How can you have a daughter if you don’t even have a sister …

There seems to be nothing strange.
Chapter 19 Believing in the shrine and gaining access to it
The history of forbearance is the history of war, and the history of mankind is also the history of war
War has never been far away from this world, and it has never disappeared around human beings.
Throughout the ages, there have been only a few days when the world can really be peaceful.
There is never peace in forbearance.
Even if it is not a war of forbearance, there will be large and small battles due to various types at ordinary times.
There are also some small countries that attack each other and annex each other.
Endure the world war is the biggest battle in the world.
Once upon a time, the protagonist of the war was still an ordinary person, a so-called samurai, and now he has become a ninja.
This is the third world war.
Shayin and Konoha started first. Shayin attacked Konoha and was defended by …
Konoha has never been attacked. It’s just a perpetual disaster.
The same is true of Campanulaceae Mountain.
The battle of Campanula Campanula didn’t start today, but it has already started for a long time, but it has gradually evolved from a small scale into a large-scale ninja war.
Although Shayin is outnumbered, it has repeatedly failed to attack Platycodon grandiflorum Mountain. However, Konoha has money to eat and drink, and all kinds of war preparation materials are still coming from behind.
By contrast, Shayin is a poor man, and it is difficult to grow food in a place full of sandstorms, and it is necessary to rely on imports.
If you come to poverty, you have to buy food, weapons and equipment, let alone say anything.
If konoha really let go to fight against Shayin, even the number of people will not have any advantage.
Well, for Shayin, Konoha is not the only enemy.
Even so, after playing for several years, Shayin has become extremely difficult.
On this day, the attack began again, but the effect was still not great, except that both sides reported that a series of death lists had been added.
In the evening, the two sides sounded their guns and stopped fighting, and a small number of ninjas and some small troops were still active.
Muye command post
Orochimaru is here at this time. He is not the Konoha rebellious.
It may even be a man who inherited Huo Ying. At this time, his prestige of Konoha is still very high
Commander nature also received the rear intelligence.
"Oh, hasn’t Seven Nights arrived yet?"
According to the speed estimate of the airship, it should have arrived long ago, but so far it has not been found.
"Well …"
Hearing the report, orochimaru bowed his head and thought
It should have arrive a long time ago, but it hasn’t arrived yet. if it hadn’t been ambush halfway …
There are no airships or flying people in the enemy’s flight. There can be no ambush.
That’s what happened. Don’t be surprised?
It is unlikely that even if there is an accident, it will be a huge airship formation in the future, and no matter how hard it is to let people report, it is still impossible to be destroyed as soon as possible.
I didn’t guess wrong …
"Tell all ninjas to take a break and get ready at the same time."
"What preparation?"
"attack preparation"
"Tell me to go. I still know a lot about Seven Nights."
Orochimaru stuck out his tongue and licked his mouth like a snake.
Even those eyes are like snake eyes.
Sanren is not an ordinary person
"He and I have been together for a long time!"
If seven nights is like Cao Mengde’s, it must be orochimaru he invited.
Orochimaru believe in science for no other reason.
Believe in science these days and you will live forever.
For example, orochimaru should have died many times, but he was resurrected again and again and lived after the Fourth Endurance World War.
But also on the scientific road.
Seven nights is a scientist. After all, he was raised by a group of scientists.
And they are all crazy scientists.
Orochimaru is crazy, too. He has done everything in vivo.