Wu Jiao is a gifted younger brother of the Wu family in recent years, so the elders in the family also hope that she can be elected to the clan in this Longmen Conference without waiting until ten years later, although she can continue to participate in it, so that she can be willing to let her move the three treasures of the town.

Ready and you went one step further. Guo Xiaosi still squeezed past and shouted at Wu Jiao.
Wu jiao looked up and saw that it was Guo Xiaosi. He must have been in a good mood at this time and nodded at him. Thank you.
Although she told Guo Xiaosi these two words, Guo Xiaosi still felt that refusing the Wu did not mean to offend, but he would not offend Wu Jiao. From the bottom of his heart, he still hoped that she would be so angry rather than like a passerby.
Guo Xiong Huang Huan suddenly patted him on the shoulder and pulled him back from his imagination.
It’s you who want to see clearly. It’s Huang Huan Guo Xiaosi who laughs. Aren’t you already swept the door by Luo Tiangang? Why are you still here?
My stay here is arranged by the elders in the family because we Huang family are still people, Huang Huan said in the competition
Guo Xiaosi smiled. Who has defeated three opponents?
Huang Xuan Huang Huan said that he had defeated three opponents, and the fourth opponent was you, Guo Xiong.
Guo Xiaosi heard from Huang Huan that Huang Xuan is the elder brother of Huang Huantang, and also the outstanding person of the Huang family in Xuefeng Mountain, and different from Huang Huan, he is Dihuang Xuan, who wants to leap over Longmen through the Longmen Conference and become a disciple of cultivating immortals, but his fate is not very good. He was only eleven years old when the Longmen Conference was held, and Genfa competed with others to cultivate immortals. If he was squeezed out for the first time at the Longmen Conference at the age of twenty-one, he would be thirty-one and over the age of participating in the Longmen Conference.
Really? It’s such a coincidence that Guo Xiaosi said unexpectedly that from the bottom of his heart, he also wants to enter the door of cultivating immortals through this Longmen Conference. Such a goal must not be changed, but he doesn’t want to disappoint Huang Huan. After all, his only friend is him after he has entered the realm of cultivating immortals.
But since fate has allowed one of us to move on with Huang Xuan, we should let fate make the final judgment.
What do you think? Guo Xiaosi asked with a wry smile. Although he is reluctant, he is also capable. The Huang family in Xuefeng Mountain didn’t have the ability to change the clan to make a decision.
Huang Huan’s face turned red. You know I hope you can go on, but I also hope Hyun Brother can go on. I’m in a dilemma. I really don’t know who to turn to.
Huan Guo Xiaosi persuaded me that I am your cousin’s fourth opponent, and your cousin is also my fourth opponent. No matter who wins, we will meet the fifth and sixth opponent. At least, we have to beat six opponents to win the final victory, so it is the best choice to make people with higher strength than to say that we met the top player. Do you think I can beat him or your cousin can?
Huang Huan wanted to think and shook his head. In my opinion, neither of you can Luo Tiangang. It’s too much.
That’s right, Guo Xiaosi continued to persuade, that is to say, whether we can win the final victory or not is the most important thing, not that I let your cousin or your cousin let me, and we will certainly be able to enter the clan. It is the best decision for us to let the victory continue after the two of us have a real knife fight.
I didn’t mean to say anything, Huang Huan explained. Actually, I’m just a little difficult. Of course, you have to win a game with a real knife and a real gun. Go on, don’t think about it. Get ready. My cousin is not me. He is much better than me. You should be careful.
Thank you for waking up. Guo Xiaosi touched Huang Huan on the shoulder. This is a lovely person he met in the family of cultivating immortals. Many things in the world of cultivating immortals were learned through him. Guo Xiaosi was glad that he had not met such a person as Meng Yunshi, but met Huang Huan. Otherwise, he would probably not have reached this step.
However, Huang Huan’s words don’t mean that Huang Xuan can beat three opponents in a row, and he is definitely not an ordinary person, so he must be careful to deal with it.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Ordinary people
Huang Xuanran’s mana is extraordinary, and a high-order Lingshi is in hand, so Guo Xiaosi has to take a high-order Lingshi to prevent it from being defeated in case of mana exhaustion. Not only this Huang Xuanshui spell happens to be the nemesis of Guo Xiaosi fire spell, although Guo Xiaosi’s mana is a little longer than Huang Xuanzhi’s, but because of the five elements, the two barely tied.
Huang Xuan’s defensive spell is Huang Huan’s saying that the water wall technique is a water curtain across two people, but Guo Xiao’s four scorpion needles can’t pierce it, which makes Guo Xiaosi shout loudly. It’s strange that Wu Lang’s shield can pierce this just water wall, but it can’t pierce the summoned fireball. It’s also a way to pierce this water wall.
However, it is impossible for Huang Xuan to easily defeat Guo Xiaosi, because the power of the crystal wall is also serious. Huang Xuan’s water arrows also turned into a pool of water in front of the crystal wall.
The fight between two people has almost become a competition, and the more backward the mana fight is, the more so unless someone has a particularly powerful instrument. In the final confrontation of the first Longmen Conference, both of them just took high-order instruments and fought a lose-lose battle. Although one of them barely won the first place, he was also weakened and did not suffer particularly after entering Zongmen.
But I’m afraid it should be an opponent who laughs brilliantly because he will face an exhausted opponent
We have to end this dogfight as soon as possible. Guo Xiaosi suddenly removed the crystal wall, threw a ofuda and drank a fire phoenix.
In the first three confrontations, Guo Xiaosi didn’t see the Fire Phoenix once, but this time it must be done quickly, so he summoned it and urged it to spray a fiery flame towards the Huangxuan water wall.
Badon min’s silver mask is afraid of the fire phoenix flame. Today, let’s try whether Huang Xuan’s water wall can withstand the high temperature of the fire phoenix flame.
The fire phoenix jet flame is more violent than the flame operation flame, so that the water wall will be baked straight up with white water mist steam.

