When this statement came out, the judge Liu suddenly gave a tingle and explained to his colleagues, "Ma Xiong is a stranger!

Three thousand years later, I was born in Sendai. "
The two judges didn’t know about this exchange, but after a pause of two or three seconds, the judge Liu asked again at Xu’s retreat, "Why don’t you report the crimes committed by the official?"
Report from the place of birth quickly. "
Afraid that Xu could not understand this, Judge Liu added, "If there is a fairy official’s letter, it will come quickly."
Judge Ma frowned after searching for the fruit. "The criminal officer hit Sendai, but why didn’t he punish him?"
It’s not nonsense to think about it. Some things don’t need to be hidden, so it’s better to light them up early.
Look at the two judges and smile coldly. "Open your eyes and see what this is!"
In an instant, the seal of the immortal emperor of Antarctica flew out of the divine light in an instant.
"God is the Emperor!"
When two judges saw this seal, they were shocked to fall from the middle, especially the judge Ma went straight to the seal of the Antarctic immortal emperor and knelt down.
But kneeling for half, the judge stopped. "Hey, you’re not the Emperor of Heaven. Who are you? How can you have the seal of the Antarctic immortal emperor? "
"Did he steal it?" Judge Liu said
"Give you a chance to steal. Can you steal?" Judge Ma got up slowly when he spoke, and then looked at Xu Retreat carefully, but he never dared to be arrogant again.
They dare not fool around until the situation is over.
Xu back also not in a hurry.
The seal of the Great Immortal Emperor of Antarctica can really shock these two people, but it is obviously a shock.
It has a lot of influence, but it seems that it is not too likely to make these two people obey with the seal of the Antarctic immortal emperor.
"I’m the special envoy of Shenxiao Emperor. Since the heaven changed 3,000 years ago, and now the heaven is recovering, I have been ordered to ask about the reincarnation of the small universe with the seal of Shenxiao Emperor."
With that, Xu retired before the two men thought about it and asked directly, "Who is in charge of the small universe of reincarnation now?
What is the situation?
How many tunnels have you hit? "
Two judges, Liu and Ma, were startled at first, and then communicated privately for a moment or two. Suddenly, they grimaced, "How dare you steal the emperor’s seal and pretend to be a special envoy?"
Come here! "
In an instant, when Judge Liu waved a deep and remote blue optical network, he came to Xu to retreat and wanted to avoid it, but Nai’s extraordinary ability was lost.
Can you bind yourself by this deep and remote blue optical network and think about what went wrong with his question just now?
This deep and remote blue optical network directly tied up Xu tui, hanged two huge punishment columns, and Xu tui cursed a nima, but it was also acceptable.
Angry at a retreat, I will directly urge the seal of the southern fire-burning star king to float out of the seal and put a divine light on my head to protect myself.
Of all the seals, two great seals were refined, and 99% of them were not refined successfully.
But its seal is a complete refining success.
That is to say, Xu tui will actually be the southern Huo De Ying Xing Jun.
If it’s a fake, replace it.
Xu tui wants to see if I can get rid of this star king identity.
After all, in the celestial priesthood, the southern Huo De Ying Xing Jun is already a few senior star officials of the six royal families.
Unexpectedly, the judges Liu and Ma Er saw this southern fire, but they didn’t have the slightest fear, but sneered, "When you come here, you are all guilty."
Even if your predecessor, South Huo De Ying Xing Jun, you are also an official at this time. "
Speaking of which, the judge Ma was actually rubbing his hands. "To tell the truth, it’s really the first time that I’ve been a fairy-cutting judge for so many years and killed such a senior official as the Southern Fire, Germany and Xing Jun."
Speak a wave to hang the punishment column, and a pair of thunder hammers were recruited by the judge Ma, and Lei Guang flashed slightly.
Was about to thunder hammer to blow away the mental body of the criminal officer in front of him, but the judge Ma reacted. "What, your official seal has not been taken away?
How could the criminal bring the seal? "
There is a saying that the judge of this horse didn’t say that if there is a star official seal, his thunder hammer can’t hurt the criminal in front of him, that is, Xu retired.
This is the rule office.
Otherwise, it would be an enemy to chop Sendai’s instruments of torture from saints.
Looked at Xu back and finally breathed a sigh of relief.
Judge Ma asked him this question, and he had a chance to get rid of the immediate problem.
Not afraid of communication is afraid of not communicating.
"I said that I am the special envoy of God Xiao Emperor, and you still don’t believe it! If you hadn’t read the ancient heaven and closed it for three thousand years, you would have known it
Otherwise, today, we must treat you as a felony.
Still not untied! "
Although Liu and Ma were frightened in their eyes, they didn’t mean to put Xu back.
Obviously, the situation is a bit complicated at the moment, which is beyond their ability and limit.
Whether it’s attacking officials with the seal of the star official or Xu tui flashing the seal of the Antarctic immortal emperor, it’s not their handling.
These two people are also old bureaucrats who have been reincarnated in the small universe for thousands of years. Compared with many unknown situations, they will not get into trouble for themselves.
Almost at the same time, two people thought of the same way.
Report it to their boss for handling.
However, the place of chopping Sendai is very special, and they can only use the seal of the immortal judge to protect themselves, which is their extraordinary ability to cast their skills.
But if you want to communicate remotely, you have to leave Sendai to communicate remotely.
"We can’t handle it if you watch me report to the king," Judge Ma said.