In fact, the essence of fighting is very simple. Distance is long and melee is close to each other. Whoever can do this is the winner.

Cheyenne wants to get close to Bai Hanyue and distance himself, so he plays a chase drama.
In the eyes of ordinary players, they see that a series of figures in the challenge map are disappearing and changing, and the beauty is like a phantom flying. In the eyes of ordinary players, it is like a stunt.
Cheyenne’s brain wave activity reached its peak instantly, and Bai Hanyue’s manipulation of the mage also reached its extreme. Cheyenne has vaguely seen Bai Hanyue’s world-famous "Lingbo Micro-step" tactics in the future, which is her exclusive manipulation.
It’s very difficult for god-class masters to make progress again. What they can do is to constantly hone themselves and make their skills more proficient until they form their own style of warfare.
Parker, including the month, has obviously done this. This step is obviously ahead of other god-level masters.
Cheyenne has to admire Bai Hanyue’s talent. After all, there are only a few people who can form exclusive tactics among god-level masters. Bai Hanyue will improve her tactics. She will be promoted to the top of the world!
Chapter 18 Distance struggle
Bai Hanyue has the potential to become a top player in the world, and Cheyenne has long known it.
Cheyenne was willing to put a lot of money into Bai Hanyue to build the Moon Palace. It is Bai Hanyue’s peerless beauty appearance and superb skills. This is a prerequisite for becoming a top idol. For a simple example, Wang Lame said that even though his skills have reached the level of god, he can become his fans because of his hard appearance. It is destined to be such a handful of people with extremely strong tastes.
There is no doubt that investing in Bai Hanyue will definitely not lose sight of this. Cheyenne is not the only one, but I know that there are a lot of rich brothers out there who want to invest in Bai Hanyue, but Bai Hanyue finally decided to accept Cheyenne’s funds, which still makes Cheyenne wonder.
What does Bai Hanyue think?
Well, she must have hidden herself deeply, and her handsome aura has risen! Cheyenne finally came up with the most reasonable answer after thinking hard.
The fighting continued.
The distance between the two sides is far and near, but Cheyenne always approaches Bai Hanyue.
Bai Hanyue’s micro-step is extreme evasive exercise, which is the tactics that Bai Hanyue formed according to his professional characteristics as a mage. The micro-step makes it difficult for Bai Hanyue to see her true figure from left to right. The micro-step tactics of Bai Hanyue’s micro-step are slightly embryonic and there is still a long way to go before it is truly mature. Cheyenne can feel that Bai Hanyue is also struggling.
This beautiful girl dare to use him as a whetstone! When Cheyenne realized this, he secretly lamented that great minds think alike, and that’s what he did to Bai Hanyue.
Cheyenne thinks that his talent is first-class, but he is obviously worse than Bai Hanyue, a tianjiao girl. Although he was the first wizard in his previous life, Cheyenne’s personal tactics were not formed until he was reborn. At that time, Bai Hanyue had already made such a big name with a small step!
Which is higher or lower can be seen from this.
Cheyenne’s current strength is also the level of a god-level master, and because of this play, the tactics of his previous life have taken shape, and he has to give up his previous life tactics, which combine professional characteristics, exercise and consciousness. Cheyenne’s professional changes have made his previous life tactics meaningless, and the new tactics will not be finalized until Cheyenne changes his job. Now he can bully people with more skills.
Cheyenne will also show off high-end exercises in the face of super-class masters, but those unnecessary fancy exercises are the most taboo when the masters fight, because that will wave unnecessary spirit.
Every little calculation in the battle of the master of the gods will directly lead to the change of the whole game. Cheyenne is not the only one. Most master of the master of the gods will do this, but there are exceptions in everything. In the past, there was a famous master of gorgeous tactics in the world. It’s a pity that there are so few master of the gods like Brother Hua, and Cheyenne can’t afford the huge consumption of that kind of gorgeous tactics.
Warrior mage fighting has never been fun, and the professional difference between the two sides is too great. Distance struggle is also the key to this game.
With the battle going on, Bai Hanyue began to pay attention to the rhythm change. It is naturally impossible for Bai Hanyue to adhere to the Lingbo micro-step tactics for a long time. After all, keeping brain waves highly active is an extremely exhausting thing and a major test for players’ peak exercise ability.
Cheyenne is also white. This is a transition after high-intensity exercises, and he has been suppressing exercises and finally broke out! Xia’ an Cao is like a burst of water. The flood is turbulent and violent, and the figure is dazzling.
Bai Hanyue’s response is also very fast. She is easy and easy. She first rushes forward quickly in a straight line, and then makes Lingbo take a small step to avoid Cheyenne’s surging attack wave.
At this time, both sides climbed the peak again.
Both Cheyenne and Bai Hanyue know that this wave of explosive exercises is likely to decide the final victory. They have not relaxed their teeth and insisted on high-intensity exercises at the moment.
Whoever can persist for longer will be the ultimate winner!
For ordinary players, this challenge is like watching flowers in the fog. Although it is beautiful, the two sides have not made formal contact yet, and both of them are still in good condition, which is far from what they expect from the scene of Mars hitting the earth.
God-level experts suspected that they saw more things. Judging from the scene, the demon king couldn’t get close to Bai Hanyue, which was more elegant and beautiful, but a long-range attack mage Bai Hanyue didn’t find a chance to shoot. This shows how powerful the demon king is.