Soon Hu Rui was brought back to Hu Jia again. Within a few days, the town where Hu Jia lived was surrounded by evil spirits and semi-magic people. It was an elder of mine who later confirmed that he was already a semi-magic person commanding evil spirits to repair and besiege fenglin town people. Liu Yan was an influential figure although he was not dominant. "

When I heard this, Su Yi’s eyes became cold and complete. "At that time, this woman was mixed up with evil spirits and semi-magic people. Now she must be mixed up with evil spirits and semi-magic people. The water accord is less and she is dying."
Zong Jiu took the message that "Shuiyage people have been dying all the time, but they just don’t know what they will do this time in that woman."
MinShao cold snorted "whatever you do is death"
Hu Yingxue, who once suffered such a big loss in Hu Rui’s hand, naturally won’t underestimate her, but she won’t care too much about her. There is no chance of contact. That woman can think of limited moves. She just manages her troops to block the water. She doesn’t want to talk anymore. She turned to a topic. "You just came to me and said these things?"
Su Yi replied, "I don’t want to ask Master Zudan what to refine that day. When Min Shao and I are going to refine it, we are required to refine Xianzhi Shuihun Dan on the spot, which can not only prove that we are indeed Danshi, but also prove that our accomplishments in Dandao are not the case."
Hu Yingxue smiled, "I want to forge a purple heart-breaking pill."
Zong Jiu left the corner of his mouth. "If that bastard hadn’t come out to spoil it, I would have chosen a Dan medicine that can curb the field just like you. That guy went out to refine Qing Ming Shou Dan and sent me a prescription. I asked people to inquire about it. A few days ago, someone bought all the materials for refining Qing Ming Shou Dan. Someone didn’t want me to practice before, just like refining Qing Ming Shou Dan."
Hu Yingxue took a white look at Zong Jiu. "He sent you a prescription, but you won’t give him one. We have so many prescriptions, which are high in order but not too wide. There are a lot of Dan medicines. You just pick one out and give him a fight. Isn’t it less than two games? He wants Qing Ming Shou Dan to compete with you, so the prescription is compared with him."
Zong Jiu frowned. "Let’s have it when we come to Qingming Shoudandan."
Suyi’s eyes swept past. "It seems that you are so angry by that Gong Qisen that we can come up with more high-order prescriptions to talk to that jerk, and it will be broken. Unfortunately, we will not appear if we first go to the top-level Gaodan master or Zongjiu steps on that jerk."
Zong Jiu raised his hand and knocked on his head. "These days, I’m going in and out with ten granduncles. My head is almost assimilated by him." Speaking of this, he frowned. "Brother Xun Xiu found ten granduncles and asked her sister Xun Lulu to apologize. Xun Xiu didn’t show up, saying that he was being watched and closed by Xun Lou."
Suyi sneered, "The five brothers and sisters of Xunjia are not alive and dead at present, but Xun Lou has poor talent and qualifications. It is said that the disappearance of the big miss of Xunjia and the jealousy of the second young lady should be the reason why Xunxiu’s eldest brother Xun Li and his second brother Xun Cong ignored the truth about Xunxiu and her second sister. After Xunxiu was brought back by her, she was not close enough to be blocked by her."
After listening to Su Yi’s words, Min Shao said, "Xun Lu and Lan Yaxian met, and I saw them."
Zong Jiu’s mouth shook. "Two seniors always hit the nail on the head."
It’s time to say that Su Yi three people left Hu Yingxue, and Su Yi took a Fang Yujian with a picture of poria cocos and green dandan and stuck it in a restaurant. Gong Qisen, although Gong Qisen holds his grandfather’s support, he didn’t dare to be too car-scrapping in front of Zong Jiu. He had to pick up Zong Jiu’s prescription in front of the crowd.
Gong Qisen took Dan Fang back to his temporary residence. Just as Fang entered the gate, he was stopped by a waiter. "Elder Wu, please come over."
Elder Wu’s name is Wu Chun, a second Dan Shi. It was reported that the Danmeng was stationed in Ganyuan World, and someone made a false identity. The elder of the Law Enforcement Hall came with people. Gong Qisen did not lead a team or a law enforcement hall person, but followed him when he set out. Gong Qisen heard from his followers in secret these days, but he did not respond for the time being.
Seeing Gong Qisen coming in with the guards, he looked humble. Wu Chun felt disgusted in his heart. He didn’t show his true feelings with such people. When Gong Qisen finished the ceremony, he said, "Show me that prescription."
Wu Chun’s position in Danmeng is much higher than that of Gong Qisen’s grandfather. Gong Qisen did not dare to annoy him and quickly put his hands on Danmeng.
Wu Chun looked at a prescription burned in it and returned it to Gong Qisen. "There is no problem with the prescription. Don’t go out and walk from today to Danbi. When you grasp it, you should follow the prescription and refine some. When you get it, you don’t know what to do to make people laugh."
Gong Qisen blushed and retired. He quarreled and others lied. In fact, he only borrowed some means to get into the title of the Seven Dan Division. Later, he came into contact with the Seven Dan Formulas and stumbled into a real Seven Dan Division. He dared to find Zong Jiu Dou Dan, who was full of great contributions. Seeing Zong Jiu seemingly casually took out a prescription, he doubted whether he was a pawn, but now he can bite the bullet.
Gong Qisen has been suspicious of Lin Zhifu here, and his eldest son is still feeling smug over there. He has not only brought a heavyweight enemy to Hu Yingxue and them, but also recovered his former glory from the Water Accord soon, which is likely to become more beautiful than before.
Looking at his father and eldest brother, the little man’s success was like that. Lin Yi Lian turned up a disgusting crazy Tao in his heart and thought of himself. Maybe it was the same. He immediately increased his dislike for himself. Now he doesn’t want to deal with these two people at home more and more. Lin Yi Lian turned to leave.
When I saw the children standing in the forest, I immediately frowned and asked, "Where have you been these days?"
Lin Yi Lian turned around and looked at the forest. "I didn’t go anywhere and stayed in the room."
Lin Li was choked-he recently felt that children were not intimate with their eldest son, so he kept taking them in and out once. He didn’t even know that children had never left the house once. Looking at that face full of indifference, he suddenly felt that he had sufficient reason to be left out for a while. This face hung a little chill and said to Lin Yi Lian, "After so many years outside, no one taught you to pay respects to your elders?"
