Of course, the snake catcher will not be beaten by three people. Immediately, it’s another sword, but it’s a magic warrior’s sword! This cut range is extremely large, and a fan-shaped attack wave is emitted. Not to mention the front Cheyenne, even the fat couple on the side will be affected by the wave.

Seeing that the sword light chop is about to hit Cheyenne, he raised his hand and summoned three flying meteors to form three light shields respectively, which stood in front of the three people. The flying meteor shield was just in place, and the sword light chop also crashed on them!
Cheyenne’s shot not only made BoSi’s hate value stay with him all the time, but also made the fat couple look fat except for a skill damage. Yang Guo applauded.
Although the snake catcher didn’t get blocked by the flying feather meteor shield this time, he also successfully stopped it, which greatly reduced the damage caused by the sword light chop.
After avoiding this crisis, it was you and me, and the blood volume of the snake catcher dropped rapidly.
Then the gourd sisters suddenly appeared and rushed over.
"We’ll stop them and leave it to you!" Steamed bread little dragon girl full of fighting spirit with fat Yang Guo to meet.
The gourd sisters obviously have countermeasures. They suddenly split up and rushed towards Cheyenne from both sides. The purpose is naturally to distract the fat couple and break the gourd sisters one by one. This move can be described as knowing that their individual strength is slightly better, forcing them to cooperate with each other to separate, which can minimize the combat effectiveness of the two.
The fat couple are not stupid. They are already white after the battle just now. These two women are very strong. When they see them separated, they quickly retreat and stop in front of Cheyenne’s thin silk. If the gourd sisters want to grab the thin silk, they must pass through them first.
Cheyenne has spare time to pay attention to other snake catchers.
The snake catcher is still holding his sword forward, and his body is shaking fast in front of the tip of the sword. When the snake catcher passes by Cheyenne, the tip of the sword doesn’t stab the target, but there is a string of blood flowers flying behind his neck and watching the giant vulture. The two of them think back to that moment, but they can’t think of what happened in that moment. They know that Cheyenne made a change of direction at that moment, and the blood flowers flew from the snake catcher’s neck, but Cheyenne’s sword crossed the trace.
Just now, Cheyenne and the snake catcher rushed towards each other head-on, and they didn’t quite see what happened at that moment. It was such a short crack that Cheyenne actually seized the opportunity to complete an attack. Although this man was just mixed together, he had to be severely shocked. What amazing reaction and exercise it took to do it!
"In a daze again?" Cheyenne caught a glimpse of the gourd sisters and quickly woke up. At the same time, Cheyenne had turned back to his body and drew his sword and chased the snake catcher to cut it off.
The snake catcher missed and stopped. At this time, Cheyenne once again attacked the snake catcher. He just turned half of his body and was chopped from head to toe.
Cheyenne whirled around the snake catcher like a performance, taking away a little blood from the snake catcher every time.
It didn’t take long for the two sisters to fight, but when they were feeling tired, the snake catcher over there gave a long cry full of reluctance, and Guanghua finally faded and fell to the ground.
World Announcement Player Big Devil kills the snake catcher and gets the first kill of 35-level wild map thin silk.
The ghost of the brothers who are driving the gourd stopped and cursed "Shit!"
At the same time, the fat couple also shouted "Shit!"
However, the gourd brothers in the two groups have completely different meanings, and the fat couple are extremely unwilling to carve a statue of God, but they are full of excitement. They have also made a lot of efforts to kill Yetu Bosi this time, although there is no world announcement
Wild figure thin silk body is extremely valuable, plus the honor of first killing will naturally make people envy and hate, especially in this world announcement, there is a big devil!
The World Channel was amazed. Before today, if someone said that a person could kill wild silk, they wouldn’t believe it, especially those guilds who knew that wild silk was powerful at level 35. They couldn’t understand that a guild’s strength would suffer in front of wild silk. Why did the Great Devil do it by himself?
Chen Young is near Snake Valley. After seeing this announcement, he really wanted to vomit blood. When the insider knew that the wild silk of the Great Devil was stolen from the gourd dolls.
"Be sure to bring me the big devil!" Chen Young gnashed her teeth and gave instructions to plot the blood wolf valley. The black and white wolf Wang Chenmeng team immediately turned their guns and went to besiege the Great Devil.
The gourd dolls are going to be angry. This feeling is like a decisive match being reversed by their opponents at the last minute. They can’t swallow this tone. After Yan Chen, they should rush to the body site.
Xia Anfei quickly picked up the ground objects and went to help the fat couple resist the gourd sisters.
"You two deal with one and I’ll deal with the other!" Cheyenne took the gourd elder sister from the steamed bread little dragon girl and said
The little dragon girl got the message that she would outflank Hulu’s younger sister, and Hulu quickly discovered Xiaolongnv’s attempt. She was also at an absolute disadvantage in the face of the siege of two super-class masters, but she knew that Hulu brothers were coming to the road, and she decided to bite her teeth!
Sister Cheyenne Hulu’s battle is also in full swing.
It didn’t take long for Hulu sister to hold on, but she couldn’t hold on. Hulu sister kept paying attention to the fight over there, and immediately began to consciously move closer to Hulu sister’s position.
"retreat!" Cheyenne also knew that this place should not stay long, and hurriedly sent a message to the fat couple, and the three of them turned around and fled.
"There is no way to run!" Gourd sisters gnashed their teeth and pursued them.
