Chapter 40 Australopithecus
After the four monkeys let off a lot of steam there, they stopped and realized, "This is the Bodhi array set up by the Buddhas in Lingshan. We can’t get out of the array at all. We still have to do something."
The Monkey King said, "In those days, my grandchild met the dragon phosphorus monster in the sad stream in Shan Ying, Snake Plate, and the Buddhas in Lingshan came to help. They also laid a bodhi array, but the dragon phosphorus broke the array with one punch. The four of us had a rough fight before, but this array didn’t change at all. Maybe we didn’t have enough magic."
"The four of us are powerful enough to break the array," said Wu Dao. "It’s just that this array is arranged in Lingshan, and the Buddhists in Lingshan are fully deployed, and then there is the Tathagata’s main array. This array is not so easy to crack. For today, only the four of us are United to break this array."
The Monkey King said, "Four people are one, how can we be one?"
Enlightenment three people smiled and grabbed the Monkey King at the same time, then four people fit to rotate, slowly merge into one. A huge ape roared and roared, holding a sea god needle and hitting the land of Lingshan.
"Boom" the earth shook, and countless ravines and cracks spread everywhere. The ape stamped its feet hard at the earth, and the already broken earth collapsed immediately. The collapsed and scattered earth turned into dust or earth stones, which flowed into the void, but the never-ending Gangfeng in the void stirred up these earth stones and turned them into dust. The energy storm in the void scatters these dust again, and finally becomes aura to give back to heaven and earth.
Australopithecus continued to destroy the earth, and Lingshan only dissipated in a moment. Only the endless void is left, and the apes still roar in this void, and countless turbulence in this void rushes towards the apes. These turbulence hit the ape, who opened his mouth and sucked all the turbulence into his mouth.
The Australopithecus absorbed light and turbulence, lifted air in his chest, and then vigorously blew at the void, and countless chaotic air currents were blown out of the mouth of the Australopithecus. When these chaotic air currents came out, the void was disturbed. Just for a moment, the void was blown away, and everything became chaotic, and the apes shook with a loud roar.
The buddhas in Lingshan vomited blood in unison, and the four monkeys in the main hall woke up at the same time. Tathagata recited the Buddha’s name and said, "The four spiritual monkeys are really four spiritual monkeys, and the poor monk’s bodhi array can’t trap four."
The Monkey King said, "Tathagata, why do you plan on waiting for us? My grandson promised you to escort the Tang Priest to fetch the scriptures, but now you are plotting against me. My grandson really doesn’t understand, what are you going to do? "
Wu Dao said, "Most Buddhist people are cunning people. You made a scene in Heaven that year. It has a causal relationship with Buddhism. Now you escort the Tang Priest to the west to learn from the scriptures, but now that the monk has given birth to a child, how can Buddhism keep you? After all, this is not a good thing. "
The Monkey King said angrily, "You don’t talk about credibility, and I don’t have to talk about credibility with you. Today, you are trapped in my old grandson, and all our agreements are invalid. From then on, we are strangers. " The Monkey King said, "Fly to the sky, but before he left, a alms bowl ran towards him.
The Monkey King hurriedly took the golden cudgel to the alms bowl. There was a loud bang, and the Monkey King was bounced back, and the alms bowl flew back. Fall into the hands of the ancient Buddha burning lanterns.
Wu Dao and the three men stepped forward to protect the Monkey King, lit the lamp and went into the main hall. "Buddha, these four lynx are disturbing Lingshan. How can I let him go, or take them all down and send them to the town demon tower, and slowly melt them? "
"Ancient Buddha," said the Tathagata, "the Monkey King made great contributions in escorting the Buddhist scriptures, and this incident was not caused by him. The cause and effect between us will come to an end in the future."
Burning the lamp looked at the Tathagata with great significance and said, "These four lynx lead to such chaos. Must be punished. If the Buddha doesn’t do it, the poor monk will do it for him. "
Burn the lights and finish. Tathagata looks calm and slowly closes his eyes. Burning lamp shook his head and looked at the four monkeys. Wu Dao smiled and said, "Burn the lamp. I didn’t expect you to want to intervene in this matter. I haven’t seen you for many years. I want to see how much you have improved."