Lin Yi has drooped his eyelids. "It is true that no one has taught this teaching is something else."
Hearing this, Lin Li’s mind came up with what he took him to say when he saw this child, except for calculating or calculating. He had no filial piety and conscience and felt guilty. "More and more bastards can say this. Go back to your room quickly to save me from seeing you upset."
Before Lin Yi fell out of favor, there were only two people who followed him. When he came out of the forest room, they quickly followed him. One of them was indignant. "What did Dagong do is to hook up with a woman who can hook up with anyone?"
Another person is also a face of indignation. "That is, Dagong regards that woman as a treasure. I just heard one thing. That woman once blocked the Hu family in Fenglincheng, Wuzhou at the city gate. The people called Hu Yingxue’s parents to call their parents and fled after being ridiculed by the Hu family."
Lin Yi Lian has been unwilling to care about these two people saying that they only turned around when they returned to their room and looked at them when they grew up together. "Would you like to come with me?"
Smell speech two people together replied, "we are male slave and we will go wherever we go."
Chapter 132 Every man’s mind VS stupid dead
Because someone is jumping around this time, there are more people than Dan, and there are still many people who have to take out flying instruments and float in the prescribed places. How to turn around and look at them is a sea of people.
However, Hu Yingxue didn’t pay any attention to these people who came here specially for her. People kept coming up with one jade box after another, big or small, to cover the people sitting in the monitoring seat, and then closed it and put it aside on the wooden frame, with a cool face and a crazy spit.
It’s not the tucao supervisory seat. Those people are tucao sitting in their own team. Someone took out a pile of vestments one by one in the morning and almost filled her room with beautiful men who like their wives. There should be a lot of men who are so keen on dressing up their wives themselves, right?
In a pile of dazzling or dazzling clothes, she turned over a set of white neutral robes. White is the most plain color among many colors. More ice-permeable silk embroidery patterns are all gorgeous. Is it a blow to women’s confidence that a big man is so good at embroidery? Uh, no, it’s not embroidered, it’s directly refined by refining
The other one is so sweet and happy. Hu Yingxue thinks so, but she can’t show that someone is too caring. If she is too excited about that person, she will be unable to control herself. Don’t really annoy him, or he will make you feel hard.
When Hu Yingxue’s thoughts didn’t know where to go, she was suspended in a huge drum and gave a roar. Hu Yingxue turned to look at the supervisory seat and sat in the front row. Zhao Dezhu nodded "OK" at her.
There are 100 kinds of spiritual plants for refining Purple Heart-breaking Pills, but there are four or five hundred jade boxes taken out by Hu Yingxue to prevent bystanders from obtaining the prescription by memory. The alchemist will take some measures in public. This is the usual practice. Hu Yingxue chooses purple jade to refine the jade box, because purple jade is a material for refining Purple Heart-breaking Pills.
Zhao Dezhu said that the wooden frame with the jade box was suspended to a half and wrapped in blue smoke at the same time. When it fell back to the distant wooden frame, the jade boxes were all changed. Even if someone had a good memory, he would not know which kind of Hu Yingxue put into Dan Ding. If so, he could figure out the folk prescription, which was something.
Hu Yingxue, an alchemist, of course knows that if you distinguish those jade boxes, you can shoot yourself in the foot. When the wooden frame falls back and takes out the fire platform from that palace, it shines in front of people before it is released. She sets out to refine the purple heart-breaking Dan.
In the stands, a man wrapped in a black cloak stared wildly. "That’s …"
Someone next to him turned his head. "Brother, have you found something?"
Finding himself attracting the attention of others, the man restrained his emotions.
Smell speech turned his head and people laughed. "Of course, the five treasures of the terrace will be taken out for trading at the end of the tripod alliance. Many Dan teachers are trying to raise money to trade it. According to many people, they have taken out all the treasures at the bottom of the closet."
After that, the man in front turned his head back. There was a cloak blocking him from turning back, but he couldn’t see it. In fact, the weirdo in his eyes stared at the fire platform with its own fire, and he couldn’t hear the man say in his heart, "Is it the person who broke into the palace that day who followed her that should be able to see Lan Ya?"
On the other side of the stand, Hu Rui almost rubbed up. Although she didn’t care too much when she received the gift, she could still recognize that Hu Yingxue took out the fire platform and sent it to the idiot, but the idiot wanted to give it away, not her but the original owner of her body.
I don’t know what happened. Her soul went into that body, but the original owner’s soul disappeared. There was no memory of the original owner. She didn’t know what an idiot and the original owner were. When she was getting along well, the idiot came back and kept sending her this and that, which made her reluctant to make some things. He broke up.
When the fire platform and the Dan Ding were delivered, she had just finished calculating the deity’s daughter. Although she replaced the original owner’s identity, she didn’t have the original owner. She was afraid that the idiot would find that her alchemy level was not up to the Dan Ding level, and she thought about letting them break up. Just when she was looking for trouble, the deity became angry, and the idiot was pulled to the front by her.
To tell the truth, I feel a little guilty when I think of Hu Rui, who is puzzled by the idiot’s eyes. But when I think of that idiot, everything she has done is because of the original owner, not because of her, and she doesn’t want to feel guilty. Besides, people should all be destroyed by the god, and that guilt will disappear as soon as it disappears.

Your position in the business of economic man will rise.

Therefore, Mosio does not reject and always win.
Recently, Changsheng received a message from Fa Erkao agent Mosio.
In the words, Mosio told him that there were many clubs interested in Fa Erkao, but Barcelona was the most interested.
"Barcelona?" Constant victory rhetorical question
"It’s Barcelona," Mercio repeated.
Changsheng smiled.
Barcelona has a lot of troubles this season.
In the league, they were firmly suppressed by their bitter rivals, Real Madrid. Last season, they lost the league title because the two sides were behind in the same score.
This season, they have been lagging behind Real Madrid by a big margin. If there is no accident, this season’s league champion will probably be Real Madrid.
