"You’ve been away for half a year, but you’ve worried us so much."

"Half a year?"
Ling Qing found in her heart that it was early July when everyone started, and Tian Ying had just had a summer vacation.
Now that New Year’s Day has passed, isn’t it nearly half a year?
"I didn’t notice all the way. I didn’t expect this vice to take so long."
Zhang Zhe looked at his mobile phone. "This time, the deputy time ratio is about January to year."
"I study! !”
Lingqing was about to speak when she suddenly heard Tian Ying exclaim a.
Then she turned and walked away from the mountain.
"Don’t worry, don’t worry"
Tian Yong a pull her "you are a senior now. The school has already arranged internships and no classes.
Besides, it’s time for winter vacation even when the class is now.
Now also don’t rush to this moment "
"Well, I hope my parents can take a leave of absence from school and don’t deduct my diploma."
Tian ying said some weak and weary through illness
"Don’t worry, it will."
Looking at Tian Yong there to comfort Tian Yingying and Zhang Zhe Zhu Guang, they look at each other and then smile.
That is, it is still a diploma that Tian Ying, a college student, knows.
Where can people get that thing nowadays?
But everyone didn’t say anything.
This is also a book that everyone has lost, isn’t it?
When we arrived at the gate of Daoqingguan, we met Taoist Gathering pace with a crowd.
"Look at the Lord!"
Road flyover gathering pace first asked Lingqing
Then he clapped his hands at Tian Yong and others and said, "Good brothers!"
"Master ok! Uncle Shi and uncle Shi are well! "
A brainwave and Wen Jun made a clever salute and then ran to Tian Ying’s side and grabbed her by one hand.
Twitter said
"ShiShu ShiShu we can also go to play games.
Wen Jun and my school sister entered a game and met many wicked people. "
"Thanks to the baby that Uncle Shi gave us, we escaped."
"Mm-hmm. We also visited a temple fair, which was much more fun than shopping and catching up."
Two people say that they are excited, but Lingqing’s heart is suddenly asked the Taoist gathering pace.
"What’s the matter? Have they entered the time fragment? "
"That’s true. If you want to go back to the view, tell the viewer about it."
Road flyover gathering pace nodded and led the people walked to the view and said
Chapter three hundred and sixty A brainwave and WeiWenjun
When Lingqing was seen by everyone, he came to Qingling Pavilion with Tian Yong and others, Taoist Gathering pace, a brainwave and Wen Jun.
He lives in a small building and takes his seat.