"I still say that we have always organized goods as much as we want!" Yun Nie said very domineering! A man sitting around the world is so confident!

Chu xiaoxiao doubted Yun Nie’s words after the nuclear fuel incident when his eyes lit up.
"I don’t know how the price is?"
"The market price is cut in half!" Anyway, if you don’t want money, you should make small profits but quick turnover!
Chu xiaoxiao stare big eyes can still be so pricing? !
Chapter 59 Fear
Yun Nie said it was casual, but Chu Xiaoxiao’s business genius knew the weight of Yun Nie’s sentence.
Chu’s intelligence department naturally made a detailed investigation on this industry since he wanted to show the iron and steel trade industry of Riyao Group.
At present, the florist is the largest steel producer in the world, accounting for about half of the world’s total steel output. However, due to the lack of iron ore resources in China, a huge amount of iron ore raw materials are imported from abroad every year, and% of them come from kangaroo country!
Kangaroo, the first exporter of iron ore, earns amazing profits from florists every year by monopolizing iron ore resources, which makes Chinese steel producers very passive and a lot of profits are seized by raw material suppliers.
If we can hit the Chinese market at such a low price, it will break the monopoly of Kangaroo Iron Mine, which is definitely a strategic victory for florists!
What’s more, Yun Nie needs a lot of steel!
Due to the economic slowdown, China now produces a large amount of surplus steel and dumps it abroad every year.
In 2017, the world’s 5% anti-dumping investigation was aimed at florists exporting steel! This makes florist international very embarrassed.
If we can buy iron ore and sell steel indefinitely, it will be of great significance to solve the two major problems of flower-growing countries at the same time!
Of course, Chu Xiaoxiao is now evaluating the impact of Yun Nie’s trade volume reduction method, but the price alone made her realize the amazing value at once
"Are you sure to sell at half the market price? I am afraid that even Chengdu is not enough? " Chu raining sit upright body seriously ask
Mining? Do I have that?
"Don’t worry when I said something big?"
Chu xiaoxiao thought about it, but there is really no time when you say that you want to sell nuclear fuel, rather than a thermos!
Relative to that kind of thing, iron ore should be regarded as a "small business" for the Yun Nie organization, right?
"But is it okay for these iron mines to have no certificate of origin?" Nie Yundao.
In a sense, these are smuggling without an export certificate from other countries!
"This is no problem. We are now a military enterprise, and the government can grant special permission through the military! This kind of thing is of great benefit to the country. They hope that the more goods you give, the better! "
It took them less than half an hour not only to finalize the military order, but also to book another big order, which was not efficient.
When ChuFeng called two people to eat, she was stunned for a long time after listening to Chu Xiaoxiao’s story.
Two problems besetting Chu’s family, one is the qualification of sea import and export, and the other is the business problem. I didn’t expect Yun Nie to easily solve two transactions.
If Nie Yun’s orders for iron ore and steel are not capped as he said, then those Chinese businessmen will be eager for Chu if they don’t say hello! Soon, Chu’s family will become a hot topic for all steel enterprises in China.
Compared with Chu Xiaoxiao, Chu Feng is more experienced and has more great eyes.
Iron and steel is the core material of infrastructure construction. Dumping iron ore to florists at almost half the price in Yun Nie will greatly reduce the national infrastructure!
It is equivalent to reducing the production of almost all enterprises in China, which will enhance the competitiveness of domestic and international markets and stimulate the national economy immediately!
Where did such a large amount of cheap iron ore come from? NieYun and organization behind him ChuFeng eyes more mysterious …
Xiacheng bureau of public security
"chief! Scar, when the population gets it! But … "Report hand trembles.
"say it!" Liu Guodong frowns
"Things generally pass through and there is not much difference between the former intelligence and the other, according to Scar’s hand, a mysterious man paid hundreds in advance to Scar to let him seize Yun Nie and force him to ask for something and promise to pay hundreds after the job is done.
As a mysterious person, the other party is very careful and doesn’t even know scar! "
"Hum! Hide your head and show your tail! " Guo-dong Liu had a guess about the forces behind the mysterious man in his heart.
With such financial resources and motives, who else but the Ri Yao Group!
"In addition, the suspected disabled scar and the gangster went to the town hospital not long ago, but the doctor could do nothing about it.
There was no trauma, but they lost consciousness in their right arms. The town hospital couldn’t even find out where the problem was. It was very strange, and then an even weirder thing happened! "
"What is it?" Guo-dong Liu to the interest of NieYun means he is also very curious.
"Scar and his men returned to their stronghold shortly after Scar was strangely paralyzed and the symptoms were very similar to high paraplegia! Now the whole person in Scar is stupid, and his mouth keeps calling-‘Devil’! "
"psst!" Guo-dong liu stare big eyes to draw a gasp.
Demon? If it’s really that Yun Nie who did it, it’s really called a demon!
"High paraplegia? ! Are you sure he hasn’t suffered any trauma or blow? "
"It’s absolutely true that professional doctors have seen it!"
"Where was Yun Nie then?"
"Although I don’t know where he was at that time, there were a dozen gangsters in that stronghold. No one saw Yun Nie. He has an absolute alibi!"
"This ….." Liu Guodong felt that he heard the news one day today enough to surprise him for a year!
He bowed his head and thought for a moment and immediately ordered, "The target looks more dangerous than we thought. It has unknown means. Tell the police officer who is looking for Yun Nie immediately. Don’t act without authorization after finding the target. Tell me immediately. Never conflict with the other party!"
"yes! Chief! That … Deputy Director? "
"Hum! Never mind him, I’m afraid they have received the news and are having a headache! " Guo-dong liu smile some schadenfreude.
"What? You said you were looking for someone to be abolished? "
Han Yi was grounded by Han Xiangsheng in the past two days, and he was already in a bad mood. At this moment, hearing a bad news made him even more agitated.
"What happened to the forces behind each other?"
"No, it’s not … something weird …"
The man was about to find out what was going on, and he said it in detail. The more Han Yi listened, the tighter his brow became.
"You mean he just took that scar away and scared him out of his mind?"