After winning the League title and the Champions League in succession, Barcelona encountered the same situation as Lazio, that is, the desire for honor in the dressing room has lost, and they are more concerned with their own economic income than maintaining their competitive level.
This team has come to the end of its cycle.
It used to cheer people that Dream Team II was about to step on the historical stage.
The team’s locker room, Ronaldinho, degenerated into Eto ‘o’s big mouth … Rijkaardo gradually lost control of the locker room.
Similar to Lazio, but with different results.
Changsheng also has control over Lazio. Although there are some uneasiness, it is still within the control of Changsheng on the whole.
Rijkaard completely lost control of that team.
In the past two years, Real Madrid is not the strongest in terms of strength, but can play Barcelona without fighting back.
The top management of laporta’s first Barcelona club obviously knows this. Rijkaard led Barcelona back to the peak from the trough and achieved the reputation of Dream II and won the second Champions League in the club’s history.
He has finished himself.
Now, if Barcelona wants to move on and remain brilliant, it must be completely changed from arrival.
The head coach and players have all been replaced.
Can’t control the locker room. The head coach doesn’t need to stay.
Without the desire for honor, there is no need for players to stay in the team and sell them while they can afford it.
Then, we should buy some qualified players to supplement the team’s strength.
Besides, Barcelona can’t just buy some cats and dogs. It needs powerful, influential and legitimate red players.
In this way, Barcelona naturally set its sights on Lazio Fa Erkao.
At this time, Fa Erkao is said to be renewing his contract with the club, but it has not been settled yet. The media suddenly increased a lot, and Fa Erkao will leave the team after the season.
Now is a good time to start!
In this way, Barcelona found Fa Erkao’s agent Mosio.
They hope that Mosio can put pressure on Lazio to facilitate the transfer deal.
"Besides Barcelona, which clubs are interested in Fa Erkao? I say they are giants," Chang Sheng asked.
"Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid …"
Mosio said
"We fired Claudio and now it is announced that these clubs all want Fa Erkao, especially Real Madrid. You know Barcelona and Real Madrid are terrible. If Real Madrid wants players, they will definitely grab them … and then you can tell Fa Erkao that our negotiations have broken down. If he wants to leave, I won’t stop him."
Changsheng said in the words
"OK, I’ll tell him, but won’t it affect his performance on the court?"
Changsheng shook his head. "You won’t tell him that if he wants to go to a big team and earn more than 5 million players a year to become the world’s top star, he will try his best to help Lazio reach the top of the Champions League in the last half of the season."
Mercio was about to hang up when he suddenly remembered something. "Oh, yes, there is something that makes me think it might be better to tell you … Yesterday, the reporter named Pacheco from Gazzetta dello Sport called me. He wanted to interview me …"
Chang Sheng smiled. "It seems that you are interviewed by him before he gives up. We were still talking about letting the media help us get the news out. Isn’t this just a chance to send the door?"
Hang up and always think about Pacheco.
It seems that the Gazzetta dello Sport reporter will not stop until he messes up his dressing room …
In fact, many players and agents have taken the initiative to find themselves out and want to renew their contracts with the club.
They’re not showing loyalty
They are robbing in troubled waters.
I hope to break the club’s annual salary limit of 2 million euros

She doesn’t want to do things, and no one can ever force her! Even those who were rescue by her own hands!

She didn’t compromise in the face of Jiang Baiwei in those days, and now a Li Rong can’t make her submit.
After listening to Pan Hui, Li Rongyuan was as white as a sheet, and his face was even more ugly. His lips moved lightly and he finally didn’t say anything. He still stubbornly lowered his head and put his hands on his fists, and there was no intention of giving up.
Pan Hui gently snorted and stopped talking to him, but got up and cut her dress. She didn’t bother to look at Li Rong again and walked outside.
Mu Yan turned around Li Rong twice as if to say something, but a spirit can communicate with Pan Hui now. Li Rong doesn’t know what it really wants to express. The long lamp is just curious about him.
Pan Hui turned her head and glanced at Mu Yan lightly. "Do you want to stay with him?"
Mu Cong obviously heard that Pan Hui was in a bad mood now and quickly flew back to Pan Hui’s side to please her. Pan Huinai looked at it in circles and shook his head and stopped caring about it. After all, Mu Cong was actually a cute little brother to her, so he was a younger brother rather than a younger sister. That was because Mu Cong once emphasized that he was a boy!
At this time, Du Ruo is still taking care of the pots on the stove surface, and Xie Suixin has come to the eaves to accompany Du Ruo, but still relies on the mottled blue brick wall to communicate with each other.
Pan Hui walked slowly to Rico’s side and asked, "Can you make any progress?"
Du Ruo long spit out a sigh of relief and shook his head in a passive manner. "I tried a lot of things that didn’t seem to be symptomatic, and I also sent some to the people who volunteered to try medicine in the hardest hit areas. Although they got a little better, they died in the end. I always felt that there should be something I ignored."
Pan Hui just mused, "Otherwise, I’ll go to Zhouying to have a look. After all, if the epidemic comes from there, maybe I can find the source of the disease."
"no!" Du Ruo refused directly without thinking.
What a joke! Even Xie Suixin Duane didn’t ask these two big men to venture. Now, how can Pan Hui go by herself, not to mention that Pan Hui doesn’t know anything about medical skills? What if one accidentally catches the disease?
Du Ruo once again stressed that "this matter is absolutely impossible! I haven’t even developed an anti-epidemic drug yet. I don’t want another patient! In case something really happens to you, Duane, don’t tear down my medicine! "
Pan Hui leng leng immediately laughed and turned back to the house.
It’s just a simple conversation or two. Pan Hui never noticed Xie Suixin’s eyes and naturally didn’t find a thoughtful look in the eyes of the Tsing Yi swordsman.
Pan Hui saw at a glance that Li Rong was still in place, but moved a little in one direction. At this time, Li Rong was facing the outside, and it was obvious that Pan Hui Du Re would finish listening to the conversation.
When he saw that Pan Hui didn’t want to talk to him at all, he took the initiative to say, "In this time, I was ordered by my brother to come and marry Zhou princess royal Jihe for him. I went to Chen Guo to get married and princess royal was in the middle of the week."