"You go first and I’ll block one!" Xia Anping wouldn’t be so thankless when he was working, but today, he is still very brave in the great contribution of the fat couple.
"Are you sure?" Fat Yang Guo asked in surprise.
Cheyenne said, "Don’t worry, I’m the big devil and I won’t do anything I’m not sure about. Wait for me in the warehouse when you get back to the city."
The little dragon girl nodded and said, "Well, let’s go first!" Saying, go straight to the depths of the black bear forest and get out of the fighting state, and they can naturally leave back to the city.
Cheyenne bent down and ran to the left. The gourd sisters’ main goal was that he would ignore the fat couple running away and pursue them together.
A new chase is to be continued.
Chapter 175 Focus on running away for ten years
Cheyenne’s escape posture is very * *
Cheyenne, a veteran who has been focusing on running away for more than ten years, has rich experience in running away. Just two god-class masters are desperate to track Cheyenne, and he doesn’t care. He wants to find a remote place to be quiet and be a beautiful man. By the way, he just won the battle.
Cheyenne won not only the snake catcher Augustine’s explosion, but also the 35-level wild map and thin silk first kill reward, which can be described as a bumper harvest.
I wanted to go for a spin and then run out of the black bear Lin Cheyenne, but I didn’t expect him to run and see a beautiful small lake with a thatched hut by the lake. This rare picture made Cheyenne think of a possibility.
Old hunter house?
Xia Anxin jumped in. Is it so lucky to meet wild silk again today?
Living in the old hunter’s house is naturally that the old hunter will randomly appear near the black bear forest. In the past, a bold lone ranger Cheyenne made a special study on wild figure silk, and this old hunter is no exception. He is very clear about the specific scene when the old hunter silk appeared.
Cheyenne doesn’t have any demand for the third-level wild figure old hunter for the time being, but who will dislike the lack of rare materials? He began to consciously search for the old hunter and followed a path behind a thatched cottage when Cheyenne heard the fight.
Cheyenne started a fast March in the Woods.
This is also the reason why Cheyenne is not afraid of the gourd sisters. Since he has the ability to escape from the fighting state at any time, it has become easier to escape. Small things like actively attracting the enemy are not a threat to Cheyenne’s completion.
Cheyenne went into the Woods, and the gourd sisters soon chased Cheyenne to the thatched cottage. Here they lost sight of Cheyenne. After they found a circle separately, they locked Cheyenne’s escape route and chased it into the Woods.
At this moment, Cheyenne has seen the old hunter holding a silver single-barrel shotgun with his back to him. The shotgun made Cheyenne like it at first sight. This is the famous dragon killing gun in previous lives. There are old hunters. This wild figure silk can be produced.
Cheyenne Zunbao is a professional hunter. If he can get this dragon-killing gun, it is even more powerful. The dragon-killing gun belongs to a single-barrel high-damage weapon. Although the attack speed is slow, it is very suitable for Cheyenne, a powerful pet hunter. Especially after Cheyenne saw that he was besieging the old hunter, he began to swear that yy old hunter broke the dragon-killing gun.
Opposite the old hunter, there is a dense thicket. In front of it, the Thirteen Pacific Insurance is taking people to besiege the old hunter, led by the flying generals of Longcheng, all of whom are acquaintances of Cheyenne.
When Cheyenne was enjoying himself, he saw that an attack had landed in his hidden state head-on and he was caught off guard. He suddenly showed his figure.
True eye?
Who is so blind that he has learned the skill of breaking the strong and hiding!
Cheyenne was angry, thinking about smiling and looking up at the flying commander in Dragon City and others, saying, "Oh, I’m really sorry I went wrong. Go on."
"Since the Great Devil is here, do you still want to leave?" Dragonfly will hum a cold hum.
"Don’t let me go, do you still want to invite me to tea and dinner?" Cheyenne looked up at the flying commander of Longcheng and said, "New Era Lei Feng, I wake up. The allies will arrive in a minute. Now the goods are in a state of hunger and thirst. Do you want the silk?"
Dragonfly will obviously play against the old hunter. The old hunter still has more than half of his blood at the moment. If the morning alliance people really butt in, it is definitely not good news for them.
"Brother Fei Jiang, we are familiar with each other. I think you don’t trust me to leave, right? I can’t kill Boise alone. Why don’t we kill Boise together and you just give me a little benefit? "Cheyenne suggested.
"It’s very good to have such a powerful master as the Great Devil to slay the thin silk easily!" Dragonfly will not even believe a punctuation mark in the words of the Great Devil, but what if we can use the strength of the Great Devil to deal with Bose Le instead? Or get rid of the big devil with the help of thin silk hands?
No matter what kind of dragon flying generals are, they are happy to see them.
Cheyenne strode into the old hunter’s attack circle with a look of human and animal harm, and Cheyenne also cooperated diligently to play the role of a powerful tank.
A seemingly harmonious battle between the two sides was launched.
Cheyenne is not stupid, so how can he not understand the idea of flying in Longcheng? However, he has always been keen on his superb skills and thin silk, and people in Longcheng can’t even see his figure. Without a chance to make moves, it happened that the Great Devil was still alive and happy under the thin silk eyelids.
Thirteen Pacific Insurance’s fighting capacity is really amazing, and the hands they bring are all one in a million, and Cheyenne is also secretly amazed. If he is really surrounded by this group of people, he will definitely escape.