"Poof ~ ~ ~"

It’s true that three dogs’ blood poured into their hearts and vomited directly.
I wonder if your sister is always willing to go to war and never give in to your arrogance! !
"You are too presumptuous!" The two dharma protectors trembled with anger.
If they hadn’t beaten this little guy, they would have rushed once earlier, which would have been a dog-tearing day!
Liu Yu eyebrows a pick "mom you sing old patience is limited!"
On the other hand, those high-level Zhao family members are like seeing a ghost. This scene is a nightmare. This is not true. This is not a damn science. I must have seen a fake phenomenon.
This precipice is not real!
Go out … A young man forced three grandmaster figures to kneel and sing? Think about it, it’s impossible for a master to insult this young man. It’s just a provocation.
"Don’t sing!" Stone flow made my cheeks smoke, and my eyes stared like lanterns in the dark.
This is a disgrace. Who the fuck sings is the king’s egg!
"Oh, all right!" Liu Yu was a little disappointed, and then he fell into a pool of blood with a little effort.
He ordered one more time, and another Jin Dao fighter fell into a pool of blood.
And it’s not over yet. His fingers are waving like beans
"poop-poop ~ ~ ~ ~"
For a moment, there have been 77 Jin Dao fighters hanging up to die. The same part is an extra blood hole in the forehead.
"That’s enough!" The hearts of the two dharma protectors are as uncomfortable as bleeding. These powerful fighters can be said to be equivalent to Tianyi Hall. This time, half of them will be damaged directly, and I am afraid it will really hurt the vitality of the sects.
"You said stop? Then I am not very embarrassed? "
Liu Yu sneer at a look down at the speaker and finger down a bit by bit.
The field is quiet.
After all, I don’t give face rhythm. The Zhao family is holding a sweat all the time. This is a cruel person.
"You you … good! You must not be too conceited when someone is behind you. "A dharma protector drinks a drop of blood in his heart.
Not to mention that if he could beat Liu Yu, he would have torn each other alive.
"Threatening me is not true." Liu Yu is tired of playing. He doesn’t want to play anymore.
Anyway, it’s not like he hasn’t killed anyone.
Add this group of people to say that there are not many, but there are not many.
Suddenly Shi Liu and others felt the murder, and they trembled with fear. The young man in front of them was no longer a man but a reaper.
At the same time, the three people gave birth to the feeling of quitting. If they delay for another second, they will die.
"run? Is there? " Liu Yu didn’t start work, which means laughing all over her face and watching the crazy three people quit.
At this moment, the hospital suddenly filled with smoke.
The three masters who rummaged through the house with the Far Shield lost their news. It seems to outsiders that they may have escaped, but in fact, the dancers have already secretly sealed off all the escape routes here.
"Knocked! !”
Then the sky falls, and a figure looks intently. Mom’s mummy is dead. There is a deep fear in her eyes, and it is not far from death.
In another ten seconds, three figures will fall again in the smog, which is naturally the master figure of the three people, but they have also become mummified bodies that have been almost completely sucked up, leaving a layer of fur skeleton.
They can’t speak, but they stare straight at the young people in front of them. Their eyes are full of fear, unwilling to be angry and then shocked!
Liu Yu approached, "Oh, I forgot to tell you. The Chen family asked me to behead you. You can all die in vain."
The words fell, and the palm knife split out, and three people’s heads fell from the neck.
He finished them himself.
Zhao Guzhu is speechless, and such a young master actually beheaded three masters with one hand.
This shocking scene will probably shock many people if we go out.
Night autumn will be a leading figure in the martial arts field in the near future, and it is the kind of stamping that can make the whole imperial city shake three times.
As a result, Shi Liu and others were left with the remnants, but they were not lucky enough to be sucked up by the smog and then turned into mummies.
"What about you?"
Liu Yu looked at Zhao several people.
Everyone knelt down and Zhao Jiagu could barely hold on, but once he touched Liu Yu’s eyes, every nerve in his body was numb.
"Before the night master, we were all oppressed by the stone flow. We didn’t really mean the Chen family … your enemy."
Witnessed Liu Yu’s "kill-and-kill" method, and they were also afraid, which led to Liu Yu’s knees when his eyes moved to them.
"that’s all."
Liu Yu looked at Zhao’s family and her eyes were full of sarcasm.
Sure enough, the world is a snob. If they knew their identity was Liu Yu, would it be a wonderful scene?
It’s a pity … When they abandoned themselves, ordinary Zhao Yuying took the initiative to give up that relationship.
Later, he was in pain and even joined his family to come to the imperial city for a statement many times, but he didn’t get a response from the Zhao family, including Zhao Yuying …
Now why don’t you kneel and I’ll explain? Uncle has wool?
"Master Night!"
At this moment, a familiar sound came from the door. It was Zhao Yuying who tore the dancer and blocked the barrier and rushed in.
"Huh?" Liu Yu turned to look at Zhao Yuying. It’s time for someone to come.
"Master Night, please show leniency … We Zhao family didn’t mean to be your enemy. Today, I came back to tell your uncles that they all respect you very much. We are already preparing to pay you a generous visit. This time, the Stone Family has a huge position and we are also forced."
Chapter 22 A sentence "Don’t bully the poor young people" is thrown at you.
In normal times, Zhao Yuying would have killed her, but in the face of Ye Qiu, a boy who is outstanding enough to attract people’s attention, she was surprisingly nervous instead of starting work.
"Gift … ha ha ha that don’t have to"
Liu Yu felt more and more sarcastic in his heart.
In those days, you used to kick an old dog, but now you need a so-called gift to curry favor with him?
Suck up to your sister. Suck up!
"That … master night can let us zhao? After that, we will definitely stand by ourselves. "
Zhao Yuying struggled to get rid of her family and she was a little disappointed.