Pan Hui’s footsteps stopped instantly. She knew what Li Rong meant, but she was not in a hurry. She stared at the twilight king of Chen and waited for him to continue to say something that would make her move.
And Li Rong did not disappoint Pan Hui. When he saw that Pan Hui did not directly refuse, he knew that he still had hope. He immediately continued, "Li Rong asked the fairy to help him send Li Rongan to Zhou Ying, so he didn’t need the fairy to intervene in the dispute between the three countries."
I don’t know his whereabouts this time, but Song Guo knew that he was almost destroyed by an elite ambush escort team in Song Jun. Several relatives escorted him and fled out. Those relatives stayed on the escape road, and he was in a coma in the Woods because of his injuries. Now that I think about it, only a few relatives should have died. If he wants to arrive in Zhouying safely, he can rely on the present.
Pan Hui nodded slightly, saying, "I will never indulge a seriously ill patient who doesn’t want to be lost by me and get better soon."
With that, she never said anything again and went back to her rest place to close her eyes and practice.
She didn’t know that she cared so much about the plague, and she felt as if the sky were guiding her forward, and it seemed that if she followed her heart, she would get closer and closer to the truth.
She doesn’t care what the truth will be, but she knows that there seems to be several big plots behind her, and each plot seems to be inextricably linked. If she wants to find out one of the truths, she can dig out the hidden darkness bit by bit and finally expose those evil departments to the sun, which is fair.
Li Rong’s injuries were all trauma. Although he woke up and offended Du Ruo, Du Ruo was not a person who would care about human life. He still let Li Rong recover from the injury as quickly as possible, and then he couldn’t wait to drive away the man who looked at him from left to right.
Chapter 311 to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (2)
Pan Hui has been on the sidelines and never helped Li Rong out. Anyway, she thinks this man is a little unpleasant, but she didn’t deliberately try to embarrass him because of Jiang Baiwei.
A few days to get along with Pan Hui is to know that Li Rong Jiang Baiwei turned out that these two people were referring to the belly marriage. However, because of the two magic doors of Qi Arctic ice sheet, Chen Guo is behind three mysterious doors and a Qingyao Mountain Emperor Palace. Therefore, Jiang Baiwei has been dissatisfied with this marriage and has been trying to ask for a break-off.
But to Pan Hui’s surprise, Li Rong seems to be very satisfied with this fiancee. She has always insisted on marrying Jiang Baiwei and doesn’t care about the undercurrent of the cultivation sects behind the two countries.
Although Pan Hui was slightly satisfied with Li Rong’s insistence on the engagement, after all, she had regarded Jiang Baiwei as one of her own after the death of Uncle Feng Zi. Although she was a layman, she was still regarded as her school sister, but this did not prevent Pan Hui from seeing Li Rong in every way.
I don’t know. She always feels that this Li Rong’s mind is hidden deep. Although he is a mortal, he seems to know the form of Tianxiu Xianshan Gate very well. He always inadvertently reveals some opinions on certain sects and pretends to make a slip of the tongue after touching her eyes.
Pan Hui has never been a person who likes to be mysterious, so Li Rong’s manner makes her feel good about everything. I hope this man is sincere to Jiang Baiwei, otherwise she doesn’t mind to let this man die. Anyway, it’s easy for a cultivator to have a mortal life. It’s even easier to be invisible.
What she hates most in this life are those ungrateful people! Naturally, it is impossible for people who care about themselves to be hurt like this.
Du Ruo has been opposed to Pan Hui’s decision, but she can not resist Pan Hui’s stubbornness and compromise, but she still doesn’t trust to give her some self-defense medicine, saying that it is to prevent the epidemic. Pan Hui knows that if she doesn’t accept Du Ruo, she will definitely not feel at ease and accept it.
Until the day of departure, Pan Hui pulled Du Ruo aside and whispered, "I don’t know when I will come back. You and Xie can get along with each other at will! I don’t know what your problem is, but everything can be solved. If you are willing to talk openly once, you can’t solve the knot unless … you are afraid of your own heart instead of him. "
Du Ruo looked calm for a long time before she nodded gently. Pan Hui smiled and thanked her for helping her answer questions a few days ago. Did Du Ruo listen to it in her heart? She couldn’t force it. After all, everyone has their own insistence that others can persuade but can’t push it too hard, which will be counterproductive.
Pan Hui turned to greet Li Rong and was stopped by a swordsman when she passed by Xie Suixin.
Xie Suixin handed her a small scabbard, which was a finger long but beautifully carved.
Pan Hui looked at Xie in amazement and listened to the Tsing Yi swordsman at a glance. "This is our inexplicable token. It is a whistle. If it is difficult to blow it, Fiona Fang Baili inexplicable brother will go to help."
"Thank you" Pan Hui didn’t mention it and put the scabbard in the sleeve directly.
She has never been a friend who pretends to be lofty. She will certainly help you in time. People who are willing to help you will be ungrateful. Even if you owe it, you can always pay it back unless you don’t intend to pay it back. She is a lover who cares very much. She would rather be owed by others than by others.
But this other person does not include relatives and friends.
In this life, she divided people into two kinds: one is her own and the other is an outsider.
Xie Suixin saw that Pan Hui took the whistle away, and his heart was a little more settled. He turned and walked back to Du Ruo without saying much. This time, Du Ruo didn’t immediately avoid it and didn’t look at him. His eyes were still on Pan Huishen. Xie Suixin was surprised at the same time, and what Pan Huifang did was not grateful to Pan Hui.
Pan Hui smiled and left without looking back.
Li Rong couldn’t help but look at Du Ruo and Xie Suixin and secretly think about a secret cliff brother, a strange pavilion master, which is really interesting. Now it seems that the whole cultivation world is getting more and more interesting to add a long porch female brother!
When Pan Hui and Li Rong disappeared completely in the mountains, Douangfang appeared next to Du Ruo Yaolu. Xie casually glanced at him and said, "You didn’t follow?"
Duane light say with smile "who said I don’t like? I just came to say goodbye to you, but it seems that you are quite harmonious, so I won’t bother you. Bye! "
Du Ruo facial expression, a just come up with a rebuttal, found that Duane had no figure to leave her, and the two men looked at each other.
