Meng Haoran said lightly, "I’m not you! Which of these two do you choose? "

Li Pingan looked at the burning light saint and said, "Before being original, the cause and effect with this saint are not clear."
Meng Haoran nodded and said, "I’ll leave it to you, the elders of the Excalibur Mountain." The figure suddenly moved in front of the burning light saint and punched out something congenial.
Before something congenial, a bright golden light bloomed ~ a black golden light beam rose into the sky
Two people along the beam straight up to heaven, boom, black and gold ripples, high diffusion clouds, clean up.
Li Pingan’s mouth twitched. You asked me to choose. After I chose, you robbed me. Then why did you ask me to choose?
Oriental emperor’s hand stretched out and the palm of a long sword condensed.
Li Pingan eyes a clot can’t hesitate to hand a stretch to drink a way "a word long snake array two instrument array three array four like array together ~"
Dense runes emerge to form a four-layer array, and each layer is a large array. The four-layer array gathers and merges into a large array, which melts into the heavens and the earth and disappears instantly.
After a long time of the four-person war, a black dragon gun and acetylene also appeared in the battlefield. I felt that the fluctuation of terrorist fighting suddenly concealed the breath. This battle is no longer something I can step in. It is estimated that it is also unhelpful. More importantly, there is no master breath in it! Isn’t master here?
Three days later, boom ~ a hole was blown in the desert, and four images of divine power, yin and yang, splashed and flew, and the desert boomed and set off a monstrous sand explosion
Covered in blood, Li Pingan flew upside down from the center of the explosion and smashed into the desert. He rumbled in the distance and slid into the turbulent desert, pulling out a deep ravine. On the other side, there were not many eastern emperors’ robes broken and stained with blood. When he was blown out of the explosion area, he crashed into the sand and was buried in the desert, which was bottomless.
"Master ~" Ning acetylene exclaimed as she glided toward the desert. Li Pingan quickly swept away the figure. Ghosts generally appeared behind Li Pingan and suddenly held down Li Pingan.
With a thump, Li Pingan puffed out blood and turned to look at Ningyne angrily and said, "You want to murder your teacher and inherit my view of the theme, right?"
Ning acetylene quickly shook his head and said in a panic, "No, I’m worried about your safety."
Li Pingan said angrily, "I’m unloading my strength, okay?"
Ning acetylene bowed his head in a panic and said, "Master, I … I’m a little too anxious."
Li Pingan said in a slow tone, "Come on, help me up!"
"Yes!" Ning acetylene hurriedly will Li Pingan up.
Li Pingan looked at the Eastern Emperor’s smashing place and walked over and said, "Directly smashing into the ground and hitting the strength is all about him."
Ning acetylene helped Li Pingan worry and said, "Master, shall we go back first?"
Li Pingan shook his head and said, "Don’t worry for the time being!"
Li Pingan here is the winner. There is a big explosion in the sky. Two figures fall from the sky, Meng Haoran and Zhuo Guangsheng. Their robes are neat and their hair is not messy. What’s more, they are injured and compared with Li Pingan. It’s a world apart.
"Ahem ~" The dust turned over the Eastern Emperor’s coffin and climbed out of the dust and flew lightly.
Meng Haoran fell beside Li Pingan.
Li Pingan couldn’t help but say, "Are they afraid they didn’t have a fake fight?"
Meng Haoran said lightly, "Everyone knows that there is no need to fight for life and death."
Some doubts looked at Li Pingan and said, "I wonder if you have any deep hatred, as if you must perish together."
In the distance, the Oriental Emperor coughed and said hoarsely, "If you don’t contribute, it’s like going out of his strange field?"
Li Pingan, it’s all my fault for this.
Burning light holy full of murder staring at ning acetylene.
Meng Haoran towards the front of the next step to block Ning acetylene, touching the sword in his hand, and somehow a murder locked the burning light St.
Chapter three hundred and ninety, Sanqing concept
Meng Haoran felt a strong sense of murder as his eyes grew dignified in the burning light holy heart.
Silence burned the sacred mouth and said, "Let’s go!"
Tear a tunnel with a wave of his hand and step out of the disappearing crack.
Oriental emperor Ming coughed and glanced at his eyes faintly. Li Pingan also stepped into the tunnel and disappeared.
Li Pingan took a long breath and said, "Thank you, Meng Jushi!"
Meng Haoran turned to look at the two men and said, "Don’t thank me. See you later." The figure disappeared without much communication.
"Ahem ~" Li Pingan bent down to cough and looked at the distorted explosion center and said with emotion, "Fortunately, they will be intercepted in this desert like watching Sanqing, and I don’t know how many koos will be involved."
Ning acetylene bowed her head and said, "Master, let’s go home!"
Li Pingan nodded a six-way roulette wheel, two people’s feet rose, and two people disappeared instantly. In the desert, a moment crossed the mountains and rivers of Wan Li and appeared in Sanqing View.
Clear snow, clear rain, stone shovel and others quickly ushered in.
Before clearing the snow, hold Li Pingan’s other eye red and sad and say, "Master, you are hurt again!"
Li Pingan bowed his hands and walked over and said, "The other party is much worse than me, don’t you think?"
Ning acetylene nodded his head is very dull.
Li Pingan got rid of the help of two people and said, "I’ll leave it to you if I want to go back and rest."
Qingxue nodded heavily and said seriously, "Master, we will take good care of the Taoist temple."
Li Pingan pulled out a smile and flew towards the backyard. He entered his room, sat on a couch, closed his eyes and meditated. The aura of heaven and earth poured into Li Pingan’s body, and the lines flashed, and if there was a rhyme, the room emerged.
Just after Li Pingan and others left, a middle-aged man in a gray robe was driving an ox cart and creaked. They fought in a gentle sand dune not far away, and the horned ox walked slowly in the desert.
King’s Landing walked over and said, "Little Martial Uncle is still so strong even without flesh."
"Hum ~" Husband said with a snort of cold, "Addiction to womanhood is hopeless"
King’s Landing immediately changed the subject and asked, "What do you think of the door, teacher? Are they really inherited from ancient times? "
Fu said slowly, "The sects of Daomen are very different, but it is unknown whether he came to Daomen from ancient times or the Taoist master got the ancient inheritance."
King’s Landing walked over and said, "Then let’s ask ~"
The ox cart slowly disappears in the desert. Although it seems that the pace of the old ox is slow, it is very strange that the ox cart travels far away in a blink of an eye.
After dinner in the evening, Ning acetylene sat on a tray at the top of Sanqing Guansuo Mountain and looked at the silent and dark mountain forest.
An falcon flew from the foot of the mountain, and the golden light flashed, and the fossil Hao Luoning acetylene sat cross-legged beside him.
Shi Hao smiled and said, "What is the younger brother thinking?"