as good as those in 12 years. It is natural for the Cavaliers to win the No.1 draft to celebrate each other. If such a No.1 draft is correctly made, the Cavaliers’ management has broken their brains. They think it is best to choose a super soldier like James, which is a perfect step.
Then the league announced the defensive array of the year.
Tang Wenlong was strongly selected as the best defender in the first round. His defensive data has become very beautiful this season. Many head coaches have left a deep impression on them. It is also reasonable to be selected by the head coaches as the best defender in the 21213 season.
The other four are Chris Paul, Tony Allen, Ibaka and Tai Sen Chandler.
Being squeezed by Tang Wenlong is a perennial thing. James the Little Emperor was placed in the second defensive array for the first time since. In the second array, there were Tang Wenlong teammates Gasol the Little, Giorgio Paul George and Tim Duncan.
On the other hand, the selection of the best array by commentators and reporters depends more on the player’s popularity and external fame than the selection of the best defensive array. Many players who are not seen by the media will often be selectively forgotten even if they have played luxury data and have a good record.
For example, a few years ago, Delong and Paul had the same number of achievements, but the honor was ridiculously low
This year, the Nets’ record has come, but it has been selectively forgotten. Not only has Deron not been selected, but even Hayward and Lopez have no honor.
Tang Wenlong has steadily entered the best first round, in addition to the popularity explosion, Kobe Bryant is LeBron and Durant behind the guard line for a while, and the center position is the rejuvenation Tim Duncan.
The best second team includes Paul, Westbrook, Anthony, Griffin and Gasol Jr.
The third battle is Harden, Wade, Paul George, David Lee and Dwight Howard.
Golden State Warriors Curry’s average 23+7 top point guard data has not even been mixed for three times to look like a high school shooter, which has not yet caused the league to define an epic shooter, not only ignoring Curry in the Star Wars selection, but also ignoring Curry in the final season-end selection.
Instead, David Lee is recognized as a key figure in the rise of the Warriors.
Who is the real core of Tang Wenlong’s White Warriors? Although David Lee is also a very good player, he is far from being as lethal to a team as Curry is now. I remember that in February or March, Curry scored 11 three-pointers and scored a career high of 54 points to detonate the NBA, which David Lee could not do.
Iguodala is also a little angry that he was not selected for the offensive and defensive center in the season.
On May 9, the Nets and the 76ers played G2.
In this game, the Nets improved their offense, Delong reduced his shot and gave Lopez a low-post storm. Although the effect was still not good, it unexpectedly caused the killing line. Gasol Jr. was fouled and hardly appeared at half time. The Nets also tied the score at 51 before half time.
However, by the half time, the Nets were still weak, and they made mistakes several times when guiding the ball. The 76 ers seized the opportunity to play a wave of counterattack, and the 76 ers led 2-77 to enter the fourth quarter.
Hayward often said that it was less than 2 shots.
This wave of nets played well, and the tactics were executed very well several times. The 76ers could not beat the nets to death in one breath without the support of particularly good offensive madness.
Until the last three minutes of the fourth quarter, relying on the details to lead the Nets, they finally lost the chance to win the game.
In the end, the 76ers beat the Nets 11-11 at home in G2.
The Nets suffered a two-game losing streak in the away game, and suddenly they were in an absolute wind, such as cracking Tang Wenlong and 76ers’ numerous shooters. This is a very difficult proposition. In the second game, Tang Wenlong sent nine assists, and most of them were the kind of sudden ball, which put a great test on the defensive pressure of the Nets’ perimeter.