Duane was escorting Pan Hui to Zhouying, and it was calm all the way. Perhaps the plague spread across the border, but not many people, even if there were, were refugees. All towns and towns were closed, and those villages infected with the plague near the city gate were completely isolated. No one could escape and doctors and outsiders were not allowed to approach.
Du Fangfang didn’t leave until Pan Hui Li Rong entered the weekly camp. Although he wanted to stay with her all the time, there were some things he hadn’t solved and Pan Hui needed to grow up. He had been guarding her all the time, which could really protect Pan Hui enough, but it would hinder her growth. The seedlings were well protected, and he didn’t want him to become a vulnerable person.
After Li Rong was sent to the barracks, Pan Hui was retained by Zhou Guo and princess royal. It was a kind of fate to feel at home, and Pan Hui inexplicably saw some hidden deep sadness from the princess royal’s eyes, so she agreed, but it was also convenient for her to look at the plague situation in the army, so she didn’t care too much.
In the past few days, Pan Hui has learned something about the source of the plague.
The soldiers said that they had the plague shortly after the war between Song and Guo, and then they checked the water source and diet and found no problems. However, people were still infected with the epidemic every day, but they didn’t die immediately. They felt full of strength, and then people gradually became more and more haggard, and then they would have hallucinations. They always saw an altar calling them, and they seemed to see those who had died and waved their hands at the altar.
Chapter 312 to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (3)
Pan Hui’s heart sank slowly, and sure enough, as Du Ruo guessed, the epidemic may be more like a witchcraft than a disease, especially the altar that the soldiers said made her care very much.
She tried to contact the soldiers who were infected with the plague for a few days and found that she had no signs of being infected, which made her more sure that the plague was not simple. She left the barracks under the pretext of going out to find the source of the plague and searched in the approximate direction of the soldiers’ mouths, but she found nothing in the past day.
The mountain forest on the border of Song and Zhou Dynasties is too big, and the soldiers can shape the general appearance around the altar, but these signs are just as small as a drop in the ocean in the whole mountain forest.
She searched aimlessly in the mountains for a day, and finally prepared to go back to the barracks at sunset. According to the soldiers, every time she got sick after sunset, ten people fell ill every day with little warning. These people even had no trauma.
Pan Hui vaguely felt that all the keys would show clues after sunset. Maybe she could find some traces when those people got sick. It is also possible.
She took a little direction and headed for the barracks, only to find that she didn’t go far. A huge white tiger swooped at her, accompanied by a roar.
Mu Yan instantly gave off a dazzling light, and a blue light arrow flashed at the tiger. The tiger’s body barely avoided the key in the middle of the meal, but it was still hit by a light arrow and suddenly bleeding profusely.

The box is not closed. People around you can see Danzhu at will, but you can’t see a trace of noise. This naturally represents the three heavenly souls. Danzhu was refined before Hu Yingxue, and the quality was close to the ultra-refined Danzhu. No one was surprised by this refining. Besides, Danzhu didn’t engrave the name of Danyao, and it won’t engrave the effect of Danyao.

Hu Yingxue revealed the answer without making everyone wait too long. "This famous celestial soul Dan can dissolve the spiritual practitioners. After the spiritual crisis, it not only successfully relieves the spiritual crisis, but the success rate is 50% less than that of the direct sedge, and it can also directly restore the practitioners to their best state, and there is a certain chance that the strength of the spiritual practitioners will increase by about 10% on the basis of restoring their best state."
Even if we want to add the word "the chance of success", Tian Soul Dan still leaves fanaticism in the eyes of people who are about to meet Du Jie and Du Jie. Although it may not be possible, this kind of key can always save lives, and no one will abandon too much preparation.
Hu Yingxue is the ninth heaven’s brother. As the saying goes, a monk can’t run away from the temple. No one doubts whether Heaven Soul Dan really has the effect of relieving the soul-scattering crisis of scattered immortals, and no one dares to question it at this time. If you are misunderstood and the first thirteen people are accomplices, you may be invited to sit on the bench with those thirteen people. The shame is still there. Secondly, no one is willing to give up such a good opportunity to get Heaven Soul Dan.
Therefore, Hu Yingxue gave an explanation, and the atmosphere of Yibao Banquet was instantly restored. The heat dropped from refining to Chengdan. In nearly five hours, Kunda and others put in a bar to quote. When the night was slowly receding, the horizon could be seen. It was not very clear that the quotation became scarce until the sun had already exposed half of its face.
Referring to Mu Tianxuan’s advice, Hu Yingxue chose three bidders who insisted on the final offer, namely Kunlun, Shushan and Danmeng. They either chose these three companies specially because they took out things that made Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan feel tempted more than others.
To tell the truth, many people think that they are bloody when they hear the quotations from those three companies. Among them, the most good thing is that the Danmeng people almost took out the pockets of several elders except Zhao Hongbo. The original quotations of the elders were private, and the competition was found to be more intense than they had expected. Finally, they had to join hands with Danmeng to bid for one of the heavenly souls. The elders of Danmeng looked much better and less on the surface.
Yi Bao banquet is not without precedent for several days in a row, but this time, after all, there was an accident. After the auction of Tian Soul Dan, the Yi Bao link was over, and then the servants sent wine and food, even though the preparation was very rich, thinking of the previous scene was somewhat ignorant.
It didn’t take long for the banquet to officially guard the gate. A guard walked into the venue and went straight to Shen Zhao and Ruan Ye. "Report to me that the two elders sent the city guards to our palace. For them, they knew that they were looking for someone to appear in our palace. Before dawn, they asked the city government to entrust them to meet us."
Shen Zhao turned to look at Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan sitting on one side. "What do you two think?"
Hu Yingxue replied, "I think even if there are people behind the scenes who leave Kong Da Zhenjun and others can’t get any clues, it’s better to show people off with a logical conclusion so that something happens to them here, and then it will turn into a situation that we can’t tell."
Hu Yingxue finished Mu Tianxuan and took the words over. "Let people take Kunda Zhenjun and others away. We don’t send people to follow the ten schools. If Kunda Zhenjun and others and the people behind the scenes are not together, they should not contact them again."
