Let alone easily beat the Fenrir Wolf to death, Ye Yu, the level of fighting power beyond the theory.

In order not to crush the game too early and create something dramatic, it is necessary to formulate special rules of the game.
"Before announcing the special rules, please allow me to talk about the competition process first! This competition is not pursued by all members of the team in the stadium, but in the form of a competition! In order to satisfy us, the audience will have a short-term decisive battle! Although the contestants are all young demons, this competition mode is the professional competition mode of the demon! "
The host continued to say this, while Ye Yu turned over a supercilious look. He always felt that he had no chance to play, but Leah’s eyes were dignified over there. I’m afraid she also thought of something.
Then the special rule says go on.
"Then there are special rules for this game! Please move the’ king’ of both camps to the special setting platform. "
Leah silk and the other position, Serra Og, moved to the front of their respective positions.
Several machines appeared at the setup desk.
The camera is also aimed at the setting table, where the dice appear.
"There are dice! This is the special rule key! The rules of this competition are officially ranked as one of the main competitive events in the competition! ‘die·figure’!
"die·figure ………."
Knowing what this is, Yuuto Kiba began to explain.
"there are many special game rules in the real ranking competition, which we used to be relatively common. Besides that, there are dice like this one or a banner in the center of the competition field for both sides to compete-the game rule called’ Slable Flag’ and’ Die Figure’ are the most representative games to make dice play."
"It won’t be that each family member represents a number and then throws it to someone?"
Ye Yu so curious asked Yuuto Kiba nodded again.
"Yes, that’s the rule."
Yuuto Kiba said that Ye Yu was absolutely sure that he had no chance to play, and the host on the other side continued to explain.
"I don’t know much about this rule. Now I’m here to say one again! Make the dice have six sides like ordinary dice in the game! The six sides of the dice turn from one to six to decide which side can play! "
We all know that the value of "soldier" is 1, that of "knight" is 3, that of "monk" is 3, that of "chariot" is 5, and that of "queen" is 9.
"according to the roll, the numbers can make the family members with equal value play. This is the way to fight in this competition!"
I understand the rules of the game. Ye Yu rolled his eyes again. It is well known that he reincarnated Leah’s soldier chess. It seems that the number of the whole game is greater than the number of points, so it should not appear.
Chapter 338 Indra Day
Although there may be some disadvantages in the rules, it is only natural that if Yuzryha really comes out, there may be a wave of defeat on the other side.
Although it is said that it is a competition that determines the strongest of the younger generation, but there are more, I still want to create a program effect.
The final result is similar to Ye Yu’s thought. He really didn’t have a chance, but even without his terrible strength in Fenrir, the wolves, Leah, they still won.
It’s just that Cheng is watching a play at the stadium and Ye Yu has some chats.
"I’m sorry, Ye Yu. I didn’t expect them to be like this."
After the game, Leah said with some apologies.
"Well … I also know that it will be the result. It’s not a surprise."
Ye Yu’s so-called refusal to let him play is not only because he is too bullying, but also because he doesn’t want to expose his true strength in front of so many gods, right?
Especially when Hades is still hiding in the dark and observing here.
After the game, Ye Yu and Azazeru walked towards the VIP lounge together.
During the game, I couldn’t leave because of the explanation, but I got the news after the game. Azazeru left directly with Ye Yu, saying that he was taking him to see someone.
The VIP viewing rooms are all separate rooms. There are many in the venue. It seems that Odin is already full for this competition. The old man is in the ‘waluhara’ room. Zeus and Poseidon are in the ‘ryubss’ special room. Everyone has a guard handle outside to protect them.
Followed Azazeru two people into one of the VIP rooms.
At this time, the owner and his escort happened to come out of the room. It was a casual man with a round convex lens on his head, a rosary on his neck and a VIP.
Azazeru looked at each other very well, greeting.
"Isn’t this the Indra Temple? What do you think of the game?"
"oh? Hello, brother justice degenerate angel! It was a really exciting game! Are you very happy that your student won, brother degenerate angel, who is hooked up with the current King Pie? There are too many unconventional guys in the Gumongli team. Generally, the team is not an opponent. "
With a sarcastic expression on his face, the man called Indra Day glanced at Ye Yu’s face and didn’t see this mysterious soldier’s hand. I have to say it was a very uncomfortable thing for him. This time, his biggest purpose was to see Ye Yu’s strength.