In fact, the great demon king’s power has been confirmed by a group of god-level experts in turn, but the great demon king can force Bai Hanyue to the point where he has no chance to shoot, which is beyond the expectation of god-level experts.
This stalemate can’t last forever. One person will collapse first.
Who will last longer?
Is it the Great Devil who defeated seven God-level masters in a row?
Or the iceberg goddess Bai Hanyue?
It turns out that both sides gave up their hardships at the same time! At the same time, they raised their right hands, and the light of ice and fire appeared on each other’s bodies, moving the same skills, but the light appeared on the bodies of two players with completely different costumes.
The ice is hot and inflamed!
This attack officially kicked off the final chapter, which is a signal that both the Great Devil and the Cold Moon have just spent their energy fighting again, and they want to fight it out!
Although the same ice is hot, Cheyenne’s client obviously feels that Bai Hanyue’s ice is very hot, especially with Phoenix’s brilliant skills. The shadow seems to have a sacred and inviolable damage value, but the damage is almost the same.
Cheyenne has an extra defense bonus because of the magic suit, but Bai Hanyue’s attack power is very strong, but Cheyenne’s hit damage is naturally not high because of the attribute of the ice and fire staff in his hand.
Although the fruit of the long-range attack is evenly divided, it is natural that Cheyenne continues to lose in vain! Because Cheyenne Farley Bai Hanyue is so poor in changing jobs as a mage, Cheyenne and Bai Hanyue are actually well aware of this, and Bai Hanyue has no scruples about attacking Cheyenne.
Cheyenne came up with a gesture, and his goal was to attack the place in close quarters from beginning to end. He immediately turned around and withdrew from Bai Hanyue’s attack range after the first attack.
The sudden escape of the Great Devil makes everyone smile when they are stunned, but if they can’t beat it, they will decisively get rid of the moral integrity and escape. This is the style of the Great Devil! From the beginning of this challenge, the Great Devil attacked fiercely. He has been trying to get close to Bai Hanyue and directed the rhythm of this battle. When everyone was just looking forward to starting a dragon and phoenix competition, the Great Devil unexpectedly ran away.
Go after it! Go after it! The onlookers shouted in their hearts, but the next scene stunned all the players. Bai Hanyue quit the game!
Chapter 19 Natural Temple
What happened?
This is a question in the minds of most onlookers.
Cheyenne is a shake head dark sigh cypress containing month this beautiful girl mind is transparent.
If Bai Hanyue really chases after her, she will become completely passive. Bai Hanyue’s toes know that the escape route of the Great Devil is full of frozen traps. If she really chases, she will definitely be trapped by the trap, and then the Great Devil will definitely kill a comeback.
If Bai Hanyue doesn’t pursue her, the two sides can stare at her like this, and the Great Devil’s moral integrity will tease her in every way.
Chasing or not chasing Bai Hanyue will get into trouble. In fact, the initiative of this challenge has always been in the hands of the Great Devil. He has no psychological obstacles to attack or retreat, but for a goddess like Bai Hanyue, she is as shameless as the Great Devil.
The victory or defeat of this challenge has no effect on Bai Hanyue. She wants to be a high-spirited opponent and escape from the devil. She has no interest at all.
Cheyenne looked much simpler. After winning the challenge, he went to the sheriff to ask for a prize.
"You are brave and courageous, Sirius City has brought honor. On behalf of Sirius City, I give you the title of Sirius Guardian."
Sirius Guardian Sirius City has a unique title. In this capacity, it has the opportunity to receive honor from the sheriff.
Cheyenne’s conversation with the sheriff was shown again. "Your outstanding meritorious service was recognized by the sheriff, and he personally gave you a reward."
Cheyenne prayed first, then opened the package and saw a red satyr badge lying quietly in it.
Sirius badge!
Cheyenne screamed at the sky. It seems that his feet must be stained with shit. Otherwise, how could he get the ultimate reward Sirius badge once?
Sirius badge blood and honor are cast to symbolize that killing an enemy player has a chance to absorb 1% of an attribute value of the other player.
This badge is tough. Cheyenne has long known that killing the enemy can raise his own attribute, which is definitely a fate function. It is absolutely selfish to absorb the attribute value of the other party, but Cheyenne likes it very much.
Sirius badge can take effect without being equipped in a package. Once it is exploded, it will disappear, which makes Cheyenne cherish her life in the future.
Just as Cheyenne was immersed in the joy of winning the Sirius badge, two news came one after another. One was that Bai Hanyue sent an invitation to Cheyenne to go to Tianma City to participate in the God Trial. The other news was that Chen Young asked for help. He claimed that Cheyenne refused to pay.
Cheyenne has cancelled the friend message blocking since she promised the drunken beauty song. Cheyenne promised to go to Baihanyue on time and then let Chen Young go to the warehouse. He was curious about what Yan Chen was paid for. Chen Young came together with four people, a stick, a hammer, a little witch and themis.
"Show me your sincerity quickly!" Cheyenne didn’t polite to the point.
Yan Chen heard the words secretly exulting, which said that the Great Devil was really attracted, and he still wanted to be mysterious, but he was afraid of causing unplanned troubles and directly initiated a transaction request to put his prepared things in the transaction bar.