Ruan Ye nodded. "I also think that we don’t send people to follow the two plays before and after. It’s a bit puzzling to watch. It’s more like letting us or people attending this sermon conference be more alert. If there is a problem that it is not too white, the castellan mansion and the Danmeng people will definitely send people to follow the missing people because if the two plays find something, the castellan mansion and the Danmeng people will definitely inform us immediately."
After listening, Shen Zhao said, "I have the same idea as you. Kunda and others let the castellan mansion come and take it away. We just need to show that we need a reasonable explanation."
Four people agreed, and the guard led people to take Kunda Zhenjun and others away from the meeting. At the same time, they were also sealed with the sickle, which was to say that they wanted to meet everyone in the past.
Guards at the head and the sickle to take Kong Da Zhenjun and others away, several elders of Dan Union came to the main seat, and Tang Haoqian, the predecessor of Dan Union, on behalf of several people, bowed his hand at Shen Zhao and Ruan Ye. "Sorry, we have to leave before because of Kong Da Zhenjun and other personnel. There is something coming from the city hall to ask us to hurry over."
Ascended a crowd got up and was handed back by the representative of Shen Zhao. "If you find something, I hope you can tell us as soon as possible."
"If there is progress in the investigation, you will be informed immediately." Speaking of this, Tang Haoqian surrendered again. "Then we will leave first."
"You walk slowly." Shen Zhao turned to Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan. "Day Xuanyingxue, you sent these predecessors of Dan Meng out."
Tang Haoqian immediately stopped, "No, no, that’s very kind. There are so many Taoist friends waiting for the two of them to talk. Just ask a few guards or servants to send us out."
Tang Haoqian was being polite, but he didn’t want to listen to a sound behind him. "Mu Shi, Hu Shimei, my old man didn’t have a good chat with you before. Let me call you over."
Tang Haoqian, a boy from Nanting, laughed when he found out that he was slightly stiff. "Everyone specially sent someone to invite people, so hurry over. It is estimated that he didn’t grab the soul of heaven before and wanted to talk to Hu Shinephew."
"Wei Zhe Zheng Zhang, you two send several seniors out." Hu Yingxue made a ceremony. "This is my two disciples and several seniors. Don’t refuse again."
"Thank you" for coming out of the seat because of Hu Yingxue’s words. Wei Zhe and Zheng Ao ordered Tang Haoqian and took Dan Meng and his party to follow them to the entrance and exit of the venue.
If time could go back, Tang Haoqian would never say those few pleasantries again. I want to take the opportunity to ask Hu Yingxue if he still has Tian Soul Dan. This can expect Wei Zhe and Zheng Ying not to be too strict. Unfortunately, he is very unlucky, not to mention the opportunity to talk. Those two people didn’t give him a chance.
When Tang Haoqian swallowed a mouthful of old blood, Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan followed Zhong Tong to the seat in the South Court. Zhong Tong and Master Zhong Xi called Zhu Li. Although the name was quite literal, the gas was a bear. When they saw the two of them coming, they laughed and took out a bag and handed it to Hu Yingxue. "When we left, there was something wrong with the ruler. He asked me to hand it over to you. He collected the contents, but turned over the bottom of our family."
Hu Yingxue took the bag and swept her eyes. Both the east and the west are spiritually planted, but there is one thing in common. They are all labeled as rare and rare. This gift is not a white gift. She will prepare a bag in advance and hand it to the bamboo fence. "Please say a thank you to your predecessor."
The bamboo fence will directly put away the bags. "Few of us demon practitioners are as diligent as you Terrans, and the most important thing is loyalty and strength. If necessary, let Zhong Tong say hello to us. Although the population of Nanting is small, many people are willing to give us a few minutes."
If we say that the population is small, but we have to pay attention to it, there are two places in the Zongmen Mixed Yuan World, one is Jiutian and the other is Nanting. However, the reason why Nanting has a small population is different from Jiutian because it is rare to meet the entry standards of Nanting because of demon cultivation, and even less, so the number of Nanting disciples is less than half of that of Jiutian.
Although there are so few people in Nanting, this clan composed of demon xiu has no loss of influence in the mixed Yuan world, such as Kunlun clan and Shushan clan. Perhaps it is influenced by the mentality that people of other races have different hearts. Terrans always take some precautions when they come into contact with the demon clan, and vice versa. They can make friends with the sects with little power.
However, no matter how you think, most people would rather be with the old-school clan like Kunlun and Shushan than the South Court, which is as low-key as the South Court and ascended a cloud. But don’t mess with them before keeping a low profile. At this point, ascended a cloud, people will still care about the overall situation. For example, when dealing with Cang Shuo and others, the South Court people will not care about anything, but they will refuse to admit their mistakes.
I heard a lot of bamboo fence words, and people here secretly observed that it was chilly behind my neck, and Hu Yingxue really smiled brilliantly. I sent an altar of five-color spirit valley to brew spirits. "When the elder really needs help, the younger generation will definitely look for Brother Zhong Tong."
Chapter 34 What is the purpose?
As Hu Yingxue guessed, no matter how you ask the 13 Du Jie practitioners, you can’t tell them that they will go to the Yibao Banquet in the cloud nine. Kunda took the initiative to let people explore his spirit and get the same result.
Accidents happen one after another. They can’t do anything but increase patrol. They studied for a whole afternoon. Finally, they frowned one by one. The most tight frown was Tang Haoqian, who was pinched in a cold sweat more than others because he saw the list of people who were frozen by the Du Jie periodic repairers Li Daitao.
After returning to the palace of Danmeng, Tang Haoqian sent the accompanying servants away, he tried to look at the somewhat old-fashioned Danshi robes and pulled some clothes. He went to the table in the room, picked up the teapot out of the corner of his eye and inadvertently swept the teapot in the frame next to his eyes. Peng fell to the ground.
Hearing the sound of broken porcelain in the room, the door immediately sounded with some careful inquiries. "Do you want the little slave to go in and tidy up?"