When Wu Dao finished, he said to the Monkey King, "You can’t leave here today. We four monkeys are of the same origin. Since that monk is going to deal with us, we will kill them together."
After the enlightenment, the enlightenment and the enlightenment immediately cooperated, and the four monkeys formed a large array to watch the burning lamp carefully. Burning the lamp, he said, "The four spiritual monkeys don’t belong to ten categories, and they don’t belong to the five elements. You four used to turn Lingshan upside down, but now I want to see what magical powers you four have."
After burning the lamp, the surrounding space immediately changed, and a small world filled five people. When Wu Dao saw this heavenly path, he was shocked and said, "All the Buddhist heavens. Old monk, do you know how many Buddhist days there are? "
Burning the lamp and laughing, he said, "Monkey, you are knowledgeable. The poor monk has only twenty-four weeks. I’d like to see how you can break these twenty days."
A force of heaven fell on the four monkeys, and the four monkeys held sticks to resist the force of heaven falling from the sky. As soon as the four monkeys resisted, they were suppressed by the force of heaven and directly pressed into the earth, leaving only a deep pit. There was a flash of yellow light on the earth, and the pit that was still there just now disappeared, and the ground was flat.
As soon as the burning lamp sealed the four monkeys into the earth with the force of the land, the flat earth immediately shook, and a mound slowly rose and soon became a hill.
The burning lamp frowned and reached down, and the hill could not rise as if it were pinned down, and slowly sank. After the hand that lit the lamp fell, the hill became flat again.
Burn the lamp and wave to attract a force of the earth to seal this place. The whole heavens and the world are quiet.
The burning lamp smiled coldly and was about to leave. I didn’t want the world of the heavens to start shaking. When the burning lamp was shocked, I immediately attracted a pagoda and threw it at the earth. The pagoda turned into a towering height, and after falling, it aroused a dust mist. The heavens were peaceful again, but the burning lamp’s face was still gloomy.
Suddenly, the lanterns waved away from the heavens and the world, and a huge monkey appeared on the Lingshan Mountain. When the Buddhas saw this ancient ape, they drummed their hearts, and the Tathagata also opened his eyes and sighed, "The four monkeys are combined, and chaos is robbed. Lingshan was robbed. "
As soon as the Tathagata’s voice fell, the ape waved his iron bar and swept it away mercilessly in all directions. Only by this sweep, countless Buddhas were sent to the Babel public morality pool again. The burning lamp threw a string of beads at the ape, and this string of beads was just twenty-four, which hit the ape continuously, beating the ape with a roar.
The ape howled, his voice wailed, and he was in infinite pain, but the ape was not knocked down, but became furious. Clubs swept, stamped their feet and punched, but in a moment, Lingshan changed its appearance, and countless ravines and cracks appeared on Lingshan. Except for the big screamo temple, all the other temples collapsed.
The burning lamp looked back at the Tathagata and said, "Buddha, don’t you care about this?"
"Ancient Buddha," said the Tathagata, "I tried these four monkeys before, and the four monkeys became stronger when they met. Who can subdue these four monkeys except the sage?"
Burning the lamp, he said, "How can the Buddha know that he can’t suppress these four monkeys unless he makes a move? Those twelve golden lotus flowers are the treasure of nature, so I don’t believe them. The four spiritual monkeys can escape the seal of the treasure of nature."
The Tathagata looked at the burning lamp and looked unhappy, but the burning lamp looked at the Tathagata angrily. When the scared grandson Buddha and the future Buddha went to the Leiyin Temple in Dadi, they saw the ancient ape who was fighting crazily with the buddhas frowning and said, "Buddha, why didn’t you surrender this evil beast?" Is it necessary to let the two leaders shoot? "
The Tathagata sighed and said helplessly, "doom, doom, since you want the poor monk to use the golden lotus, you should bear all the consequences." For example, a twelve-pin golden lotus flew out of his belly and flew directly to the ape.
The ape turned around and saw the golden lotus, and hit it hard with a stick. There was a loud bang, and the golden lotus flew ten feet, but the ape stepped back ten steps and stepped on a string of footprints on Lingshan.
The golden lotus flew to the ape again, but this time it flew and grew, and when it reached the ape, it could already hold the ape. Australopithecus struck the golden lotus with a stick again, but this time the golden lotus not only did not move, but let out golden light.