Tang Haoqian was busy converging and his mind was cold. He replied, "No, I’m a little tired and want to have a good rest. You should stay at the gate of the hospital and don’t bother me if there is nothing important."
When the footsteps outside the door go far, Tang Haoqian raises his hand and arranges the room with sound insulation and isolation, and spies on the enchantment. The enchantment horse made a big gift to the predecessors in the frame. "See the ambassador."
Before Tang Haoqian straightened up, the tormenting voice rang. "Have you ever doubted that our people have been replaced?"
"They should have been replaced in the past three days. There is no need to contact each other in this period. Nothing unusual has been found before." Tang Haoqian’s forehead has hung a layer of sweat, but he dare not raise his hand to cover up the fear of his eyes. He tried to keep his head down.
Still wrapped in a cloak and covered with a ghost mask, the statue snorted. "I’ll send someone else to investigate this matter. What you have to do now is to find a chance to get close to that amazing fairy and don’t move her for the time being. Just try your best to get the soul pill from her."
Tang Haoqian finally couldn’t help but raise my hand to wipe a sweat. "You made Dan Union and ascended a cloud and there is still no room for relaxation. It’s hard to find an opportunity to buy soul Dan from Jinghong Xian."
Smell speech statue makes the body breath more cold "waste! Then you are not responsible for this matter. I will arrange for others to contact Jinghong Xian. If you take out Tianshun Dan to participate in the sermon, then you must take one of the trading things. I will be ready for someone to send it to you later. "
If someone else says this, Tang Haoqian will secretly rejoice, because he can intercept some of his own pockets privately whether he gets what he wants or not. But at present, this distinguished envoy seems to be particularly ruthless, let alone indulging in collusion as before, and dare not reveal any corruption thoughts. He can bow his head and answer, "I will do my best."
"I hope you won’t make any mistakes this time." Say that finish, your feet will burst into white light and others will be wrapped in white light, and his breath will disappear from the room.
Tang Haoqian reached out his hand to grab the tea tray before remembering that the teapot had broken and he had to pull his skirt again for nearly 200 years. It was the first time that he regretted joining that force. Although he would not have a chance to become an elder without joining it, he would not be so afraid to live.
I regret it because I have fear in my heart, and the people who were replaced by Du Jie practitioners such as Kunda Zhenjun are all arranged by their forces in Danmeng and other sects and families. The hidden piles have no particularly high status, but they can contact many people with special status. He has a lot of important news from their mouths, that is, those people were actually replaced by Li Daitao under his nose, which makes him worry about whether he will be a person who has been replaced by interest.
However, when you think about the leader, Tang Haoqian loses those fears and regrets, thinking that after becoming an leader, you will have the potential and scenery, and before you tidy up, you will be torn by yourself. He is the former elder who made many people fear and flatter Dan Meng.
Tang Haoqian was about to call someone to send him a pot of tea when he lifted the former cloth barrier. He listened to the former servant and said, "The elders sent a message to the duke’s house and just found nearly 20 bodies, including 13 people who were paralyzed by Li Daitao."
Tang Haoqian immediately walked out of the door. "Where is the body now?"
The servant who bowed his head at the front steps replied, "The body is still being found in the cave. It is said that the scene looks very strange."
"prepare the car"
Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan were ready to leave the cave when Tang Haoqian and other Danmeng elders rushed to the cave where the body was found.
It was discovered that the cave man was a younger brother in the Temple of Heaven Nine. After the guests left, the younger brother came to this mountain area to look for a few flavors. It was not long before I saw Lingzhi in this mountain area and entered the mountain area. It was not long before I found that Shaqi went up to the sky here in the cave, and I found several bodies that were put into strange patterns by strange postures.
The appearance of the bodies looks complete, with no missing arms, short legs or skin or meat. Although they are dead, their faces are too rosy. If they are not sure that they are lifeless, no one will recognize those bodies at a glance.
If you look closely again, you will find that the bones of the bodies have been crushed inch by inch, and the broken bones have been built into a skeleton like building blocks. If you look at it from the outside, there is no problem, and a slight touch will change, which is why there is no horse to remove those bodies.
That Dan Dian’s younger brother is Shen Zhao’s younger brother, in which he found the face of Yibao Banquet. He immediately informed Shen Zhao that he had received the news, and let Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan come. By the way, he called people to inform the Duke’s mansion over there. After all, the 13 th Du Jie period has been handed over to him.
The first to get the news is naturally the first to arrive and Mu Tianxuan took people to the cave. Hu Yingxue saw the cave scene and didn’t know what to do at the moment.
Those bodies look very serious in a pattern, and after a little thinking, I think of those masked people. Although the lines of the bodies are distorted badly, they can be easily identified.
There are no keys to the ghost face pattern, which are the movements and expressions of those people. There are 19 bodies, one body, one gesture, and no repetition. It is a gesture, and the ears are sideways with masks. It is easy to understand that those gestures are eavesdropping.
At first glance, Hu Yingxue’s first reaction was those people with ghost faces and masks. It was in this way that he demonstrated to them. When he noticed the posture and expressions of those bodies, his mind suddenly came to light. When the people from the Lord’s mansion arrived at her on the way back, he said to Mu Tianxuan, "Do you think that the ghost face pattern and those strange gestures are trying to wake up the true identity of our body owners?"
Mu Tianxuan tugged at the corner of his mouth. "It’s not impossible, but there are many ways to give a choice of waking up. It looks a bit wonderful?"
Hu Yingxue blinked. "Maybe the other person is too idle, or maybe he doesn’t want to give this wake up."
Mu Tianxuan said, "No matter what kind of situation you say, the other person’s temperament is awkward enough. There is such a party who hopes that they are not our enemies."
"Is the enemy always showing signs? It’s more important than this now." Hu Yingxue took out a pile of invitations. "Everyone who won the fruit of Soho grass together except the immortals in Lange sent invitations."
Mu Tianxuan casually took out a piece of worship post and looked at it. "It seems that you have to be busy for a while again. Although cloud nine is not afraid of offending people, you can’t offend people at will. It is best not to make friends or make friends with them. You can’t refuse Xishan Xianzong if you promise to help Wan Wenbin make an alchemy."